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?Guanhao high (600 433) entered the central enterprises to break through to prove
safety in high line
Broader market continues to slightly higher today, 2250 a certain point on the tape
short-term pressure on the performance of large capitalization stocks generally today.
Yesterday led the leading coal, nonferrous metal plate or a single show, the strong
activation of a second-line blue chip market sentiment. Short-term, continuous rise
after the market also requires a shock consolidation process, in order to facilitate the
healthy development of the future market. City in turmoil, we believe that strong
Zhuanggu expressive opportunities, yesterday recommended Ushimata new set of
strong limit-state investments, more aggressive early ternary shares, Shantou Electric
Power A, Ring of biological, chemical and Thailand, were also significantly stronger
re- . Today, high-priority recommendation Guanhao (600 433). Four daily limit even
pull the stock early, Zuozhuang very aggressive approach. Monday the stock closing
at 20 day moving average near a long cross under the lead stars, even the sun rose the
next two, stabilized clear signs of stabilizing, investors are expected to rally renewed
wave can be focused.
Jing-lun e (600 355) short-term interest gold stocks dip
Is the state optoelectronic information industry base, "Wuhan - China
Optics Valley" one of the backbone enterprises, the main to
"smart         card      applications",         "embedded
system" based on various types of intelligent electronic devices in the
research, development, production and sales, China's first public
communication terminal manufacturers listed. The company has the following four
business areas: financial management and tax control the terminal equipment and
value-added services system; smart business terminal equipment and management
systems; telecommunications terminal equipment and value-added services and
management systems; video surveillance equipment and management systems. The
company has a number of international standard production lines, with SMD
soldering, wave soldering and other production capacity of the whole manufacturing
process, various types of terminal equipment, annual production capacity of not less
than three million pieces (sets).

Red Bean shares (600,400) cheap gold stocks to focus
Is the red bean group's core subsidiaries. Currently, the
company's main business is clothing, knitwear production and sales,
production and sales of nylon filament, and real estate development and sales. The
company's main products include clothing suits, shirts, sweaters, T-shirts,
casual wear and so on. Products were repeatedly Internal Trade, the State Economic
and Trade Commission, consumer associations and other units as "Golden
Bridge Award." Red beans suits, shirts, T shirts by the five leading
products ISO9002 quality system certification. Red Bean shirts, suits have been
elected as China Famous Brand Promotion Committee of China famous brand,
"red bean" brand won the China clothing brand annual
"value" award. At present, the red bean suit, shirt, sweater, T
shirt products have been exported to USA, Italy, France, Japan and other countries
and regions.
Vico essence (600 152) cheap gold shares will upside
The company works - sheets or wide finishing projects already in trial operation state,
a branch company or wide new profit growth point. Real estate development projects,
holding subsidiary of Ningbo Veken essence (600 152) Real Estate Development Co.,
Ltd. auction in early 2007 after the success of the project development company
formed Ningbo Veken Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Cixi Veken Real Estate
Development Co., Ltd. essence, has entered the development stage, is expected to
start in 2009 pre-sale. the company is stepping up resources integration, improve the
comprehensive competitiveness chain, continue to do a concentrated portion of the
bulk procurement of raw materials and reduce the cost of an integrated procurement,
have been implemented in the current coal and additives on the basis of centralized
purchasing, the next step to be focused on the implementation of packaging materials
procurement in order to increase profitability. the stock's recent strong
trend, investors can continue to pay attention.

SDIC new set (601 918) SDIC coal capital platform, is expected to inject strong
Since December 9, 2008 SDIC SDIC Electric Power and asset restructuring released a
new set of suspension notice, the "International Trust and Investment
Department,"         The     integration    market  has     attracted    many
people's eyes. This year on February 27, SDIC SDIC new set of power and
resumption of daily limit of both. States cast new set of equity investment from the
state coal company all transferred to the State Investment Group, the company will be
the       country's            Sun       Investment      Group         company
"upgraded" to a subsidiary of asset classes as a group of coal
companies will further enhance the position. We believe that the "national
investment system," the follow-up large-scale restructuring may also exist.
Therefore, the stock market outlook is expected to be the injection of quality assets, a
great imagination, be concerned about.
China Sports Industry (600 158) Sanya attack by "international travel
island" east
China Sports Industry (600 158) and Vantone Real Estate (600 246) today announced
on the same time, on March 16, the two sides and Sanya City in the State Sports
General Administration of Press Office of the co-construction of Sanya, signed the
International Olympic Village project. The total building area of 340,000 square
meters, the initial planned total investment of 52 billion plan to develop a whole 7
Total investment of at least 5.2 billion
Wikipedia Group (600 077) share the leading iron and steel logistics feast steel futures
With the approval of the Commission on February 19 carried out by the Shanghai
Futures Exchange wire and rebar, steel futures from us near, near future, futures
companies will become involved in steel production and management is an integral
part. We believe that the introduction of steel futures, the short term, steel prices will
be a catalyst to promote the rise in steel prices, particularly in the increased demand
has fueled more effective at the same time. With the introduction of steel futures,
futures, steel trading, warehousing, logistics and other related sections will be
Days Run development (002,113) Accumulate
Market re-entry interval correction zone, operation need to distinguish between the
strength of individual stocks, the stocks are still rising channel, in particular, there
have been major highlights of the fundamentals of individual stocks, can pay attention
to the opportunity to continue up the sky Run development (002,113) as the fertilizer
industry high-quality companies can focus on.
Sailing shares (600,482) lithium concept "Sailing" flying
Company is currently the strongest, largest and highest market share lead-acid
batteries for starting the production company to handle used batteries, the production
capacity of lead from other raw materials. High raw material prices in the case of
running, with recycled materials capable companies will undoubtedly reduce the
sensitivity of the raw material costs, increased ability to resist risks. Our main
products are automotive starter batteries and dry charge batteries, used cars, trucks,
medium and large passenger cars and vans and so on, product range, quality and reach
the international advanced level, at present, our products have for the Beijing
Cherokee, Picasso , Chery, Passat, Jetta, Bora, Polo, Wing Yu, the flagship, Tucson
and other 40 kinds of model matching, domestic market accounted for about a quarter
of car batteries market share, is the industry leader well-deserved .
3 Lux (002 224) contrarian sun high, V-reversal interpretation of the myth
U.S. stocks rose today, the market affected by the slightly higher open, shot up after
the fall, a day to maintain a tight range, trading volume continued to shrink. By
Premier Wen Jiabao on any possible new economic stimulus boost of speech, once the
early part of Shanghai Composite Index shot up, but sluggish economic data as well
as China Life and other large institutions to stimulate the reduction behavior of
investors taking rallies . From stocks of view, the two cities daily limit of stocks of
non-ST class only eight, or more than 5% of non-ST stocks and only 33, showing
significantly reduced degree of active units. We believe that this Ruoshi, you can
share an active interest in a number of strong, these stocks higher margin of safety.
Recommendations focus on three market outlook Lux (002 224). The stock is the
transmission belt industry leader, today to hit a recent high of the sun, the market
outlook is expected to continue to be strong, be concerned about.
Hainan Hai drugs (000 566) evergreen field of pharmaceutical industry in China

Company known as the evergreen field of Chinese medicine industry, with the
provincial technical center, R & D center, testing center and the preparation
of the pharmaceutical industry, the Productivity Centre and has all kinds of advanced
analysis equipment and mature technology team, sea medicine reasonable structure,
dosage form rich, are more than 40 categories. Well-known products: the brand
special pigment-based antitumor drugs series; to intestinal granules Fengliao main
brands of proprietary Chinese medicine series; to injection ceftriaxone, cefoxitin
sodium as the main brand of antibiotic series. Market the right path and sales all over,
good reputation, the new health care reform forward on the pharmaceutical industry
will have far-reaching impact, the company will also benefit from them, prospects are
Shoka shares (000,584) leading the industry sectors that benefit the revitalization plan

Is an important representative of chemical fiber textile plate. Jiang Yin Youli through
a private placement Special Fiber Co., Ltd. acquired 75% of the shares, significantly
expanding the company's spandex production capacity crowd in the scale
of the national top three. Friends of the Little advantage lies not only in fiber size and
quality products, but also to enjoy tax concessions, preferential policies of two free
and three half.
Friendship shares (600,827) benefit from stimulating domestic demand, leading retail
Companies by industry, commercial retail, retail sales in China is the largest listed
companies. Through the company's re-combination of superior resources,
proactively successful company's main business from the traditional
department stores to retail chain business transformation, and clearly the formation of
the next few years company's rapid development framework that
establishes the development as the company's four core subject Business:
(1) to present the largest supermarket chains - Lianhua Supermarket Co., Ltd. as the
main food, daily necessities supermarket chain; (2) Homemart Decoration Materials
Co., Ltd. as the main professional hypermarket chain; (3) to Shanghai Friendship
Department Store Co., Ltd. as the main characteristics of modern department stores,
brand stores chain; (4) friendship, community shopping center shopping center as the
main chain, and with a modern logistics, distribution and e-commerce system for
support. The company has already started the national market development strategy.
As the state strengthen its efforts to stimulate domestic demand, consumer industry,
the company is undoubtedly a significant positive long-term company prospects to
look forward to.
Oriental Hotel (000 524) Asian Games Official Hotel, a new high speed up Ben

The afternoon of March 4, former deputy director of China National Tourism
Administration Zhang Xiqin in the National "," proposed a
panel discussion, should be restored, "May 1" Golden Week. In
response, the National Tourism Administration spokesman Liu Xiaojun, said that if
the local government to restore "51" gold-Li Zhou in local
economic development, can the pilot recovery. Now, Guangdong has in effect restored
the Golden Week, Chongqing, Dalian and other cities want to restore. By this stimulus,
hotels and tourism section Firmer recent trend, three Teso Road, Lijiang tour, Guilin
tour, Tibet tour, Huangshan tourism stocks strong recent performance, the formation
of a slow increase in channel. We believe that the future may have more local
governments will resume on May 1 Golden Week, the hotel is expected to continue
strong tourism sections. Individual stocks, the proposal concerns Oriental Hotel (000
3 Teso Road (002 159) Professional cable companies benefit from tourism recovery
   Is a professional cross-regional business cable chain, with "business
group, construction group, reserve a number of" for the development of
strategic, management has a strong market-oriented means to develop the capacity of
attractions and supporting cable. The company has Mountain cableway, ropeway
Shijingshan Zhuhai, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain cableway, cable, etc. 4 Lushan
cable, 2 slide, an extreme sports center, a ground rail scenic cable car and 2. A number
of major cable companies were from abroad, in the same industry has obvious
technological advantages have already been mastered and digested international cable
operations and maintenance of advanced technology, has a strong technical force of
cable management professional technical team, in the domestic leading position.
Hongda Warp (002 144) large holdings of small cap gold stocks
Founded in 1985, is located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, is a dyed warp knit
fabrics weaving and finishing in one of the large enterprises. The company has
become the largest manufacturer of automotive interior fabric, has introduced from
Germany and other countries with the world advanced level warping machine, warp
knitting machine 71 (set), and the dyeing machine, washing machine, setting machine,
testing machines and testing equipment, has formed a weaving, dyeing, raising and
shaping production line, technical equipment and production scale warp knitting
industry in the national leader. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system
certification and the "Cleaner Production" audit, technology
center has been recognized as provincial high-performance materials research and
development center by the Code. "HTC" brand knitted fabric
has     won      the    "National       Inspection-free     Product",
"Chinese famous brand knitting", "Zhejiang famous
brand" and so on.
Bonded Technology (600794) short-term focus on gold stocks

Is the Ministry of Light Industry sixties production of paper bags designated one of
the ten companies. Main business is bonded warehousing, cargo transfer, handling,
middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River in China transfer of bonded goods
distribution base, location advantages. Changjiang International Port Company
subsidiary Service also has extensive land bank. The company has for two
consecutive years by the National Economic and Technical Center and profits and
taxes granted by the State Statistical Bureau, "China's 500
largest industrial enterprises", "Chinese industry hundred
enterprises" in the title of a paper seeking employment in Yunnan Province,
key enterprises, the scale and efficiency topped the list with the industry in the
Yung-tai, Guangdong (600589) - industry leading infrastructure to benefit

  Is the world's largest amino composite material production enterprise,
"Rong-tai" brand material share of the domestic market has
reached more than 50% was "Chinese famous brand" title.
Annual production capacity of 135,000 tons, of which the new capacity will increase
in 2008 sales of 382 million, increasing 47 million yuan of net profit. Amino
composite material meets the requirements of environmental protection, the same
material used to replace imports, to benefit from the expansion of domestic
infrastructure projects. As the downstream melamine materials in recent years and
future market demand is strong, annual growth above 30%. As the world's
leading enterprises amino materials, 2006 and 2007 performance of the company
increased by 50% for two consecutive years. Additional 60,000 tons this year after the
release of capacity, performance will continue to maintain the growth rate of more
than 50%. The first three quarter net profit of 112.12 million yuan, 0.21 yuan per
Yi Li Pu (002 260) small cap gold stocks short-term interest
Is a small kitchen appliances in the development, production and marketing services
companies, the main products are rice cooker range, electric oven range, electric
frying plate series, induction cooker series, air improvement series, steam iron series
and electric pressure cooker series . In 2007, small home appliances sales volume of
more than 510 million pieces (sets), about 90% of products exported to Japan, the
United States and other overseas markets, cooperation customers include Sanyo,
Toshiba, Jordan (Jarden), the United States Hong Nga (Conair), A Puli Card (Applica)
and other international famous enterprises. After ten years of development, the
company has become China's largest electric rice cookers, electric oven
production base, exported rice cooker for three consecutive years before the two
national rankings, including the largest U.S. export market, ranking for three
consecutive years First, the highest price in the export market in 2007, Japan ranked
first, the highest average unit price of exports in 2007; electric oven for three
consecutive years the leading U.S. market position.

Lake Star Technology (600866) White forecasted to good strength and prospects of
major shareholders
Opened slightly lower Monday after stocks in the way lower, stock index
re-approaching 2100 points, increasing the risk of short-term system, with the
"two sessions" of the meeting, according to Health Minister
Chen Zhu said that the medical reform plan is expected to "'two
sessions' will be released one end of the It is also expected to boost the
performance of the secondary market, as risk-resistant varieties of high quality
investment value of Chinese stocks is more prominent, low-cost operation, may wish
to take an active interest in good quality stocks Lake Star Technologies (600 866).
Dongfeng Technology (600,081) Repurchase leading central enterprises
Major shareholder of the company's strength is the central enterprise -
Dongfeng Motor Group. Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. Nissan Motor Co. and
Nissan joint venture of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. registered capital of 16.7 billion
yuan, is the largest automotive joint venture is the first domestic production of a full
range of models of the joint venture between each own 50% of the shares. Joint
venture Dongfeng Motor Corporation holds 70% of listed shares, 75% of shares in
wind technology.
   Main Auto Parts Dongfeng Technology R & D, manufacturing, sales,
domestic auto parts in the field plays a decisive role. Meanwhile, the company is the
central enterprise owned Dongfeng Motor Group, one of two listed companies, has
increased in recent years and the cooperation of the international auto parts giants,
along with consumer demand to upgrade a large number of vehicles and the
internationalization of the Chinese automobile enterprises to provide car accessories
business has enormous development space, the company is expected to enter the stage
of rapid development. 16.7 billion of the strong combination, Dongfeng Group to
build a vehicle "aircraft carrier", as well as two of its listed as
one of the further development of wind technology has brought a good opportunity.
Method because of the NC (002 270) short kinetic energy to be released leading
Company is the largest steel Wei Yi CNC machining object Zhuanyong complete set
processing 设备 manufacturers, professional mechanical and electrical integration,
Cong Shi Shu Kong sets of special steel processing equipment developing,
manufacturing and sales, is the first Shukong angle drilling production lines business.
Tenda building (600 512) 4 trillion of net investment in Vanguard Long Green (600
388) will move up the leading insurance
Jinma shares (000,980) electric car to do a "Porsche"
Qingdao by industry (600229) Spring Festival chemical giant wind Guangzhou
Pharmaceutical (600332) Medical Jingu Jiang potential upside
As the 2008 fourth quarter, subject to stock chemical companies folded, steep decline,
shrinking sales, making the entire chemical industry into the most difficult period. In
2009 a quarter of a number of factors began to change, the introduction of the
petrochemical industry led the revitalization of planning long-term development of
petrochemical enterprises. According to statistics, Chinese New Year after the
chemical companies operating conditions pick up, start gradually increasing rate,
many chemical companies have shown a sharp rise in the sales trend, the positive
abnormal downstream procurement, business inventories declined rapidly, and some
even of the enterprise product sales significant upward trend over the previous year.
Present a variety of chemical products prices rebound, prices of fine chemical
products in particular, just started, is expected in March chemical product prices still
going up. With fertilizer products into the season, might an active interest in
large-scale comprehensive chemical enterprise in China Qingdao by industries (600
Jinggu Forestry (600 265) shares about to detonate the forestry dispute leading
Benefit from the revitalization of the leading industries of Yunnan Forestry Planning
Eastern Airlines (600115) gold stocks leading a substantial capital injection
Founder motor (002 196) the impact of daily limit of small cap gold stocks

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