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									Association of International Accountants, Tianjin International Accountants AIA
International Accountants (AMIA) certification
Five international accounting authority certification area vocational qualification
certificates global common
International capital market industry, management double gold passes the
Accounting international, is the more developed the economy, market economy,
improvement and development of cases, accounting for higher requirements. China
has become a full member of WTO, China's accounting market will no
doubt bring more or less influence and impact. Accounting is the market economy of
international common language of business, to provide true and reliable accounting
information is to join the WTO must comply with basic principles. In 2005, the
International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) required all countries in all
adopt international accounting standards, accounting statements. In such a situation,
China's accounting international trend is clear the. In an increasingly open
and globalized world, accounting standards move toward unification is a historical
necessity. Necessarily the end Chinese accounting standards with international
accounting standards convergence, although the pace and process of convergence
depends on the pace of China's market economy development and the
process, but this trend will not change.
Accounting internationalization is a process of international coordination, is the
world's countries face a common issue, not just what a country or region,
all countries should participate in the coordination of the process. In this historical
trend, the Chinese General Accountants Association (CFO) and the Association of
International Accountants (AIA), combining the strengths of China Association of
International Accountants established AMIA membership development and care
centers (DCC), the issue "(in the General Agreement 〔2009〕 47)
"document, the establishment of international accounting AMIA joint
certification program leading project teams and joint certification of International
Accountants AMIA office to carry out the project and certification.
Association of International Accountants (The Association of International
Accountants) was founded in 1928, referred to as AIA, based in the UK, is the
world's leading international accounting and certification groups and five
major international accounting certification authority is one of more than 140
countries around the world, nearly 300,000 practicing members, is the
world's oldest body of professional accountants, AIA members have been
including mainland China, Ireland, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore,
Canada, the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa and many other regional and national
recognition. AIA is the world's largest economies - the EU special audit
organization. AIA has a certificate that has senior professionals of the international
accounting identity. As the most authoritative international organization of
accountants, AIA has been known as the "financial sector MBA"
is known as "the accountants of the golden rice bowl."
Association of International Accountants (AIA) and the Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants (ACCA) with a British company not only legally permitted
under the Act to engage in professional accounting and auditing, audit reports,
bankruptcy implementation, and investment advisory professionals working in the
field qualifications. The solicitor can also permitted by law, the EU, the Caribbean
multi-country, multi-country Africa and Hong Kong, China and other places to
practice law in accounting, auditing.
】 【About AMIA
AMIA is the Affiliate Member of AIA for short, is recorded and recognized by the
AIA professional accountants, ability to serve as chief accountant, financial director,
financial manager, and other important positions, and will be issued by the
Association of International Accountants qualification certificate, in addition You also
have the following rights:
Wilson - is an internationally recognized professional organizations, and is authorized
to use the AMIA logo;
Services - AIA via the Internet to provide you with a weekly email news and six of the
AIA annual journal;
Resources - you can always get professional advice on accounting matters, guidance
and assistance;
AC - You can AIA forums and affiliates and other professionals in learning;
Growth - AIA for you designed a series of CPD courses to help improve the quality of
self-discipline and level;
Trends】 【domestic certification
"To enter the international market, we must obtain an approval from the
international capital markets, the 'pass'. Take and pass the
licensing examination abroad is authorized to obtain the relevant national markets and
convenient channels. Currently, the AICPA and the Hong Kong Society of
Accountants has been carried out fruitful cooperation, made in China Hong Kong
Certified Public Accountant CPA, created favorable conditions for training. Our
accounting personnel, overseas qualifications should actively participate in these
examinations, by outside accountants to obtain qualifications to become Nenggou in
New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other regional stock exchange for
companies worldwide audit reports issued by international talents.
--- The People's Republic of China Vice Minister of Finance Wang Jun
"In the current Chinese market and the global market of exchange and
interaction, to the Chinese Accounting Professionals in international, professional
standards of the international, and accounting firms in the market and service
capability, raised new challenges. Chinese CPA profession is actively to foster the
implementation of international talent in the industry personnel training strategy, and
put forward three propositions: first, international convergence criteria based on the
criteria actively promote bilateral or multilateral equivalence recognition; second, the
strengthening of international personnel training cooperation; third, the Asia-Pacific
Federation of Accountants and its member organizations (AIA, ACCA) to strengthen
and the International Federation of Accountants as well as international and
Asia-Pacific securities, financial and other agencies to address cross-regional practice
and regulation of the practice of cross-regional "
--- Certified Public Accountants Association of China Liu Zhongli
In the financial tsunami sweeping the globe, the global economy is facing a severe
test, and major world economic organizations are joining forces to fight the special
moments of the crisis, the Chinese executives, must have global vision, familiar with
international economic operations including corporate management Guize rules, keep
abreast of the world's major economic trends and to respond in a timely
manner. Meanwhile, in order to improve China's international level senior
accountants and train a group to undertake international business, consistent with
accounting requirements of International Development of high-level professionals, for
Chinese enterprises "going global" and China's
economy to make a broader international cooperation contribution. General
Accountants Association and the China Association of International Accountants in
China formally signed the joint international accounting AMIA authentication
protocol. This cooperation has strong characteristics of the times and the practical
significance "
--- General Accountants Association of China Liu Changkun
A, International Management Accounting B, International Financial Reporting
Standards (English) C, International Accounting and Tax Planning D, International
Financial Management Strategy
E, internal control and risk management, F, corporate strategy and capital operation G,
the national financial policies and regulations H, International Accounting Standards
Gold content】 【Certificate
1, in the United Kingdom, AIA professional qualification certificates recognized by
the United Kingdom Companies Act, AIA members are professionally qualified
accountants audit can become a certified public accountant, licensed by law to enter
the audit, tax, bankruptcy implementation, and investment advisory field.
2, several members of the EU countries, AIA professional qualification is the statutory
recognition of the company may engage in statutory audit duties certification.
3, in Hong Kong, AIA professional qualification by the Hong Kong Society of
Accountants under the Act as a body of professional accountants recognized
accounting bodies, and with the Hong Kong Society of Accountants (HKICPA) has a
mutual recognition agreement, therefore, AIA members have the priority to the power
of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants .
4, in Malaysia, AIA professional qualification recognized by the Malaysian Ministry
of Public Service, is equally qualified with Master's degree certificate, and,
in the 1967 tax law amendment bill, the Government of Malaysia recognizes AIA
members eligible for the tax agent.
5, at the global, AIA has broad influence and authority (be the world's most
recognized national company law), its members can be qualified financial
professional ability of any work, qualifications have been highly recognized by WTO
【Condition】 declaration (one of the following conditions)
1, the competent government agencies and financial institutions;
2, various types of enterprises chief accountant, financial controller, financial
managers, accounting firms, certified public accountants and other senior
management personnel;
3, financial institutions: banks, securities, insurance, funds, investment banks and
other industry executives.
】 【Certificate
1, (English) Association of International Accountants (AIA) qualification certificate
issued by international accounting AMIA;
2, (Chinese) by the International Society of Accountants, the chief accountant of
China jointly issued by the International Association of Accountants (English Version)
【Address】 Nankai University Chinese teaching training
【】 1 submission, the International Accountants (AMIA) exam registration form,
autographs and relevant proof of the original
2, ID cards, certificates, copies of each title card 2;
3.2-inch color photo of blue 8.
【 Inquiry 】 1, Association of International Accountants AIA global website
2, the chief accountant of China Association website;
3, AIA China AMIA membership development and care center web site (English)
【Contact Us】
Application Name of Organization: China Association of International Accountants
AMIA membership development and care centers (DCC) Tianjin branch center
         Tianjin Tang Chi Industry Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address: 362 South Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, Tianjin Dagu Library Building,
Room A313
Tel: +86 22 2,326,275,113,752,664,597
Contact: Wang
AMIA members of China Association of International Accountants development and
care centers (DCC)
Address: Haidian District, Beijing, China ? 88 Zizhuyuan Road, E2-1503
Tel: +86 1051905111 (12 lines) Fax: +86 1051905066

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