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									Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Introduction
?Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Founded in 1904, the
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants The Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants (referred to as ACCA) is the world's leading
professional accountancy body, with truly international. ACCA currently more than
66,000 members worldwide, 150,000 students in 140 countries and regions with more
than 300 test centers. ACCA is headquartered in London, Dublin, Glasgow, Hong
Kong, India, Kuala Lumpur, Johannesburg, with offices in Singapore and Beijing. In
her 95-year history, ACCA has been the policy of opening up her attractive -
regardless of age, sex, educational level or racial differences, people can apply for
registration, after a series of professional examinations and obtain three work
experience in financial, accounting competent after confirmation, you can get
membership. They can call themselves 'Chartered Accountant',
after their names in order to ACCA or FCCA as a symbol.
The award of membership, we have an internationally recognized professional
accounting qualification.专业 qualified ACCA UK, Europe and the world on the
other major Guo Jia Yi Xie Bei Renweijuyou statutory accounting qualifications, can
be practicing accountant members, Shou Falv license in audit, tax, bankruptcy Zhi
Xing, and investment advisory professional accountants work. In addition, ACCA
members in government agencies, utilities and industrial and commercial enterprises
engaged in financial work. Currently, ACCA members around the world as a Limited
accountants, certified public accountants firms partner, multinational or joint venture
company's financial manager, financial controller, general manager of the
office are no shortage of such.
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the world's most
prestigious international accounting organizations. ACCA high-quality curriculum,
high standards of training requirements and a high level of examination arrangements,
won the United Nations and numerous international organizations, highly valued,
more numerous respected multinational corporations and professional organizations.
ACCA with its unique concept of leading global accounting training of fashion, the
first comprehensive introduction to international accounting standards and
international auditing standards-based teaching and examinations, to meet the trend of
world economic integration; ACCA strength of its strong, providing a large number of
Country elective courses, for members of local service providers in authentic training;
ACCA also not ignore that this is a character of the times, a large number of
subjective personality to carry forward the exam to encourage, not to simply choose to
bury your brilliant future. ACCA existing members, graduates and students of more
than 20 million, distributed in more than 140 countries and regions. ACCA is the
largest overseas students, most international organizations, international accountants.
ACCA and China's cooperation in personnel training, nearly 10 years,
mainland Chinese members, more than 3,000 graduates and students. Most members
in the government, foreign-funded enterprises, known accounting firms and large
enterprises in important positions.
ACCA training program in China began in 1990, when only 30 students in Beijing. At
present, ACCA students in China has nearly 2,000 members has reached 300. ACCA
is now in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Dalian, Changsha
and Shenzhen and other cities with test centers, and with local teachers in the
accounting aspects of the power of strong cooperation with the University, set up
training centers, counseling trainee sit pre-service training.
China's outstanding performance in the exam students, their ability to show
that they will in the future for the Chinese economy and the development of
accounting to make their own important contribution. ACCA as a leading professional
accountancy bodies, are committed to help China develop the accounting profession
and accounting profession.

The contents of ACCA ACCA examinations qualifying examination a total of 14 tests,
divided into basic, certificates and professional three stages, AF six modules. Specific
subjects and included the following major elements:
Foundation Stage:
A unit
1. Accounting Framework Accounting Introduction (Fundamentals of Accounting +
Financial Accounting)
2. Legal Framework Legal Studies (Economic + Law + contract law)
B cells
3. Management Information Management Information Studies (number of + cost
accounting + management accounting)
4. Organizational Framework Organization Studies (economics + management +
organizational behavior)
Certificate Stage:
C unit
5. Information Analysis Information Analysis (Management Information System)
6. Audit Framework Audit Overview (Audit + Western Auditing)
D unit
7. Tax Framework Introduction to the tax (tax + tax)
8. Managerial Finance Management Finance (Management Accounting + Financial
Professional Stage:
E unit
9. Information for Control & Decision Making Decision Information
Management (Advanced Management Accounting + Advanced Financial
10.Accounting & Audit Practice Accounting and Auditing Practice
(Advanced Financial Accounting + Senior Financial Audit)
11.Tax Planning Tax Planning (Senior Tax Manager)
F unit
12.Management & Strategy Management Strategy (Strategic Management
of Human Resources Management + Information + strategy)
13.Financial Reporting Environment Financial Reporting Environment (consolidated
financial statements for a variety of financial information skills + assessment)
14.Financial Strategy Financial Strategy (Investment and Financing Management +
Risk Management + International Financial Management)
ACCA exam registration conditions and manner of
Entry Requirements
1 university or college degree, English proficiency to College English Test 6 and
TOEFL550 points.
2, if not meet the above qualifications, but more than 21 years of age, you can follow
the adult students (MSER) means of entry, this means applicants are required to
register within two years after the third course through the first gate and then to the
formal status of the students continue to apply for other subjects.
3, member titles. Those who become professional accountants ACCA, ACCA
available titles, five years later, can be entered and can be used as a fellow member of
the FCCA titles.
ACCA Examination Regulations
Student registration, in February and in August will receive notification ACCA exam
registration, students and individuals under the rules of the following exams to
prepare candidates to choose subjects and test sites.
1. Students in three stages according to the order of A to F unit candidates. In addition
to exam-free and have passed the course, the same unit courses must sit for the same
time, a maximum of four candidates. But the F unit took the two tests must be applied
for the certificate stage.
2. The basic stage and a certificate after passing the subjects of each stage can be
retained (ACCA examinations of 50 passing). Professional stage with a unit of three
courses must register for both, same time. If the three, only one passed, through this
gate can not keep score, three courses are required to re-test; if there are two by three,
and the other door in between 30 minutes and 49 minutes, then not passed the door
twice a second chance, in the subsequent examination by two or three course can be
regarded as all pass; otherwise, classes are required to re-test.
3. All 14 tests students must apply for registration within ten years after the colleges
to sit.

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