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					FINANCIAL AID WEB SITES                                                          DID YOU KNOW……                                                                 …..SEVEN OUT OF EVERY TEN                                      MTC
The Marion Technical College Web site, with online
financial aid application and FAFSA link                                     INDIVIDUALS QUALIFY FOR
                                                                              SOME TYPE OF COLLEGE
_________________________________________                                                             FINANCIAL AID.
Find information on funding your education, apply-                                _________________________
ing for financial aid, FAFSA on the Web, and more.
_________________________________________                                 …..LAST YEAR, MTC PROVIDED                                   HIGH SCHOOL
Tips on preparing for college, financial aid informa-
tion, and more.
                                                                         STUDENTS OVER $8.2 MILLION IN
                                                                        SCHOLARSHIPS, GRANTS, LOANS,                                     SENIORS
                                                                               WORK, AND OTHER                                                                   FINANCIAL AID.
A comprehensive financial aid information site.
                                                                       …..NUMEROUS AREA AGENCIES,
The Marion area scholarship web site.                                  SERVICE CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS,
_________________________________________                                  AND EMPLOYERS OFFER                                                             FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE
This is a free scholarship search site. The student
                                                                              FOR MTC STUDENTS.
must complete a profile and have an e-mail address                                  _______________________
to receive a list of matches.
This is a free scholarship search site. Students will
create a profile and receive search results
with links to apply for scholarships.
This is another free scholarship search site. A profile
must be created and search results will provide links
for information on how to apply.

    FOR QUESTIONS OR FURTHER INFORMATION                               NOTE:
                                                                       This brochure may be copied as needed.                              1467 Mt. Vernon Avenue
                                                                       Applicants should keep a copy of this brochure.                     Marion, OH 43302-5694
                                                                       Marion Technical College provides equal opportunities
                                                                       regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability,                 740.389.4636
                  740.389.4636                                         age, military status, or sexual orientation.                            FAX: 740.725.4008
                                        MTC reserves the right to change these scholarships as             
                                                                       financial conditions warrant.
                                                        AVAILABLE SCHOLARSHIPS
                                                        FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                             FOUNDATION, PRESIDENT’S,
                                                        Available to high school seniors in the top five percent                                              AND COLLEGE TECH PREP
                                                        (5%) of their class. The Foundation Scholarship pays                                                SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION
 The cost of going to college should never be           up to your full tuition charges!
 a barrier to obtaining an education. Marion            _____________________________________________
 Technical College (MTC) has always been                                                                            You must also meet and complete the requirements listed on the left side of this
 one of the best values among Ohio colleges,            PRESIDENT’S SCHOLARSHIPS                                    application. If you qualify, please complete this application and submit it to your
 and our aggressive high school scholarship             Available to high school seniors who are in the top 50      guidance counselor.
 program makes MTC even more affordable.                percent (50%) of their class. The President’s Scholarship
                                                                                                                    NAME: _______________________________________________
                                                        pays up to $1,500 toward your first-year tuition.
_____________________________________                   _____________________________________________               ADDRESS: ____________________________________________

Selection of Foundation, President’s, and College       COLLEGE TECH PREP SCHOLARSHIPS                              CITY/STATE/ZIP: _________________________________
Tech Prep Scholarship recipients will be made by high   This scholarship pays up to $1,500 and is available to
school officials and reported to MTC by May 1.          students who have completed the College Tech Prep           PHONE NUMBER: ________________________________________

Eligibility is certified after the student’s first      curriculum.
                                                        _____________________________________________               SOC. SEC. NUMBER: ______________________________________
semester, senior-year grades are posted. There is no
limit to the number of students who may qualify for     SKILLS FOR SUCCESS GRANTS                                   INTENDED MAJOR: _______________________________________
these scholarships. However, scholarships are limited   First-time college students who enroll in “Skills for       HIGH SCHOOL/JVS: ___ ____________________
                                                                                                                                       _                                   _
to one per student.                                     Success” may qualify for this grant which covers tuition
                                                        charges.                                                    ______________________________________ ____________
Each scholarship is for one year and will be            _____________________________________________               STUDENT’S SIGNATURE                                                    DATE
credited to the recipient’s tuition charges* each
quarter of the academic year. Scholarships will pay     MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS                                                     The section below is to be completed by
the difference between the total tuition and fees       Students of one quarter or more African-American,                          your High School Guidance Counselor
and the amount of the other financial assistance (up    Hispanic, Asian-American, or Native American descent        The student named above is recommended for a Marion Technical College
to the maximum scholarship amount).                     may qualify for this scholarship ($150-$450).               Scholarship.
Students must begin classes on a full-time basis in
                                                                                                                    To the best of my knowledge, he/she meets the criteria listed on this application.
the summer or fall quarter and maintain satisfactory    DEVELOPMENT FUND SCHOLARSHIPS
academic progress as outlined in the MTC Student        Numerous scholarships are available through the             Please Mark One:  FOUNDATION  PRESIDENT’S  COLLEGE TECH PREP
Handbook. Students may attend less than full time       MTC Development Fund. A 2.5 minimum GPA is
in the winter and/or spring quarter and receive a       required along with school/college/community involve-                                   _________________________
                                                                                                                    _________ OUT OF _________ __
pro-rated award as long as they attended the prior      ment and financial need ($150-$1,500).                      HIGH SCHOOL RANK                             GPA (4.0 scale)
summer or fall quarter on a full time basis.            _____________________________________________
                                                                                                                    ______________________________________ ____________
                                                        ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS                                       GUIDANCE COUNSELOR’S SIGNATURE                                           DATE
1. 2.5 or higher GPA in high school;                    Students with a 3.5 or higher GPA may qualify for an
                                                                                                                    Would you like a certificate to present at your senior awards program?
2. Successfully complete proficiency exams;             MTC Academic Scholarship ($150-$1,500).
                                                        _____________________________________________                     	  NO
3. Complete and process the Free Application
   For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) including all        CONCURRENT SCHOLARSHIPS                                     If so, please indicate the date it is needed – Allow three (3) weeks for delivery:
   additional required documentation by April 15                                                                    _____________________________________________
                                                        This scholarship is awarded to high school students            RETURN THIS COMPLETED APPLICATION BY MAY 1 TO:
4. Complete and return this application to your high    who qualify for attendance under the Concurrent                                  MTC Financial Aid Office
   school guidance counselor.                           Enrollment program ($150).                                           1467 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Marion, OH 43302-5694
*Excludes admission, laboratory, and technology fees.                                                                                      FAX: 740.725.4008