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Project Homeless Connect

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									Project Homeless Connect Marin


Project Homeless Connect - Marin

 Marin County’s first Project Homeless Connect was held on

December 5, 2007 at the First Presbyterian Church in San Rafael
 This was a pilot project, to determine the usefulness of this type of

event to Marin’s homeless community and Marin’s service providers

The Meaning and Purpose of Marin Connect in San Rafael

 To acknowledge, affirm, and appreciate that all persons, no matter their

disadvantage, are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and are treated in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.  To provide homeless and near-homeless individuals and families with a special place where the entire community can embrace them so they can find opportunities for growth and healing with the immediate services they need and ask for.  To awaken the gentle giant of goodness in the heart of volunteers in building and expressing a caring community so that all members, looking into the eyes of others, especially the homeless and poor, can see themselves.

WRITTEN BY Cyr Miller, San Rafael City Council, after visiting the 18th PHC in San Francisco

Thirty Two service organizations, agencies and departments participated in the event:
• • • • Catholic Charities United Way of the Bay Area Center for Volunteer and Non Profit Leadership (CVNL) City of San Rafael • Police Department • Al Boro, Mayor, Council Members: Cyr Miller and Greg Brockbank • Community Development Department • Fire Department
Community Action Marin (CAM) CAM-Marin Jobs and Careers • • • County of Marin Supervisors Susan Adams, Steve Kinsey Department of Motor Vehicles Image for Success

• •
• • •

Family Service Agency Friends of the San Rafael Library
Helen Vine Detox Center Homeward Bound of Marin Legal Aid of Marin


• •

Community Institute for Psychotherapy Jewish Family & Children's Services
County of Marin: Health and Human Services • Dental • Public Assistance • Veterans Affairs • Health Services • Mental Health: • Employment

• •
• • •

Marin Housing Authority MarinLink
Ritter Center St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin Warm Wishes

81 volunteers supported the services providers at the event:
 48 volunteers from the general community were check-in workers,

greeters, guides, service area managers, translators, etc.
 27 volunteer attorneys from the legal community provided legal advice

and counseling
 6 St. Vincent’s Homeless Helpdesk volunteers supported this service


Services were organized into the 11 primary service areas:

 General Assistance  Veterans Affairs  DMV - California ID (including

Check In  Check Out

        

Van to DMV) Shelter Housing Substance Use Employment Health Screening Dental Legal Mental Health Homeless Help Desk

GIVE AWAYS  Soup and Sandwiches  Books  Winter Coats  Backpacks with socks, etc.

Pianist Marcia Miget provided music

Approximately 200 homeless or near-homeless attended the event
 176 Check-In Forms were completed, with an additional 25

attendees who chose not to complete the form
 The estimated 200 attendees is 18% of the 1,125 Marin

homeless counted in January, 2007
 The event had been planned for between 50 and 100


The Housing area saw the most people; dental, with only one chair, was the most restricted

Specific Outcomes included the following:
 

5 people entered shelter that night 1 person entered a substance use program the next day

  

Over 30 people were identified with health issues and referred to a health care clinic
10 individuals treated for dental problems 3 individuals decided to return home and were given bus tickets for home 35 applications for housing completed with another 50 handed out

  

13 individuals obtained California IDs
7 people completed employment applications 15 individuals completed applications for public assistance; over 40 low-income DMV letters given out 8 people scheduled for follow up with mental health programs

 

13 people to be followed up for Veterans benefits 18 individuals met with the Public Defender; 27 others counseled on a variety of legal issues
165 received backpacks; over 100 warm coats given out; 70 books were taken, over 200 meals served

The response to the event from the 123 attendees who completed the check out questionnaire was overwhelmingly positive:
 120, or 97%, said the event was helpful (1 person felt the handout was not large
enough, 2 indicated too much follow up was needed)

 115, or 93%, said they would come to another such event (several felt they
had received what they needed and would “hopefully not need to attend again”).

 Positive Comments:
       

It is helping a lot of people Everything good Very! Helpful Everyone is very helpful and kind; every one attended me very fast Helps a lot I will recommend it highly – very helpful For sure will come to another event Really appreciate bus tickets

At the follow-up meeting held December 11th, the service providers were also overwhelmingly in favor of holding more Project Homeless Connect Events
 Service providers found it very helpful to
 

“Get out of the office” and meet the homeless directly
Work together with other service providers Explore new ways to do things

 Many had ideas and suggestions for improving services and the event

in general

More health care services with better follow up, more translators, temporary employment on site, kids area, internet area, better forms, volunteer training, etc.

 Service providers thought they could support 3-4 Project Homeless

Connect events a year

A volunteer survey indicates that the volunteers found the event very meaningful. Below are a few of the responses to the question: “Please describe the highlight of your experience”

I was concerned at first before the day began as I was unsure of how I would feel with the people who came in and yet, I found it very easy to communicate with individuals and I was very comfortable with each person as well. I felt a great sense of satisfaction as I was able to direct individuals to essential services. At one point during the day I found myself crying because I had such strong feelings for each person that came in, but I realized that I was providing a great service and that each person would receive help.


I was able to connect with a lady who was once a professional banker and is now sick and homeless. It felt good to be able to guide her through from health screening, to dental, to legal, to housing, employment etc and to bring her snacks and lunch. I wish I could have done more, but that was a good thing to do then. One Hispanic couple in particular, who spoke almost no English, (and had a severely retarded child) was able to get most of the services available there, including vaccines shots badly needed. They were very grateful and that felt very rewarding.


Next Steps:

 Other cities are queuing up to host future events in their communities.

 HHS has committed $10,000 for this next event; MarinLink will again

be the lead agency in organizing the event.

 Most of the same agencies will be involved, building on the strong

foundation that was developed in the first event.

See you Next Time!

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