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Anzac Day: from Gallipoli to Kokoda campaign spirit


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									Anzac Day: from Gallipoli to Kokoda campaign spirit

       One netizen called the picture: Angel tears fall. I think that again the United
States, however.
Yesterday was the annual Anzac Day, the anniversary is the Oceania world war, also
known as ANZAC Day, all enterprises, institutions, schools, and all day off, people
took to the street parade, patriotism, and loneliness.
This year I spent in Australia's second Anzac Day, the last time to also
visited Canberra, where the war memorial, are catching up with the Central Military
Academy's drill, a very solemn, and visitors who are also romance low,
cries while giving a no sense of compassion. Compared with many similar occasions,
the domestic, we will find that our mental outlook, and indeed there is a gap between
the overall quality.

"Anzac Day" to commemorate the First World War, Australia
and New Zealand forces with the British and French troops landed in Turkey Gallipoli
Peninsula campaign set up. In that battle, Australia and New Zealand troops suffered
heavy losses, did not achieve victory in battle, but the brave and indomitable fighting
forces, fear no sacrifice, played and military might. Australia started from 1916, the
annual commemoration ceremony, this year is the 90th year.

    When we can the whole country politicians, high specification, solemnly
commemorate what has been the motherland of the Anning Sa blood of the most
beautiful people?
Yesterday's memorial ceremony in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,
Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Australia's major cities such as Hou Butte, as
well as Australian troops and police stationed in overseas areas, including Iraq,
Afghanistan, Pakistan, East Timor, the Solomon Islands and Sudan and other places

In Canberra, more than two million people braved the cold weather to attend a grand
memorial. Army Air Force, presided over prayer calls in the Australian Anglican
priest Suopu Sen adhering to the heroic spirit of Anzac, to stand against the evil of
international terrorism.

With the hundred-year-old former Navy sailor Ellen died in Melbourne in October last
year, Australia has no surviving World War I soldiers. This year's
"Anzac Day" celebration, as the first did not participate in the
activities of the First World War veterans. Australian Prime Minister John Howard
said this, people should respect not only veterans who served, but should include
active-duty officers and men, especially those who sacrificed their lives for the
Gallipoli Campaign
Gallipoli War (English: Battle of Gallipoli), also known as the Dardanelles Campaign
(Dardanelles Campaign), is Turkey's Gallipoli in World War I (Gelibolu)
Peninsula battle. It begins with a British naval coalition operations in France, aimed at
forcibly Chuang 入达达尼尔 Strait, and then occupied the capital of the Ottoman
Empire, Constantinople. In Turkey, the battle known as the ?anakkale Battle (Turkish:
owned economy nakkale Sava_lari).

In the landings, the Allied side and 50 million soldiers have traveled far away to
Gallipoli peninsula, due to strategic and tactical mistakes, the Union army suffered
great losses, nearly eleven months of fighting, leaving about 131,000 dead, 262,000
wounded. The battle is a battle one of the most famous battle, but also to the sea was
once the largest landing operations.

At that time, intelligence errors, as the vanguard of the ANZAC log in the wrong
place, the German defenders relying on fortress strong beachhead was crazy check,
and the scene is extremely tragic, than World War II Omaha Beach on the experience
of Canada had the advance mission do even better. (Why do countries receive the
same treatment treaty followers, are not worth their lives?) After the battle, set in
Australia and New Zealand ANZAC Day commemoration on April 25 landing date.

                Gallipoli campaign (painting)
Kokoda Spirit
Kokoda is a woods road name, but widely known in Australia as it was the Australian
Army and the Japanese troops fighting in the battlefield, but also Australian troops to
victory and glory of the place. Year, Australian Army and six times their enemy
without fighting back, fighting from July 1942 until November, the battle situation is
extremely tragic. Australian troops eventually repelled the Japanese, reversing the war
situation. Later, Kokoda has become synonymous with a spirit.

His books "Kokoda Spirit," a book writer, said Lindsay, Kokoda
Spirit kept in the hearts of every Australian, education, each person how to deal with
stress. Australia's opposition Labor Party leader Kim Beazley said in
Parliament last week, all Australians are proud of the Kokoda spirit, that spirit reshape
Australia. In celebration, many speakers pointed out the significance of the victory of
World War II is not only to the military defeat of the evil of fascism and militarism, it
is thus made a great moral victory. This valuable spiritual forces have been
encouraging people to seek justice and defend the peace.

World War II, Australia has 100 million people in the war, accounting for one seventh
of the national population at that time, of which 4 million people were killed, the
existing 170,000 living veterans.

In the South Pacific countries, "Anzac Day" is an important
holiday in many countries, Australia, New Zealand, Western Samoa, Cook Islands,
Tonga and other countries have listed it as a public holiday.

            ?Australian soldiers stationed overseas at the ceremony
Although the proportion of the population, the ANZAC losses in two world wars in
the world's highest, but the main force compared to the Allied countries
such as Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand Army Corps casualties in absolute
living end-term, (Dunkirk battle , the loss of British and French troops seemed more
than all the war damage Anzac.) contrast loss as a World War one of the most serious
in China, a battle lost Shandong Peninsula, Paris spoils of imperialism at Strong was
excluded, World War II in fighting hard for eight years, the population over 40 million
casualties (more than the combined populations of Australia, New Zealand). Our
beloved country, why has never been a holiday, as a war memorial day, encouraging
people's patriotic spirit, and placed it in the grief it?
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