Age of the Internet marketing revolution

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					Age of the Internet marketing revolution
Of: Yu Lei, Zhao Kui
Internet Marketing, this in itself vague concepts now becoming more and more
become a hot. Under the financial crisis the past simple to do foreign trade, many
manufacturers have begun by the Internet to expand their domestic market. The rapid
rise of B2C, Baidu Alibaba China trade products and selling paid search product, also
without exception, shown that such clues.
Meanwhile, a symbol of national e-commerce company Alibaba subsidiary Taobao,
also introduced was called "The Great Taobao," the new
strategy, started test marketing under the waterline. Tradition has been broken, on the
one hand, actively expanding line Taobao channels, on the other hand, manufacturers
are actively exploiting the Internet sales channel. These two seemingly contradictory
directions in fact share a common theme, that is a new marketing revolution, which
both the traditional mode of transmission and distribution method or the way in terms
of branding, is revolutionary.
Great ambition Taobao strategy
China's C2C market's dominant Taobao start building physical
stores, it seems to be a fairly sound strange things. Whether brand licensed entities
Taobao shop "Amoy one-stop" or their self-built
"Taobao City", in fact, these are the completion of Ma Taobao
retail channels to promote the hegemony of the important steps.
This strategy is difficult to speculate Ma began when the idea, but Ma has been used
to bring Taobao's turnover and to compare this point, Wal-Mart is not
difficult to see Taobao seems not to ebay as real competitor Taobao innovation in
terms of strategic capabilities or ability, to be far more than ebay. Taobao Mall ebay
on the evaluation is "to increase the cost." This assessment of
course true, but certainly short-sighted.
This view stems from the question whether the distinction between himself as an
"Internet company." There is no doubt, ebay is so taken for
granted that, but it seems to have seen Taobao C2C further vision, C2C channels is an
important sales channel for business, the future, almost without doubt that it will
become a mainstream marketing channel. But perhaps not C2C is a very appropriate
term. In fact, from the first day Taobao B2C and C2C is a mixed model, seems to use
"Internet retail channel," to define more appropriate.
Taobao very large grand strategy, the following is the implementation phase of some
of its analysis:
Big Taobao strategic planning stage may be:

Phase I:
Ali Taobao mother into the operation, start big Taobao strategy.
In the "buyers, sellers, financial, payment, logistics, search and
marketing," the six factors, the logistics factors and logistics company with
cooperation, the seller offers. The other was only a single Internet marketing platform,
Ali Mama so into Taobao, Taobao station for the initial product platform provides
advertising services.

The second stage:
Ali mom on the Internet advertising has accumulated some resources. 2008 data show
that Ali Mama covering about 40 sites, 3.0 billion flow on a daily covering 80 million
people, can be used as a platform for the promotion of Taobao. Launched the
"Taobao off" and "off Amoy Mall", for
word of mouth marketing.
Start Taobao Mall. With the resources of Taobao, the co-operation with enterprises,
direct presence Taobao Mall, expand Taobao B2C platform of influence. And another
for businesses to establish an independent B2C site, Taobao resources through
Internet marketing. UNIQLO Japan, China is a typical curve into the case. It bypasses
many of the restrictions of conventional methods, by Taobao quickly cut into the B2C
platform for China's consumer market.
Software acquisition phpwind community service providers, will cover community
Taobao e-commerce, while also covering the 20 million fixed phpwind own user
Open API, to attract outside programmers to write Taobao business services to
facilitate the construction of Taobao platform.

The third stage:
Taobao sellers and brand output (Amoy leg), construction, business entities Taobao
City to test water. This is intended are:
Stabilize an active seller, the seller's reputation, praise, transactions have
stringent requirements;
Sellers must be industrial and commercial registration, to avoid potential tax issues;
Attempt to seize the non-Internet consumers, such spending hundreds of millions of
people are, more than Internet users;
Provide "Taobao Catalog" of purchasing services;
Provide consignment services to long-tail marketing methods to find the differences
and general retailers.
Transaction process: Taobao sellers to upload "consignment"
Commodity Information -> buyers purchase based directory -> buyer
for the order number -> according to a schedule pickup.
"Amoy one-stop" is not only an active seller for a solid, more
important is building similar to the modern retail channels, "convenience
stores" such as channel type, but it covers far more than the general catalog
Fourth stage:
Taobao is expected to develop a good solid backing store, and use it as the basis to
establish a retail network covering the surrounding communities. And the store can
build some storage, provide express delivery services to the same city, the third-party
logistics services to minimize the uncontrollable factors. When the volume reaches a
certain level, you can expand product lines, e-commerce platform well before the
large business product, you can rely on entities to sell. In addition to the existing
technology platform, expanding wireless shopping, and wireless payments, eventually
Taobao comprehensive coverage on the life of electronic commerce. This time, the
product is expected to cover all categories of consumer goods and even services.
"Big Taobao" strategy, or even "the Internet sales
channel" is a kind of underestimated. Taobao's ambition is
actually to establish a new way to shop the Internet age. Single from its initial plan,
we can see the channels cut into the Taobao advance will mainly two: convenience
stores and supermarkets. Both channels are mainly composed of customers Taobao
C2C platform, the original seller and B2C platform for sellers Taobao Mall. Essence
of this strategy is strong in China's domestic market to find a new way of
marketing. Taobao is a 100 billion retail platform in terms of trillions of it is also not
difficult. If so, the size of more than 1 trillion will be covered at least tens of million
of SMEs and individual entrepreneurs.
Internet channels with a dominant characteristic, this can be seen in the field of B2B
obvious clues (Alibaba B2B market share in an astonishing 63.51% share of global
resources is the first 2 to 9 times weaker). Taobao, as the same group is clearly aware
of this market characteristic, this is also Taobao online retail market in China has been
living in the first still hard after a big reason for his. Taobao is more clear than other
sites but the trend of B2C C2C platform, and Taobao's strategy, the final
analysis, docking Alibaba, so sales channels and retail markets boss, regardless of the
retail market for Internet sales channels and modern retail outlets run.
Alibaba - Taobao's strategy of grand places is astounding, if made in China
is the B (on behalf of the manufacturer), then, Taobao is another B (representing the
channels and retailers), while China's domestic market (and even future
will include the global market) is C (representing a very broad consumer).
However, the idea behind this huge, impossible to include into the Taobao is the only
strong "brands." Whether or Alibaba Taobao, which after all is
only in the marketing channels and retailers play a role, no matter what, not the
channels of strong brands and retailers have no control.
PPG, where customers Eslite, LA MIU (Lan Miao), Masa Maso (Masamasuo) these,
with Taobao's biggest difference is that they own the brand, self-built
channels. While these brands are also entirely possible cooperation with Taobao,
Taobao's sales channels, but never their mainstream. Brand building,
self-built online sales channel though expensive, but its advantage is that it can
complete their own hands. Brands Taobao entirely on a platform that is definitely
impossible, as they will not only put all his products to sell is a reason Wal-Mart.
Although in theory Taobao also fully capable of doing similar PPG, all Customer
Eslite this site, but it certainly can not become experts in each market segment.
Therefore, the future trend of the Internet retail channel should be very clear. The first
is that the retail platform Taobao, which are mainly small and medium manufacturers
services to commodity-rich, low cost and easy to win. The second is now constantly
in the rise of the B2C market, this market trend, there are two: first is the brand, their
brand building, self-built websites, self marketing channels, many of their previous
experience in brand marketing will be expansion of the Internet retail channel more
than helpful. They are characterized by significant segments of the B2C market leader.
The second is the category retailers, this early model is Dangdang and excellence,
Jingdong Mall, New Egg net is more professional than they appear, they focus on,
such as home appliances, consumer electronics and some other small areas. They also
belong to the segments.
Build or not build offline channels?
To understand this problem, we need to ask the Internet in real terms. This is still a
lack of clear definition of authority, but one thing is sure: the Internet is a medium.
But the Internet is not all previous media and open with the characteristics of the
interaction. Therefore, only by "Internet companies" to define a
business is a very unimaginative of. Internet is a medium and a means of enterprises
rely on this medium or not, depends on how many, depends on the
company's strategy, Internet services, but for this strategy as a way and
If we understand this point, then, seems to be on the cost of re-use of the Internet
knowledge. Indeed, the concept of the Internet to reduce costs, it also has a serious
misreading. Indeed, the Internet itself is a low cost, but the use of the Internet or
selling products via the Internet, so that we know our own brand, does not depend on
the Internet itself, but on the market.
The reason why Taobao tentacles deep into the line to the retail channel, its essence
lies in its strategy but to become (or Xuyuan Jing is the world's) first retail
platform. The platform conceived by the Internet, but not limited to the Internet, it is
the Chinese manufacturers and the world to build bridges between consumers. Where
the customer Eslite their strategy is to build a brand through the Internet, apparently, it
comes from the Internet, but should not be confined to the Internet. Although the
Internet itself has a powerful feature, and along with the development of 3G, and cell
phones will have a stronger following mobility. But no matter how the Internet
development, it can not replace all the elements of marketing.
Therefore, the so-called "line development" these companies
are only part of the marketing strategy, the company whether it is "Internet
company" and not so much. But we need to see more clearly under the
influence of an Internet retail channel in the future.
Taobao's role in the future, now more like a Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Suning,
Gome, these retailers B & Q's role now the sum of (true in a very
scary). From the vendor of this perspective, Taobao is now a retail business than the
more powerful procurement resources, but will no longer be in the mode of the major
retail enterprises that rely on large manufacturers, but many small suppliers posed
" Long Tail "model. This is the Internet makes Taobao possess
unique. Therefore, the real future of Taobao is the new monopoly retailer, Wal-Mart
than it is now, more to these powerful countries on the United States many times. If
this is so, shop on line is very logical in terms of Taobao's strategy. With
the Internet, Taobao's different types of stores will have more powerful and
stronger endorsement of the viscosity of the operating efficiency of this shop will
certainly rely on people than it is now stronger on retail traffic many times.
And where they choose Eslite off the path, more like the Taobao platform, such retail
dendrites arising out. Taobao strong again and can not fully cover all market segments,
this is where the customers are there Eslite reasons. Their ability to survive is the
brand and professional. If Taobao will replace the existing wholesale markets and
supermarkets, then, where customers will Eslite they are replaced, will be the current
store. The way they store and subversion subversion Taobao similarity in the methods
of modern retail channels are long tail characteristics of the Internet in order to
operate at a higher stage technology and promotion of lower-cost features, covering
the traditional enterprise users of the original hard cover groups, to take this break the
shackles of the conventional model. B2C market professional and certainly the next
step will be to develop line stores, themselves to the development of an order provider,
offline in the delivery, the logistics of Zhuanmai Dian Gong Zuo Jiangyoutamen to
accomplish a brand business is focusing on brand building and site operations.
Forget the Internet, new marketing efforts
Therefore, the real trend of e-commerce market that is "forget the
Internet," or make the Internet more return to the nature of the media. We
need to study, it is created under the new media, information channels in consumer
acceptance of the case for change, a business that should make changes. Even before
the "Internet" companies, as well.
Internet technology is still in the minority can control the "high"
when the call themselves "Internet" companies may be right,
because a lot of commercial activities of enterprises can use as protection of high-tech
barriers. But this is almost certainly breaking the barriers, but also shows that
technology has always been only a necessary condition for business innovation, but
more importantly, they are business models. While innovative business model to rely
on technology, but most importantly, it must face the consumer market, it must come
from the market. Taobao and all passengers are in the business model Eslite and retail
channels, the innovation, the essence is not the technology, but adapt to changes in
consumer buying habits. This is a great company must have a business philosophy.
In 2005, when I made the "half of advertising spending on the future of the
Internet," the prophecy has been a lot of people scoffed. But four years
later, now no one dared to underestimate the impact of the Internet marketing
enterprise. Different types of Internet advertising (including paid search) are explosive
pace, even in recent years gave birth to a new network of public relations of these
sectors. In fact, the power of the Internet than we are to know even more significant. I
believe that in the near future, the Internet will subvert all of the business, not to
mention more than half of the advertising content, even if now seemingly strong
brands and retailers, so there will be changes in the nature.
Forget the Internet, because the future of the Internet is ubiquitous. The future there
will not be so-called "Internet companies" because all firms will
use the Internet to work and expand their marketing, though the basic elements of
marketing, and will not be changed.