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					About Professor Chen Lianfu
Henan University of Technology lecture
   6,7 days in April 2004, Professor Chen Lianfu Kun Shan University, Taiwan,
Northwestern Polytechnical University, Professor Lu Changde and our hospital
Professor Liang Guiming Multimedia Classroom Building were made in eight related
areas of industrial design symposium.
   Three professors in the report were aimed at understanding the full range of
industrial design, virtual man-machine interface, ergonomics and other aspects of the
application of science to create a detailed, systematic exposition. Professors explain
the vivid images, language, humor, show and demonstrate their own, the host
institution or international famous designers of the outstanding works. For the
majority of teachers and students to bring a new design thinking and design ideas, and
further expand the students horizons, so that we can truly understand the design of
today's popular trend of thought and style, a completely new perspective of
industrial design.
   In addition, the professors and students also had zero distance of communication,
careful to answer your questions. Two-day seminar for everyone brings a wealth of
"academic feast", has been the teachers and students alike.
Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology lecture
   ?November 11, from the School of Design, Kun Shan University in
Taiwan's Chen Lianfu president and Dr. Zeng Huiqing invited to our
hospital for a period
Academic exchanges and visits a week.
   Chen Yuanzhang and Dr Tsang is industrial design and digital design disciplines
senior experts. During the visit, the two experts will be on
"Information          Technology      industrial     design"     and
"virtual reality interactive multimedia design" theme,
introduced to the students the best international digital design
New trends and design ideas.
  ?The morning of November 11, President Chen Lianfu first floor lecture hall in the
three religions were first lecture. Chen Yuanzhang humor and incisive commentary by
The audience warmly welcomed the students.

Employed, Northwestern Polytechnical University
May 20 afternoon, Kunshan University of Technology and Design Institute of Taiwan
President Professor Chen Lianfu was hired as an honorary professor of our school.
   Professor appointment ceremony in our library on the first floor conference room,
attended the award ceremony were employed Industrial Design Association in
Shaanxi Province when the king, my school of Academic Committee, Environment
and Urban Reclaimed Dean of Engineering, Dean of my school arts Yang Hao and in
the relevant authority. Professor Wang Xiaochang behalf of the school to Professor
Chen Lianfu issued a certificate.
   Chen Lianfu graduated from the Taipei University of Technology, later, he received
the University of California MFA degree in Arts and Auburn University and Columbia
Pacific University education doctoral program. Professor Chen Lianfu in industrial
design, human factors design, Internet application design has a profound attainments,
the current chairman of the Industrial Design Association, Taiwan Ergonomics
Society Founding Secretary-General, Asian Productivity Organization he is an expert
Illinois Institute of Technology Senior Fellow, United States Secretary of Kansas
University visiting scholar.
   In the morning, Professor Chen Lianfu visited the center of our school network, and
with staff conducted in-depth discussion and exchange. The two sides will cooperate
on the implementation of distance education teaching experiment two universities
cooperate and build a number of design art museums, the establishment of academic
exchange system, and the Internet to further cooperation.
Chen Lianfu

Expert Name (Chinese): Chen Lianfu
Expert Name (English): Alfred Chen
Country / Region: China Taiwan
Industry: Other
Title: President
Major: Industrial Design
Resume and expertise:

University: Taipei University of Technology majoring in industrial design
University: Auburn University, majoring in industrial design
Institute: California Institute of the Arts majoring in Industrial Design
Major achievements:
Head of the Department of Industrial Design National Cheng Kung University
Asian Productivity Organization (APO) of experts
Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Senior Research Fellow
U.S. willing to color a visiting professor at Rice University
Learn experience:
Taiwan Association of Industrial Design
Secretary-General of the Taiwanese Society for Engineering
Director of the Taiwan Institute of Packaging
Industrial Designers Society of American (IDSA) member
Ten in the world has done a number of important college lecture, hosted the 5th
International Conference, participated in more than 25 international academic
conferences, more than 25 academic studies, published over 10 academic papers,
academic conference papers for more than 25.

Domestic Employer: Northwestern University
During the project development process, the experts have a pivotal role. As follows:
 1, through lectures and seminars, training senior personnel of the industrial design.
 Second, the introduction of the full range of industrial design, virtual reality
human-computer interface design integration of interactive multimedia and other
advanced courses and ideas, and promote the development of the project.
 Through technical exchange, the introduction of advanced design and development
of technology, help to complete the digital, integrated, intelligent platform for the
conceptual design development, to improve our product design and development level,
enhance their competitiveness.
 Through the introduction of expert, external cooperation to establish a
"bridge" to promote international and regional cooperation
between the do for the future to further co-operation, exchange and development of
the foundation.


Professor Chen Lianfu Resume

1, the Taiwan Design, Kun Shan University Dean
2, Taiwan's Cheng Kung University Professor, Institute of Industrial
3, Consulting Professor, Northwestern Polytechnical University Xi'an
4, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an Chiang Foundation
Industrial Design Training Centre Director
"Taipei University of Technology graduate
"The United States Department of Education University Auburn University
"California University of the Arts graduate MFA degree
"Columbia Pacific University, PhD studies
A successful university professor, department head
2, Illinois Institute of Technology senior research fellow at DPL
3, the United States visiting scholar at the University of Kansas Division
4, Asian Productivity Organization (APO) of experts
5, Southern Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs of
industrial design training and Research and Development Center Director
6, Institute for Industrial Design and Packaging Center Manager
7, the Examination Yuan for Civil Service Special Examination of Examiners member
and convener
8, the Examination Yuan Civil Service Examinations and the examination questions
and marking of ordinary members
9, the Central Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Economic Affairs Screening
Committee patents
10, Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards host the third National Invention Prize
11, Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Office patent agent's
12, Industrial Design Association (Taiwan), chairman of
13, Human Engineering Institute (Taiwan) Founding Secretary-General
14, Xi'an Institute of Industrial Design Consultants
"Design Strategies and Methods
"Knowledge Management / Design Management
"Computer supported cooperative work
"Internet Application Design
"Industrial Design
"Ergonomic design