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									The Royal Canadian Naval
Benevolent Fund
                                                   Head Office
                                  PO Box 505, Station B Ottawa, ON, KIP 5P6
                               Telephone: (613) 996-5087 Toll free: 1-888-557-8777
                                               FAX: (613) 236-8830
                                              E-mail: info@rcnbf.ca
                                             Internet: www.rcnbf.ca

                    Royal Canadian Benevolent Fund - Bursary Fund Guidelines

1.      The Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund (RCNBF) Bursary Program has been established to assist
students in financial need with the cost of attending either a University or Community College. This fund will
provide up to 15 x $2000.00 bursaries annually. Applicants may apply for any academic year but may only be
awarded the $2000.00 once in a lifetime. The top five candidates selected for this bursary will be automatically
be awarded an additional $1,000.00 in recognition of a bequest from the late CPO Douglas R. Hooser, RCN
Ret'd. This program will be in addition to the already existing CPO Andrew McQueen Jack Trust Fund and the
Navy League Of Canada Sea Cadet Scholarship Fund.

2.      The RCNBF Bursary Fund is intended to provide assistance and encouragement to promising students
severely challenged by the costs of education. Funds will be distributed directly to the institution on behalf of
the student. Applicants for this bursary need to demonstrate the aptitude for achievement in higher learning and
they also need to demonstrate the need for assistance from the RCNBF. For example an applicant may be asked
for some sort of accountability by producing receipts.

3.      Applicants will be required to provide the following details of their financial situation:
        a.     results of application for student loan, bursaries, scholarships, etc., prior to making application to
               the RCNBF Bursary Fund;
        b.      proof of fulltime attendance from the university/college etc.;
        c.      list of academic and work experience;
        d.      transcript of previous year marks;
        e.      details of father/mother/grandparents military service.

4.     The RCNBF Bursary Fund will not provide educational assistance outside of Canada unless it can be
shown that the course/program is not offered in a Canadian educational institute.

Royal Canadian Benevolent Fund - Bursary Fund Guidelines
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5.      Eligibility for RCNBF Bursary Fund assistance is as follows:

        a.      former members of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Forces (Navy or Sea Element) and
                the Canadian Forces (others who served in units of the Maritime Command) providing they
                completed a minimum of one year’s service therein, or if less than one year’s service;
                i.      were released due to a disability attributable to Naval Service:
                ii.     had Naval War Service (World War I, World War II), Naval Service in Korea, or Naval
                        Service in a special duty area;
        b.      serving members of the Canadian Forces who were members of the Royal Canadian Navy prior
                to February 1, 1968;
        c.      former members of the Naval Reserve who had completed 3 years full time Reserve service, or,
                completed 5 years part-time Reserve service;
        d.      former members of the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service;
        e.      Canadian Merchant Navy War Veterans who are defined by Section 6, s.s.l of “The Merchant
                Navy War Veteran and Civilian War-related Benefits Act” R.S.C. 1992, c24, and;
        f.      dependants of any individual who qualified for assistance under sub-paragraphs, a. to g. above.

6.      The word “dependants” as used in paragraph 5.g. means:
        a.      wives/husbands, widows/widowers, and deserted wives/husbands;
        b.      children/grandchildren who have been in continuous, fulltime, attendance at college/university or
                vocational training, up to the maximum age of 27.
        7.      Unless the circumstances are extraordinary, the following are not considered to be dependants
                under the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund regulations;
        a.      widows/widowers who have remarried;
        b.      children/grandchildren who have left school and entered the work force;
        c.      children/grandchildren who have married.


        a.    Preference will be given to applicants who have expressed an interest in maritime activities of
        b.      Personal letter of application complete with a biographical sketch from candidate including
        information on the name and location of the University or College to be attended and the course of study
        to be taken, together with an acceptance letter from the intended learning institute;

        c.     List of academic and work experience, together with transcript of marks, when final marks for
        the year are available. Mid-year marks must he submitted if final marks are not available at time of

Royal Canadian Benevolent Fund - Bursary Fund Guidelines
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Applications may be obtained from the offices, which are located in Halifax, Ottawa and Esquimalt.
Applications and supporting documents must be received at the RCNBF Head Office in Ottawa on, or before,
31 October of the upcoming academic year. Candidates will be advised on the status of their application before
the end of November.

                                                  Head Office
                                  PO Box 505, Station B Ottawa, ON, KIP 5P6
                               Telephone: (613) 996-5087 Toll free: 1-888-557-8777
                                              FAX: (613) 236-8830
                                             E-mail: info@rcnbf.ca
                                            Internet: www.rcnbf.ca

Royal Canadian Benevolent Fund - Bursary Fund Guidelines
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