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Maintaining the Momentum by hmm90569


									                           Inclusion in Schools, Work, and
New England                Communities: Yesterday, Today,
                           and Tomorrow

                           2008 Conference
                           College of the Holy Cross
                           Worcester, MA
                           April 11, 2008

                               Call for Papers!
                 Submit Session Proposals by February 1, 2008

TASH/New England is requesting proposals for workshop sessions and poster presentations
that present strategies and/or innovations that support full inclusion in schools, workplaces,
and communities. Join your New England friends and colleagues in a day of learning,
sharing, and celebration.

TASH members support practices that promote our resolution that all people, regardless of
their label or perceived level of disability, should have the supports they need to direct the
course of their own lives, and to live and participate successfully in neighborhood schools
and the community. Proposals accepted will demonstrate innovation, collaboration, energy,
daring, and all that is possible for people with disabilities and their families. Presentations
are encouraged, when possible, to be made by a team that includes individuals with
disabilities, family members, advocates, and professionals. We also encourage presentations
that are culturally relevant or reflect a wide cultural and linguistic diversity.


TASH New England is seeking 60 to 90 minute workshops or poster presentations in the
following topic areas:

             Community Living
             Employment and Careers
             Education

   To apply:
    Complete the one page cover sheet (This is also available as a downloadable
      Microsoft Word document at
    Develop and submit an abstract of no more than 300 words that describes the topic,
       how the presentation meets current or emerging standards for “best practice” and
       the session format
      ALL Proposals must be submitted (electronically or postmarked) by February 1,

Proposals may be submitted electronically or by mail as follows:
Electronic submissions (NOTE: You MUST follow these instructions or there is no
guarantee that your submission will be reviewed):

 Submit ONE (1) copy electronically in MSWord (*.doc) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf) to Dina
  Traniello at:
 Put "TASH New England 2008 Conference proposal" on the subject line of your email to
   Name your proposal as follows:

          TASHNE2008yournamehere.doc (or TASHNE2008yournamehere.rtf)

 If more than one proposal is being submitted by the same primary presenter, number
    the proposal is the proposal number.

            Ex.: TASHNE2008Jamieson.doc or TASHNE2008Jamieson.rtf
                    TASH2008Collier-Brown.proposal1.doc and

Regular mail submissions

 Submit TWO (2) copies by regular mail to:

                            TASH New England 2008 Conference
                                    c/o Dina Traniello
                                      11 Smith Ave.
                                  Lexington , MA 02421

Additional information:

1. If accepted to present, all presenters and co-presenters are required to pay
   conference registration fees. We strongly encourage presenters to be TASH
   members. TASH members, self-advocates, students, and family members are eligible to
   register at a reduced rate. For more information on membership visit
2. Proposal content must reflect the values and resolutions of TASH. TASH is
   dedicated to disseminating information that reflects proven strategies for pursuing
   equity, social justice, diversity, and full school, community, and work inclusion for
   people labeled with disabilities, particularly those who are at most risk of being excluded
   from community life. The proposal title, description, and content of presentations must
   use "people first" language, and must support the outcome of inclusion. Presenters need
   to ensure that materials used in their session are available in alternative formats. This
   may include making handouts available as computer text files or in large print, and
   ensuring that videos used are captioned.
3. TASH New England will make every effort to provide requested audiovisual
   equipment. A limited number of LCD projectors will be available, and we encourage you
   to provide your own if possible. Presenters using LCD projectors will need to provide
   their own laptop computer.

                      For more information or assistance contact
                          Dina Traniello, TASH/NE Secretary
                                     11 Smith Ave.
                                 Lexington , MA 02421
(781) 862-1480 (phone and fax)
                            Inclusion in Schools, Work, and
New England                 Communities: Yesterday, Today,
                            and Tomorrow

                            2008 Conference
                            College of the Holy Cross
                            Worcester, MA
                            April 11, 2008

                               Session Proposal Cover Page

Session title:

Format:          ___ Workshop (60 to 90 minutes)
                 ___ Poster

Audio-visual equipment needed if your workshop session is accepted:

 ___ Overhead projector                        ___ Flipchart Stand and pad
 ___ Screen                                    ___ Table for Poster display
 ___ LCD Projector (A limited number               (Poster sessions only)
     will be available)                        ___ Other:

Session Coordinator

Co-presenters (continue on second page if necessary):

New England
c/o Dina Traniello, Secretary
11 Smith Ave.
Lexington , MA 02421

Inclusion in Schools, Work, and Communities:
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
2008 Conference
April 11, 2008

Call for Papers
Proposals due
February 1, 2008

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