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									Andy endorsement brand watches
 For a long time, circle is the most classic design style watches, watches movement
within, whether mechanical or electronic quartz power dynamic, mostly circular,
while the round dial around the hours of endless running it, reminiscent of second
hand the same rotation with the earth and the moon and stars rise and fall migration.
From a small watch, addressed Hao boundless career of the universe, is the favorite
watch connoisseurs are one of the topics brought to the people.

   ?Because the design is too classic round watch, in laymen's terms, the
table fans relish the superb skill of those craftsmen from the well-built round after
round of twill, or polishing with the contrast of light and dark hair to play almost no
great difference Many companies focus on design appearance will turn on in
monotonous increase in eye-catching circular shell modification. The most famous
example of when push Gucci (gucci). Middle position 90 of the last century in the
table Shangwang meteoric rise, the main section of the table, there is a kind of capital
of \ "g \" as the case form. Separated by 10 steps at first glance,
anyone can easily find wearing a \ "g \" character who watches
fashion. Longines (longines) to commemorate its founder Francie Weng (francillon)
and specially developed Franzi Weng series, the outer case decorated with
pyramid-shaped handle is embossed patterns, apart from very easy classical
refinement identification. There was even a stone Phoebe, rock manufacturing case,
the unique color so that spectators Never forget, virtually dissolves also more
monotonous round in the design defects.

To play a long round or slightly flattened some, become oval. Oval-shaped watch is
not only rare, but both the classical elegance and modern style in a trendy, often Patek
Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier and other top brands of the
patent. In this regard, known for the manufacture of Panerai dive watch (panerai) the
most unique shell design, solid round and square like shape case, comes with a huge
table to protect the device, the whole into a rare flat oval, very eye-catching, no
wonder always know the table will gladly boast of Andy's image as Pei
Haina spokesman.
    Truncated oval, two cutting-edge, on a barrel-shaped up. Similarly, the full
classical flavor, but it appears to be moderate personality a lot, almost all the different
tastes    of     consumers      in     the   same      esteem.    Good      at    creating
"barrel" of the manufacturers too numerous to mention, but
perhaps the most famous when pushed Frank Muller (franck muller). The famous
watch more than ten years of youth master opened my own company in the design of
the watch after the vast majority were barrel-shaped. Fitted with those very complex
calendar, tourbillon, the three asked the movement, the barrel still seems kind of
gentle, and no large, heavy feeling. This is the barrel, and compared to the pure oval
round on the advantages. The stout man wrist, the slender barrel or oval reduce a lot
of pride, add a dash of elegant air, especially suitable for use.
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