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									Kick Start a Social Media Campaign
Whether for your own company or the one you work for, beginning your adventure in the
                       social media world of digital communications is a good decision.

                          Social Media has become one of the most aggressive ways to
                          promote your site or business, increasing back links, resulting in
                          additional website traffic. For any business counting their costs,
                          while weathering a bad economy, social media has become a
                          lifesaving path.

                           Social media is all about conversation. It is a very appealing way to
create relationships online – giving a face and voice to small and large businesses. This
strategy can easily add to an email marketing campaign, whose name and brand begin to take
on a more personal and widespread public recognition.

Beginning your SM Campaign Strategy – Before jumping in head first, you need to know
what tools you will be using, as well as the information you want to share. As with any email
marketing campaign, research, time, and strategy must always come first. Here are a few

Preparation and Research

      Create an audience persona. What does your target audience
       look like? As an email marketer, demographics is a survival
       word. Get an image of your audience, age, gender, spending
       and surfing habits, what sites they visit, and how they use the
       Web. This forms your foundation.

      Check out your competition. Find out what your competition is
       doing in the social media arena. What are they talking about,
       what are they writing about. See what kind of responses they
       are getting.

      Policy Guidelines. Make sure your company has a social media
       policy in place. Guidelines are needed for any employee that
       engages online conversations representing your organization.

      The Designated Blogger. It is very important to designate a blogger. Whether you
       hire a freelance blogger, or give someone in your organization this opportunity, this is
       a serious commitment. Blogging needs to be consistent, live conversations need to be
       monitored. Give this serious thought – you need the right person creating the right
       voice and conversations.

      Goals and Meetings. Have your plans and strategies clearly defined. Make time for
       follow-up meetings on the outcome and results. This is a learning process. You can
       easily modify ideas and content along the way.
      Interesting and Relevant. Whatever message you put out there, cannot be taken back.
       People are stressed, quickly skimming through titles and bits of conversations, as they
       surf. Take the time to surf around at what your target audience is talking about on
       YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Do not let stress or urgency make your efforts

Don’t forget to have fun. Social conversations should have some lightness about them. We
are not engaging in metrics or behavioral sciences. Bring a bit of fun into this. The very fact
of the enormous proliferation of social media, proves that people want a more personal
relationship and voice with those they do business with or buy from.

Here are some of the top SM sites in which to get started – Click Me!

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