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					Backlinks and Website Success
                                                  What do backlinks and signposts have in
                                                  common? They point the way; give us
                                                  direction, showing us the path to take.
                                                  Without the proper direction, we would find
                                                  ourselves going around in circles, never
                                                  finding our desired destination.

                                                   Pointing potential customers to your website
                                                   is every email marketer’s goal, big or small.
                                                   Without website traffic, there can be no
                                                   conversions, without conversions, there will
be no income. You cannot remain neutral; you must have some definite goals in mind, with
specific and carefully researched strategies, with which to carry them out. Like a wise
investor, you need to incorporate a diversified portfolio, knowing that one marketing plan,
will never be enough.

Welcome to the World of Backlinks
If you have any knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, you have no doubt come
across this term. Backlinks (also termed Inbound Links) are links that direct traffic back to
your website, or a particular landing page on your website. As more and more people rely on
the Internet to promote their business, backlinks are now considered one of the main building
blocks for smart SEO website strategies.

Why are backlinks so important? Because search engines like Google give more relevance
and credit to those websites that have more backlinks than the others, when they do a search
query. We need to insert a caution here. Search Engines also consider the quality of the
links. Inbound links should come from other sites whose content is relevant to yours. The
higher the relevance, the great their quality is considered. For example, if a website is all
about health related issues, and you are promoting travel, that backlink would be assessed as
having no relevance.

Don’t try to fool the search engines. Many webmasters do whatever they consider
necessary to influence the search engines with as many external backlinks as possible which
has been termed “Link Farms”. Because of these deceptive practices, a search engine’s
criteria for quality inbound links has become even tougher. Those pages that are determined
to be link farms are negated and can put your site in danger of being banned entirely!

Reciprocal Linking. When web sites link to one another, either directly or indirectly
through different website pages, a search engine considers those links to be reciprocal links.
As a person is judged by the company they keep, your backlinks will be judged by your
reciprocal partnerships. In other words, don’t hitch your wagon to a bad apple. When you
apply your personal rules in friendships to your reciprocal links, you will become more
cautious and choosy on whose company you want to keep, making sure that webmaster is
using white not black-hat SEO techniques. For further reading on this, please see Google’s
explanation on Link Schemes.
Some handy tools for your backlink building campaigns:

       Domain Stats Tool: Displays the backlinks of domains in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
       Backlink Builder Tool: This tool searches for websites that have relevant themes and
        content related to your site.

Web Directories

Web Directories are like an Internet phone book. Filling out a web directory, as in a phone
book, helps you get found. You can list your services, information or products for sale. With
each directory, you choose a category under which you want your business to appear.
Another great advantage is that a Web Directory lets you pick your own keywords, also
called tags. These tags are used like search phrases when someone searches a directory for a
particular service or product. This is another way of creating a backlink to your website.
Most directories are free and do not require a reciprocal link (a link back to their site.)

Article Directories

Writing and submitting articles to articles directories are another great source when creating
valuable backlinks. Most article sites are free. The only drawback is that it can be a tedious
process. While some submission sites just ask you to submit an article, on the fly, the better
ones will require a double opt-in sign up, with a required step-by-step article process
submission form. The good news is that you are allowed to put your website and email as a
signature in each article. It is a great way to get your name, company, and personal voice out
into cyberspace. For further reading…


Forum signatures are an easy way to obtain backlinks from topic related discussions. Adding
your backlinks to a forum signature when posting your responses is another way of getting
your company noticed. Make sure that your responses are valuable and real. Do not try to
sell yourself on a forum. Many forum moderators constantly scan the communications for
spammers, and will quickly blacklist you if they see a sell in your response.


Blogs are not only a great way to get backlinks, but give you a chance to write about the
industry, product, or service that you represent. They open dialogues with your clients and
give prospects the chance to exchange ideas and thoughts with you directly.

This is not an exhaustive discussion. They are many doors and roads to follow when growing
your ROI. Research, read, check, test and prove what works for you. Perhaps in your future
blog, you will be able to share some valuable information with us. Understanding and apply
SEO is a continual learning process and experience, in which we are all students.

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