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					Advertising brief practical note (2)
Chapter II A Brief History of Advertising
I. Brief History of the World Advertising
1, the original advertising period (1450 years ago) the ancient Greek and Roman
campaign is earlier. In Athens, the city, people call her the voice of the slave trade
rhythmic, livestock and handicrafts, daily necessities, which is selling the old ads.
2, modern advertising period (1450-1850 years) in 1450 the German Gutenberg
invented the printing press to use live type, marking the ad man from the original
ancient oral history of selling into a new era of print advertising. Notable feature of
this period the production of printed advertising and advertising agencies to happen.
The first print ads in 1476 wealthy London Diocese of Westminster in London,
William      Caxton      set    up     England's        first   printing,    print
"Bible" and religious books. Newspaper advertisements
appeared in the world produced in the 17th century newspapers and periodicals
regularly to Germany first. Advertising agencies, there appeared in 1610 the British
advertising agency, is authorized by James I established the two knights. 1612
J-Leonard French advertising agency to create high-girdle. Rise of American
Advertising Center after the mid 19th century, the rise of the United States, the world
center of the advertising industry has gradually moved to the United States. Benjamin
father of American Advertising - Franklin.
3, near the modern advertising transition period (1850-1920 years) is characterized by
the establishment of modern advertising and new technologies, the rise of new media.
In 1841, Volney - Palmer set up the United States in Philadelphia, the oldest
advertising agency. Ayer advertising agency in 1869 his son established, marking the
emergence of modern advertising.
4, modern advertising period (after 1920) period of modern advertising: an innovative
means of advertising, advertising becoming more diverse. 2 advertising toward
industrialization, large-scale modernization. Multinational advertising companies, the
emergence of giant advertising group. 3 In order to coordinate the promotion of
national advertising industry, cooperation and development, the international
advertising industry have set up a number of industry-based associations.
Second, China Brief Introduction to Advertising
   1, Ancient advertising period (before the Opium War) and physical signs
advertising the guise of oral selling advertising print ads couplet
2, modern advertising period (the Opium War to the founding of new China)
(1) first appeared in the press of modern advertising: China's newspaper ad,
with the "foreign goods" to enter the emerging. 1827
English-language          newspaper,       "Record           newspaper         in
Guangzhou," Founded in Guangzhou. Founded in 1833 in Guangzhou, the
"Eastern Western Monthly Magazine" is published in our
country's first modern Chinese newspaper, which in the dissemination of
cultural knowledge of society, but also first published the "market price
table" and other business information and commercial advertising.
(2) other advertising media, the emergence and development of advertising signs.
Before the Revolution appeared early. Neon. Twentieth century, 20 years into China.
Large window advertising. Radio advertising. Calendar brand advertising. Movie
advertising. Aerial advertising.
(3) advertising franchise industry and trade organizations, advertising generated the
emergence and development. Advertising production industry organizations.
China's advertising industry's first trade organization formed in
1919 in Shanghai, "China Advertising Association", established
in 1927, "China Advertising Association"; war after the victory
set up a "Shanghai advertisers Association."
(4) advertising teaching and research activities
3, contemporary advertising period (after the founding of New China) on Jan. 4, 1979
"Tianjin Daily" the next day, the third edition of the newspaper,
published a toothpaste factory in Tianjin five toothpaste product advertising. This is
our first product in the new period newspaper advertisements. After the rapid
development of China's advertising industry, the current development is:
more advertising, but less competitive. 1998 advertising revenue is the top 5 of the
joint venture.
4, more than two decades of reform and opening up the development of Chinese
advertising the rapid development of the advertising industry, advertising conscious.
Commercial production levels are increased, the form of variety. Advertising market,
competition, international competitiveness is still weak. Advertising market and speed
up the process to be standardized.

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