Accounting sad by fdjerue7eeu


									Accounting sad
My teacher Professor Zhou had planned to write a book to collect the accounting
celebrities through the ages. He cited the example of three people: Confucius, O.
Henry, McKinsey. Confucius was first accounting Lu, in my opinion is competent
treasury treasury Kuguan member or the like, or central bank governors from office.
O. Henry also worked as accountant, and had thus played a prison life of crime.
McKinsey is the accounting undergraduate at Northwestern University. But I have a
doubt because of their well-known accounting and famous dry it? I just reached the
opposite conclusion - they are precisely the switch, from the accounting positions out
of the name. Confucius is a private teacher, travel the world to promote Confucianism
known; O. Henry in prison for writing fiction, not to cook the books; McKinsey may
be a little grazing, created so far the world's most famous management
consulting firm - Financial analysis is also part of management consulting.
G director of a public accounting firm, said: "Examination by injection,
and 60% are from other professional career change. Other professional examinations
through the injection will start from scratch, and the accounting profession through
the note receivable from the negative begin. ordinary people are not stupid as long as
accounting, are capable. "I am now doing the stupid people are not doing
the job. G is the director of school mathematics. Some people cry, the accounting
profession as the Jewel in the absence of a type of character. If I'm an
accountant in a big long now, I would say G Director: "G Shang Palace,
Lady, you are thrust up the eviction."
I have been trying to sum up the sadness of accounting, how do you say, learning
accounting order to speak out have to switch on the so-called elite are not learning
accounting accounting.

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