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									ACCA Frequently Asked Questions
ACCA is what kind of organization? ACCA qualification recognition in the
international community how?
ACCA is the Institute of Chartered Accountants (The Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants) in short, was founded in 1904, is the world's leading
professional accounting bodies, up to the international Shanghai foreign students,
trainees scale of the fastest growing professional accountancy body. The Association
was established in 1904 in the UK, is internationally recognized as the strongest of the
professional accountancy bodies, the world's largest and fastest growing
students, most international bodies of professional accountants.
Today, ACCA has become the world's largest and fastest-growing
international professional accountancy body, a total of 325,000 participants and
122,000 members in over 170 countries.
ACCA examinations are all English? If it is all in English English need to be? How
difficult exam like? How do pass rates?
ACCA professional examinations is a global unified, all in English.
ACCA is not necessarily required by the English, but you can see the basis to
understand the ACCA books and exercises, and can answer the degree, usually about
CET. Recommend that you refer to ACCA global website to understand their English. This site is published by ACCA
global website sections through rate over the years.
ACCA exam requires high math skills?
   Do not need, ACCA is not related to high numbers, in general, or prescribing the
extent only to the extent of involution. And allowed to enter the examination room
ACCA when the register? When sitting?
ACCA ACCA Association provides students need to become a registered half a year
ahead of schedule. ACCA has two year deadline for registration deadlines are: 8.15
and 12.31 (UK closing date)
The deadline for candidates: 4.15 and 10.15 (UK closing date)
What about the provisions of the order applied for it?
   Examination required by the order module test, but the module where the subjects
can make their own arrangements. But the subject is not a module does not allow
colleges to sit exams jump module, if you want to sit for four and a module has less
than four modules can be added with the next one subject to sit.
Qualified to be registered as ACCA students?
Join ACCA examinations, to meet the following conditions:
1) Where is the Ministry of Education's college education, you can apply to
become an official ACCA trainees;
2) The Ministry of Education accredited institutions of higher learning in the students
successfully completed the freshman year all the course examination, you can apply
to become an official ACCA trainees;
3) failure to meet the above qualifications of applicants apply, but more than 21 years
of age, follow adult candidates (MSER) to apply for membership. The approach
allows ACCA students as extra-mural students, within two years, two courses through
the F2 and F3, the identity of participants will be able to continue formal examination
in other subjects.
4) The applicants do not meet the 1,2-qualified applicants can apply for to participate
in CAT Examination. CAT qualification certificate may be exempt ACCAF1-F3 3
course exams, direct access to skills course exams.
Registration can be conducted at any time, but the registration time of the morning
and evening, decided to take the exam the first time. Specifically as follows: July 31
each year for registration, are eligible to participate in the examination in December
the same year; December 15 registration, are eligible to participate in examinations
the following year in June. (The above deadline date for the Beijing Representative
What materials need to prepare for registration?
Undergraduate reading: 1. ID.
          2. 2 inch photos.
          3. Out of that school. (Bilingual and the school seal affixed)
          4. School out of the transcript. (Bilingual and the school seal affixed)
          5. For the first time registration fee. (You can use dual currency credit card
payment or purchase of bills of exchange)
Graduated: 1. ID.
      2. 2 inch photos.
      3. Degree certificate or diploma. (Foreign qualifications required to submit
      4. For the first time registration fee. (You can use dual currency credit card
payment or purchase of bills of exchange)
No education at least 21 years of age (MSER):
1. ID.
2. 2 inch photos.
3. For the first time registration fee. (You can use dual currency credit card payment
or purchase of bills of exchange)
Another: If CPA qualification can also be submitted.
Such as the purchase of bills of exchange bills of Liaoning Province, please refer to
complete the sample sites are as follows:
CPA certificate of registration no later provide it work?
Can. While some students have passed or colleges to sit the Chinese CPA Association
(CICPA) 5 门 examination, but for some reason all registered families when
Bunengtijiao CICPA ID or proof of compliance, only without the qualifications of the
Qing Kuang by register, that is, ACCA is not granted without examination related.
ACCA trainees to be submitted within the stipulated time after the relevant proof,
ACCA will make up the relevant without examination. However, do not receive
notification ACCA without examination, students should be the order of examination,
the future may not be able to jump without the entrance of the course behind the
curriculum adopted first.
Fees paid are subject to pay pounds? One-time costs required to pay it?
Registration fee, annual fee, examination fee, application fee and without examination,
Oxford Brookes University degree ? a management fee of £ Xu Yong settled by
bank draft or International Guitar pay by credit card. ID card processing bank drafts
need to have foreign exchange business and the ticket exchange business bank.
No, just pay registration when the registration application fee (at current cost
standard), after receipt of payment notice sent by ACCA (such as the joint entrance
examination fees, annual fees, examination fees), the longer one by one to pay.
ACCA How much total cost?
Because each person's situation is different so the cost of the situation is
different. Different subjects such as free, re-examination of the number of different,
but the corresponding examination and Direct costs are the same. Even without
examination subjects are also required to pay examination fees without examination
fee       equivalent.      Site      specific     costs       please     refer      to:
After successful registration, how long it takes to receive the ACCA Association of
Registration office two months after the general adoption of ACCA UK office will
send the following materials from the office forwarded to participants:
1. Without examination notice (if any examination)
2. Registration Card: a student photos and student registration number of the student
identity, and produce to take the exam proctor.
3. Confirmation Letter: student registration number, password, and type of recognition
by ACCA exam registration office after students become ACCA, ACCA UK
headquarters will be in accordance with the ACCA registration in the registry
participants filled out a direct mailing address notified by mail in the form of
materials and direct contact with students. ACCA registered students generally begin
two to three months to send the students received ACCA UK magazine Student
Accountant, a month should receive one. They will learn by the end of February, early
March and the end of August, early September the examination application form
(Examination Entry Form-EEF), go through registration examinations; in about 2
weeks before the examination before admission ticket (Examination Attendance
Degree is how is it? "Honor" mean?
ACCA and Oxford in 2000. Brookes University (Oxford Brookes University) to
establish a partnership, so that students studying ACCA professional qualification at
the same time, applications have access to the school of accounting (Hons). ? Oxford
Brookes University in 2000 for the fifth time by The Times as the first new university.
The University of Applied Accounting (Hons) * Bachelor of Science degree because
of its full account of the accounting profession, the real work and employers on the
accounting requirements, which are highly valued. Students in nine courses through
the ACCA examinations before, after, to the school to submit a research and analysis
reports and the main statement of assessment for the school, have the opportunity to
receive the degree. This degree is equivalent to studying in the United Kingdom
obtained a degree.
Note: The British University in a bachelor's degree program of study
according to the average student achievement level is divided into several levels.
Honourary Degree means advanced degrees. Details about the school visit;
Teaching how to buy? How much?
Our school does not buy textbooks, but to provide all our students included in the
training pro forma material costs. If you would like to purchase teaching materials,
please contact the specific costs are as follows 010-65186122/123 purchase:
(KAPLAN version)
Project and seeking mail
Materials 310 320
Exercises 200 210
Review List 130 140

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