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									About CICC

?● China's first joint venture investment bank
In the gold company was founded in 1995, is by the famous financial institutions and
companies jointly established a strategic partnership of China's first joint
venture investment bank, registered capital of 125 million U.S. dollars.
CICC's shareholders include:
China Construction Bank Investment Co., Ltd.
Morgan Stanley International
China Technology Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd.
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation
Name Power Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

China International Capital Corporation, headquartered in Beijing, has subsidiaries in
Hong Kong, with branch offices in Shanghai, in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen
securities business with the Department. Gold company in the six main business units:
Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Sales & Trading, Research, Fixed
Income and Asset Management. In addition, the gold company with a complete back
office departments and information technology and risk control systems.
● comprehensive financial services
By the Chinese government regulatory approval, the gold company's
business scope includes:
1) ordinary shares of RMB yuan of special shares, shares issued overseas, domestic
and foreign government bonds, corporate bonds and
     Corporate bonds brokerage;
2) RMB special stock, shares issued overseas, domestic and foreign government
bonds, corporate bonds and corporate bonds of a business
3) ordinary shares of RMB yuan of special shares, shares issued overseas, domestic
and foreign government bonds, corporate bonds and corporate
     Bond underwriting business
4) The customer asset management business;
5) the initiation and management of the Fund;
6) corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions adviser;
7) Project Financing;
8), business investment advisers and other consultants;
9) foreign exchange trading;
10), foreign enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises within the territory of foreign
exchange assets management;
11) lending;
12) by the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved of the other businesses.
     Unique advantages
?● in-depth understanding of the conditions and comprehensive knowledge of the
As China's first joint venture investment bank CICC deeply rooted in the
Chinese domestic market to absorb a large number of domestic and foreign
professionals returned, and the development of China's capital market to
foster a batch of China's own professionals. Among the many capital
projects, the implementation process, the gold company with national policy and
industry regulators in close communication and extensive exchanges, to understand
and grasp the leading industries of national macroeconomic and national economic
trends, to provide financial services to meet the country's economic
policies and market economy, follow the national economy as a whole. After years of
practice, CICC in China's telecommunications, electricity, transportation,
oil and gas, petrochemical, nonferrous metals, and financial and other important areas
of accumulation of a large number of industry knowledge, and on this basis to
develop a series of targeted innovative financial products, on the state-owned
enterprise reform, industry restructuring and even the development of
China's capital market has played an important role.
● Connect the bridge domestic and international markets
CICC has extensive international capital market experience and extensive
international support network. With the international advanced Touzi 将 banking
technology and market with the Chinese principle of integrating the CICC the
different needs of customers at home and abroad, in Shenrufenxi the Jichu industry
and market for our clients Sheji wide variety of quality of products and effective Jin
Rong the implementation of the program, to help customers connect with the gold
company that domestic and international capital markets as a bridge, to achieve
strategic development objectives.
● large-scale project coordination and management capacity
Since its establishment, the King has successfully completed dozens of major
domestic and international financing projects, for clients to enter the domestic and
international capital markets provided strong support. In the project's
implementation in the Gold Company in accordance with the operational standards of
international investment banks, and investors and large scale agency carried out
extensive cooperation have enhanced coordination and Guan Li in CICC large
projects, especially large-scale cross-border projects the ability to make successful
completion of CICC many large and complex capital projects.
● adhere to customer first team
CICC has a team of national and international team of financial professionals. This
team has a high standard of professional integrity, outstanding innovation, superior
business ability and maturity of project implementation experience, and focused on
the establishment of mutual trust with customers and develop long-term cooperation
in Guanxi, is committed to provide a full range of financial services and technology
Zhichi to help clients achieve investment and development of strategic objectives.
● strong shareholder support
CICC has a unique shareholder structure. CICC's shareholders are their
respective countries and regions (China, the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong
SAR), and their respective industry's top companies, with strong strength.
Their rich experience in capital market operations, business management knowledge
and global network for the gold company's strategy development, corporate
governance and business operations provide a strong support.
     Development and achievements

?● High-speed, all-round development
Since its inception, the gold company's business continuity rapid
development of more comprehensive scope of business, products and services are
constantly improving and innovation, with its outstanding performance in investment
banking in China has established a leading position in global capital markets,
establishing a good reputation .
Since 1997, the company completed a total payment of about 47 billion U.S. dollars
in equity financing, about 86 billion in debt financing, and more than 550 billion
dollars of mergers and acquisitions. These projects not only across the domestic and
international capital markets, but many of them have investment banking in China, a
milestone in the development, and the gold won many international awards.
● milestone project
Asia (excluding Japan), the largest initial public offering
In 2000, as co-lead underwriter and principal managers, CICC China Unicom
Corporation completed a global initial public offering (finance 5.65 billion U.S.
Asia (excluding Japan), the largest equity issuance
In 2000, as co-lead underwriter, the Company completed gold China Mobile (Hong
Kong) Limited equity issuance (6.87 billion U.S. dollars financing). In 2003, as Joint
Global Coordinators, Joint bookkeeping manager, co-lead underwriter and
co-sponsors, financial advisers, CICC China Life Insurance Company completed a
global initial public offering in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and New York Stock
Exchange (finance 3.475 billion U.S. dollars)
H shares of the largest refinancing
In 2004, China International Capital Corporation as joint global coordinators, joint
book-running manager, co-lead underwriter and financial adviser, completing the 10
provinces of China Telecom Corporation Limited acquisition and issuance of H shares
(financing of 1.725 billion U.S. dollars)
A refinancing of the largest shares
In 2004, China International Capital Corporation, as sole underwriter, China United
Telecommunications Co., Ltd. completed the placement of shares A shares (finance
4.5 billion yuan).
A-share market release issued share capital of the top three size
2001 to 2002, China International Capital Corporation as lead underwriter and the
referee has completed the listed China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation,
China Unicom Ltd. and China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. A-share initial public
offering (the amount of financing were 11.8 billion, 115 billion and 10.95 billion
China's largest commercial bank bonds
In 2004, as the sole underwriter and book-keeping managers in China Construction
Bank Gold Company completed Phase 1 Subordinated Bonds (finance 15 billion
China's largest corporate bond issue
In 2002, as joint lead underwriter, financial adviser and bookkeeping management,
China International Capital Corporation to complete 80 billion yuan in 2002, China
Mobile Communication Corporate Bond Issue.
China's first merger by absorption of IPO shares plus A way to achieve the
overall market
In 2004, China International Capital Corporation, as sole underwriter, the listed
references and financial consultants, completed the merger of TCL Group, TCL
Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. absorbed and the TCL Group Co., Ltd. A-share
initial public school ㄈ Mi ? 513 million yuan)
China's largest multinational corporations and private M & A
In 2001, as co-financial advisor to assist the United States in the gold company to 750
million U.S. dollars Emerson company Huawei Technologies acquired from San
electrical safety.
One of the largest private equity
CICC 2002, using market-oriented manner Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd 5.7
billion yuan of private projects.
A market share of China's first initial public offerings and corporate bond
In 2000, China International Capital Corporation, as sole underwriter to complete
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. 7.846 billion yuan A-share initial public
financing, for the first time in the A-share market to include road shows, including
bookkeeping market pricing to institutions placement investors to complete the IPO.
In 2001, the first time in the gold market distribution by way of the completion of 50
billion yuan in 2001 China Mobile Communication Corporate Bond Issue.
● market ranking
CICC state-owned enterprises in China accounted for foreign distribution projects, the
absolute dominance of the underwriters with a brilliant performance. Since 1997,
China's large state-owned enterprises into the international capital market,
the gold in the Asian region outside Japan, IPO, initial public offerings of Chinese
companies overseas and Chinese companies overseas financing of the cumulative
total amount of underwriting are ranked first.

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