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									         Assumption Greek Orthodox
                          Fr. Peter Karloutsos
30 Clapboard Ridge Road ~ Danbury, CT 06811                             phone: 203.748.2992 fax:
                                Website: e-mail:

                                    SEPTEMBER CALENDAR 2010


                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                           Sunday School & Greek School Registration


                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                           Sunday School and Greek School Registration
                           G.O.Y.A. Meeting - Youth in grades 7 - 12 invited

Mon., Sept. 13    VESPERS - CHURCH OF HOLY CROSS, MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. (845.695.1976)
                   7:00 pm

                  7:00 pm All women of our Parish are invited. We welcome your support and ideas

                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy and procession of Holy Cross. Basil (BASILIKO) is needed for
                           this celebration. Please bring Basil on September 13 to the Church to be used
                           for the service.

Sat., Sept. 18    G.O.Y.A. DAY – HOLIDAY HILL
                  Join GOYANS from Connecticut and New York Churches and spend a fun-filled day at
                             Holiday Hill in Prospect, Connecticut. Please call or e-mail Anna Koulouris or
                             Church office. See our web site

                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                           Registration for Sunday Catechism School - Please sign up your children and
                           make sure you support our program. Make learning about God more important and
                           a priority in your life and in your children's lives.
                           Registration fees - $10.00 per child for books and materials.
                           Registration and Sunday Catechism School begins.

Tues., Sept. 21   Greek School Registration and first day of classes. Tuition is $250.00 per student.
                   4:30 pm   Levels 1 through 8

Fri., Sept. 24    AHEPA FILM NIGHT
                   7:00 pm


                   9:00 am  Orthros
                  10:00 am  Divine Liturgy
                            Sunday Catechism School


                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy
Sunday Catechism School

                     7:00 pm

                    All women of our Parish are encouraged to come and offer service and fellowship as part of
                    our wonderful Ladies Philoptochos Society. Thankfully, we are blessed with many hard
                    working women who are willing to give their TIME, TALENT & TREASURE for the
                    Church and those in need. Our organization truly does a lot of good things for many
                    worthwhile causes. We have scheduled some Sunday meetings throughout the year to
                    encourage women to attend and see how our Philoptochos works for the good of our
                    community and Philanthropic purposes. Come, learn and get involved. Be part of our
                    wonderful Church Family.

Sun., Oct. 10       3rd SUNDAY OF LUKE
                     9:00 am  Orthros
                    10:00 am  Divine Liturgy
                              Sunday Catechism School

                     9:00 am Orthros
                    10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                             Sunday Catechism School
                             Godparent/Godchild Sunday

                    Fr. Peter celebrates 35 years of his Ordination to the Priesthood (October 19)

Sun., Oct. 24       6th SUNDAY OF LUKE
                     9:00 am  Orthros
                    10:00 am  Divine Liturgy
                              Sunday Catechism School.

Mon., Oct. 25       GREAT VESPERS – ST. DEMETRIOS, BRISTOL, CT (Ph: 860.583.3476)
                     7:00 pm


                     9:00 am Orthros
                    10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                             Sunday Catechism School

                    (Luncheon & Program – Keep date open)

Sun., Nov 7         7th SUNDAY OF LUKE
                      9:00 am  Orthros
                    10:00 am   Divine Liturgy
                               Sunday Catechism School


Our Choir continues to lead the congregation in singing Glory to God during Divine Liturgy. The Choir uses their
talents to offer the entire congregation the opportunity to sing with them the hymns and responses during the Church
services. You are supposed to sing with the Choir. Use the Liturgy books and teach your children to sing and offer
glory to God during the Holy services.

Anne Ktorides, our Choir Director, encourages you to join the Choir. We truly would like to have more voices in
the Choir. We want young people from 7th grade and up and anyone who would like to be part of a wonderful group
of people serving the Church. Please contact Anne Ktorides (203-746-9927) and offer your time and talents to the
Choir. You do make a difference.

                                                YOUTH CHOIR

Our Youth Choir will continue to inspire us and make our hearts sing. To be part of this special group of young
people, please contact Therese Papadopoulos (203.438.4775). We welcome our young Church Members to offer
their time and talents to God and His Church. You will also have a great time doing something really meaningful
and special. Children must be seven years or older to join. We would like to see some new members (boys and
girls) in addition to our present loyal members. You can e-mail Therese @

                                ACOLYTES (ALTAR SERVERS) READERS

Serving in the Holy Altar is a privilege that we should not take for granted. To serve in the Altar as an Acolyte
and/or Reader, you must be attending Catechism School. Make sure you are on the registration list. Service in the
Altar begins at 9 years of age. Remember, it is an honor to serve in God's Holy Altar with the Angels and Saints
who surround the Throne of God. Parents, please make sure your Acolyte is in Church at the beginning of
Divine Liturgy.

                             PANAGIAS - AUGUST 15, 2010 - GREAT VESPERS

We would like to say thank you to our Ladies Philoptochos for hosting the Fellowship following the Great Vespers
Service for the Feast of Koimisis (Dormition - Assumption) of the Theotokos. Also, we thank those families who
sponsored the Artoklasia (5 loaves of bread). Our Feast day celebration was honored to have many clergy and
parishioners from Connecticut and New York parishes. We thank them for celebrating with us this special occasion.
Also, all our parishioners who remembered our Church with their prayers and donations. It was wonderful to see so
many in Church for Vespers and Divine Liturgy. Our children receive the Blessings of the Virgin Mary when they
come to Her Feast day.

                                 SUNDAY CATECHISM SCHOOL

Our Catechism School exists to teach the Orthodox Christian Faith, Teachings and Traditions to our children. Our
children will learn their Orthodox Christian Faith from people who are willing to give their Time and Talent as
Sunday School Teachers. WE NEED YOU! Please contact Fr. Peter or Valerie Rountos to offer the most
important ministry in our Church. We have over 200 young people registered in our Catechism School. All of us
teach by example. Parents, make an extra effort this year to learn more about your faith in order to teach it to your
children. We are all examples that our young people learn from. PLEASE CALL!

                          Sunday Catechism School Registration - September 12, 2010
                             Classes Begin and Registration - September 19, 2010

                            AFTERNOON GREEK LANGUAGE SCHOOL

The afternoon Greek language School will continue its program teaching reading, writing and speaking the Greek
Language and also, Greek Folk Dancing and Culture. Classes are held one day a week for each of the eight class
levels. TUTION IS $250.00 FOR THE YEAR
All classes will take place on Tuesday. Time for each level: (To be announced)
Parents, we have tried to make the schedule as convenient as possible. We are competing with sports, ballet, karate,
music and so many other activities. These are difficult choices and we cannot please everyone. You must choose
what is really important for your children. God give you wisdom.
Last year, 48 children were enrolled in the program.
Classes and final registration for –2010-2011 year begin on Tuesday, September 21, 2010. Please contact Fr. Peter
for any questions (203.748.2992).

                                     FESTIVAL OF TABLES

November 6, 2010 - Keep this date open for a wonderful dinner presented by our Ladies Philoptochos. It was a
great success last year and reservations are a must. Look for details and keep this date open!

                                        G.O.Y.A. DANCE

November 27, 2010, our Youth Group will sponsor a ―Mediterranean Night‖ - Dance. It will take place at the
Assumption Community Hall. (Look for details)


Greek Orthodox Youth of America - G.O.Y.A.. We welcome all young people of our Church in Grades 7-12 to
join G.O.Y.A. Let's get together to serve our Church, help others in need and get to know each other. Outings,
picnics, skiing, sports events and much more make our G.O.Y.A. enjoyable and meaningful. We want you to share
with us the life of G.O.Y.A. and the Church. First GOYA meeting on Sunday, September 12, 2010.

                                  JUNIOR ORTHODOX YOUTH
                                        J.O.Y. (Grades 2-6)

Parents! Bring your children to our J.O.Y. program for children in grades 2-6. We envision outings, bowling, ice
skating, as well as pizza parties, arts and crafts and movie nights in our community hall. (All ideas are welcome.)
Please call Cathy Rountos (860.350.3034 or Denise Kolitsas (203.263.5410). We invite all children (2nd-6th
grades) and parents of these children to join. Please call. Thank you.
                                          OFFICE HELP AND MAILINGS

Thank you to all the wonderful parishioners who give their Time and Talent to creating and sending out the
monthly Fanari Newsletter and for each Sunday Church Bulletin. Your help is greatly appreciated. We need more
volunteers to help with the mailings. Once, sometimes twice a month, we need volunteers to fold, collate and stuff
envelopes. The more hands, the quicker it is finished. Your help is needed. Please call Fr. Peter to add your name
to the volunteer list. We meet in the Church Library/Conference Room. We usually meet around 10:00 a.m. and
finish within two or three hours, depending on the mailing. We like to have three or four people working. Please
call Fr. Peter to put your name on the list. Thank you!!

                                       JOIN ASSUMPTION - PETRO FUEL CO-OP

Through Assumption-Petro Fuel Oil Co-op, you can save money on oil fuel heating bill and your Church receives a
rebate/donation back from Petro Fuel Oil Company. If you now use Petro Fuel and are not part of our “Co-op”, you
must send your name to Fr. Peter to be put on the Co-op List and receive your discount. If you would like to join as a
new customer of Petro Fuel Oil, you must send in your name to the Church office or call Fr. Peter. Fr. Peter will tell
Petro Fuel Oil to call you to discuss service. Remember, fuel prices are very competitive with going rates. Save money
and help your Church! Service contracts are half price.
I wish to join the fuel oil “co-op”; please include me in the program.            Average Price Per Gallon Per Year
Name:    ______________________            Phone:       _______________                 2004      $1.36
Address: ______________________            City/State/Zip: _______________              2005      $1.92
Do you currently use Petro Fuel?           No:      ______     Yes:      ______         2006      $2.25
(Do not send this form in if you already are with the Assumption Co-op Plan.)           2007      $2.48
Compare Prices Per Gallon:                                                              2008      $3.12
Mar. 3, 2010      2.70/gallon            April 23, 2010            $2.83/gallon
April 10, 2010   2.90/gallon             June 24, 2010             $2.69/gallon         2009      $2.21

                                      COFFEE FELLOWSHIP

Our Ladies Philoptochos Society has graciously taken the responsibility to coordinate the Coffee Fellowship
Hour after Divine Liturgy for more than thirty years!!. Our Philoptochos is pleased and proud to continue
offering this Ministry to our Parishioners, but we are in need of more volunteers to prepare and set up for
Coffee Hour. First, you need not be a member of Philoptochos and gentlemen are welcome, also. We
encourage entire families to work together to host a Coffee Fellowship; two families (parents and children),
working together to host at least one Coffee Fellowship a year. Choose a person or family to share the duties
with or we can match you with a co-host. Hosting the Coffee Fellowship will teach our children to offer
service to the Church. Also, this is a way for more families to get involved and get to know each other. The
more volunteers we have, the fewer times per year each person is called on to prepare the Coffee Fellowship.
A new system for doing Coffee Fellowship has simplified the duties and responsibilities. Please consider
adding your name to the list to prepare coffee once or twice a year. We now have four coordinators who will
help and teach new volunteers what to do. One coordinator will be available each Sunday to help guide you
as you learn. With 300 families in our community, it would be very nice to see more people participating. If
you enjoy the Coffee Hour and would like to help out, please call Rose Koulouris (860.350.4338). Thank you.

                                      COFFEE SPONSORSHIP

If you would like to sponsor a Coffee Fellowship; for recognizing a name day, memorial, special event or any
reason, please contact Rose Koulouris(860-350-4338). The Ladies Philoptochos will guide you with the
various choices that exist and cost factors, if you wish the Coffee Hosts to purchase, set up, serve and clean.
Rose will explain what the process is and which dates are available. We welcome all of our parishioners to
become Hosts as well.(see above)
                              PSALTI (CHANTER) AND READER MINISTRY

We are looking for people to learn to chant and read at the various services of our Church – Orthros (matins),
Vespers, Paraklisis, etc. Anne Ktorides has done a wonderful job with the choir and learning the various
hymns and tones (melodies) of our Church music. She is willing to share this knowledge and help develop
Chanters and Readers for our Church. All you need is a willingness to learn and some musical background.
For Readers, all that is needed is the willingness to read in a prayerful manner. Please contact Fr. Peter or
Anne Ktorides (746.9927) for more information and to offer your Time and Talents to this very important
Ministry. High School and College age students are encouraged to participate.

                                      ASSUMPTION/VIRIDIAN ELECTRIC CO-OP

To Our Faithful Parishioners and Friends…

If, like most of us, you have been confused by all the offers of electric supply companies that come with your CL&P
electric bill, please take time to read this. Our Assumption Church has teamed up with Viridian, a Connecticut Electrical
Supplier to reduce the cost of running our Church, hall, office and classroom area. Also, Fr. Peter has signed up with
Viridian for his residence. Already the Church has seen a savings on the electric bill and so has Fr. Peter. CL&P will
continue to bill you the same way, only now you will save money with the Assumption/Viridian Co-op. What is the
advantage of switching to Viridian? When you switch over your supplier service, Viridian will pay Assumption Church,
$2.00-$3.00 per customer per month for as long as you are with Viridian. It is FREE to sign up; No hidden fees; and you
can cancel at any time without penalty because there is no contract. If you are on a budget plan with CL&P, your bill will
be adjusted.

Right now, this is for CL&P customers. In the future, we hope to add NY customers, as well. Remember, you can take
forms to give to friends and neighbors who want to save on their electric bill. Forms are at the Pangari (candle stand) or
in the Church Vestibule. You can also go on line at to sign on to the program, or
you may call Mary Shakro to sign up or for any questions (203.792.4077). Remember, there are no contracts, no hidden
fees; just savings. Many parishioners, their relatives and friends have already signed up. The customer ID number for
our group is 4150.

Your Parish Council

                                            SPECIAL SERVICES HELP NEEDED

Father Peter wishes to establish a list of people he can call to help whenever a Mysterion (Sacrament) is held at our
Church. Whenever Father Peter celebrates a wedding or baptism, it would be very helpful to have a person stationed at
the Pangari (candle stand) to make sure the candles do not become dangerous or a mess. Also, to be available to greet
guests and visitors who may have questions or need help in finding restrooms, etc. Other responsibilities would be to help
straighten out the Church, help with set-up and clean-up after services. Most sacraments take place on weekends. Help
may also be needed for funeral services, as well. Please contact Father Peter to offer your help or for more information,
please call 203.748.2992. Thank you.

                          GOYA DAY AT HOLIDAY HILL, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

Holiday Hill Camp – a day of swimming, sports, kayaks, canoes, eat all you want, dancing and much more. Direct
Archdiocesan District Event – All Churches from Connecticut and New York – for GOYA ages 12-18. Price is $55.00 per
person; however GOYA will pay $15.00 for GOYA members and parent driver.

Final Deadline – by September 16. $40.00 for GOYA member and parent driver. For other family members - $55.00

Any child under 12, must be accompanied by a parent. Please call Anna Koulouris at 860.927.5280. All checks should be
made out to Assumption GOYA. Drivers are needed, please.
                                            CHURCH LIFE
Sarantismos/Newborn Blessing
July 7       Georgios, son of Kalliopi and John Stratidis of Danbury, CT.
July 25      Cooper Robert, son of Pamela and Peter Constantine of Yorktown Hgts., NY.
Aug. 8       Arina, daughter of Svetlana and Stavros Mastrogiannis of Danbury, CT.

Holy Baptism
July 31      Athan Jacob, son of Stephanie and Ramzi Ghannam of Bethel, CT. Godfather is Fouad Matar

                                            NA MAS ZISOUN – LONG LIFE AND HEALTH
Memorial Service
July 17      Diana Rizi                 40 day
August 1     George Arvanitis           3 year
August 22    Anna Delasos               7 year
             Lukas Delasos              28 year
August 29    Michael John Comas         9 year

                                           EONIA I MNIMI – ETERNAL THEIR MEMORY
August 22       In honor of the Feast of the Church in her mother’s village, Panagia Prousiotisa, by Effie Aroni.

Coffee Fellowship
August 1      In loving memory of her uncle/nouno, George Arvanitis, by Allison Arvanitis.
August 22     In honor of the Feast of the Church in her mother’s village, Panagia Prousiotisa, by Effie Aroni.
August 29     In loving memory of Michael John Comas by his wife Aliki Comas and son Steve and Valerie Comas, and grandson

Altar Flowers
July 25         In loving memory of Agatha Sarantides by her friends.
August 15       In honor of the Feast of Panagias by the Koutmos family.
August 22       In loving memory of Anna and Lukas Delasos by George and Tina Delasos and family.
August 29       In loving memory of Michael John Comas by his grandchildren.

                                                      EFHARISTO – THANK YOU

                                                  STEWARDSHIP 2010

     Our parish is blessed with many Faithful and Generous Stewards who pledge each and every year to
support the Ministries and Programs of our Assumption Church. We are doubly blessed with many men,
women, young adults, teens and young people who volunteer their TIME AND TALENTS to build on
the foundations established by Christ and the Apostles. Our parents, grandparents and generations before
us, sacrificed from the little they had to buy property, build Churches, schools and community centers in
order to pass on to the next generation their Orthodox Christian Faith and Hellenic Traditions. It is our
responsibility and duty to continue this Sacred Mission.
   Attached please find the Stewardship Commitment Form. It is a reminder for all our Faithful
Parishioners-- families, individuals, young adults, young and not so young, that we have the sacred task
and responsibility to build on the Holy Foundations of Faith and Church entrusted to each of us.
   Parents, we must educate our children to respond to the calling of our Lord, Jesus Christ, “pick up our
Cross and follow Him”. All of us must teach by example and our dedication to our Assumption Church
   Thank you to all our Faithful who have already fulfilled their Stewardship Commitment. Thank you
to our many Faithful Christians who dedicate their life to Christ and His Church.

                         SUNDAY CATECHISM SCHOOL – 2010 - 2011 REGISTRATION FORM

    Final registration for Catechism School will be held on Sunday, September 12 and 19. The registration fee is $10
    for each child to cover books and materials. Catechism School begins Sunday, September 19. Please contact Fr.
    Peter or Valerie Rountos to offer your services; we need your commitment and support. Your child's salvation
    depends on you! Please use your God-given talents for the children of our Parish. You do make a difference in their
    lives when you make a commitment.
    Please register early by filling out this form and sending it to the Church. Thank you.
                     Please Note . . . Child MUST BE 3 years old by Dec 31, 2010 to attend Little Angels

       CHILD’S NAME                   GRADE IN             AGE          CHILD’S NAMEDAY-FEAST                              CHILD’S
                                      SCHOOL                                  DAY- DATE                                   Date of Birth

    Father__________________ Mother_______________________ Last Name_____________________________

    Address__________________________ City________________ State ____Zip _________ Phone: _____________

    Registration fee $10 per child - Number of children                 _____               Email ____________________________

                                           Total $_________          Paid: Check _____ Cash _____

    I am willing to:                                                 -Teach
    I am willing to help with:

                            GREEK CULTURAL SCHOOL - 2010-2011 REGISTRATION FORM

     Final Registration for our Greek School Program is on Tuesday, September 21, 2010. All classes begin on Tuesday,
September 21st. 4:30-6:00pm--1st 2nd 3rd & 4th levels **** 4:30-6:00pm—5th level ****5:15-6:30pm-- 6th level ****
Wednesdays 4:30-6:00PM-- 8th level. Fee is $250 per child. They will learn the Greek language and culture, as well as hymns
of the church, songs and Greek dancing. How much they learn depends on their willingness to learn and you. ALL CLASSES
TAKE PLACE ON TUESDAYS(except 8th level).

    Please send this form to the Church so that we can plan our program properly. Register early. Thank you.
            Please Note--preferably, the student complete 1st grade in public school before entering Level 1(beginners)

           CHILD’S NAME                      Date Of Birth            AGE           GRADE IN SCHOOL                         LEVEL *

    Father__________________ Mother___________________ Last Name_________________________________

    Address________________________ City_____________ State ____Zip ________ Phone: __________________

    Registration fee $250 per child - Number of children                _____                    Email ________________________

                                             Total $_________         Paid: Check _____ Cash _____

    * Level (Greek) = Beginner 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
    New York Regents tests are given when the child finishes 9 th grade in public school (pre-supposes child has
    attended six to eight years of Greek School
                                               ASSUMPTION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH
               30 CLAPBOARD RIDGE ROAD ~ DANBURY, CT 06811  PHONE 203.748.2992  FAX 203.748.7747
                                           We Praise, Bless and Thank You
                              2010 CHRISTIAN STEWARDSHIP COMMITMENT CARD

    In gratitude for God’s blessings, I/we pledge to contribute for Christ’s work at Assumption Church for 2010:
    A total amount of: $500                     $1,000              $2,000               $4,000                    More/Other $
    Name                                                                                      Spouse
    Address                                                                               Telephone [          ]
    City                                                               St             Zip                   email__________________
    Please check here if you would like a box of envelopes 
    For any questions concerning your Stewardship Commitment for 2010 or for a current date
    statement of your Stewardship Pledge, please contact the treasurer, Allison Arvanitis, by email- or call the Church office—203 748 2992.

itment for 2010 or for a current date
    statement of your Stewardship Pledge, please contact the treasurer, Allison Arvanitis, by email-       or call the Church office—203 748 2992.


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