A surrogate of female college students Beijing experience by fdjerue7eeu


									A surrogate of female college students Beijing experience
Stomach and not in another child born, the master heart is in pain, then I do not know.
Some wanted to use the method of surrogacy and egg donation, to fight to protect,
more children stop.
A female classmate of small-Shu, the fall in the junior, had to find work, to know who
the surrogate network to 60,000 yuan a surrogate business transactions. Fertilized
eggs of a female boss, female students implantation uterus small Shu, boss of her
husband's sperm in turn women into ... ... was admitted to planting the
deployment of female bosses apartment, take the initiative to leave school, and later
also for the people, had a white and fat baby girl.
Xiao-shu, while she poured tea for me, her father, to jabber, and stop giving me about
When the "surrogate mother", their family, if known, nor is it
shady things, society will look like that helped convey it strange? Fortunately, at
present, in addition to Beijing, I know that some students, there are my parents and
your uncle ... ... that thing in the past, the past, I would very much like, not recall,
however, that women baby's crying, wake up often in my dreams I ... ...
uncle, I think in the Olympic Village nearby, to find room between the facade and
open a clothing store, can you help me long eye it?
Have such a great person, and Who nerve to allow parents possessor of Zan ah!
Students know, will not laugh? However, that my female students, since the surrogate
after the victory of less than three years, bought cars, bought the house, and live very
comfortable, otherwise, uncle, I can not, under so much determination.
When the "surrogate mother", not everyone can do, we must
first break in the concept of all, in traditional morality, the rational choice to make ... ...
someone to spend big money, nor is it to find a woman on the liver surrogate, and
people look at my qualifications, see my face, look at my disposition, repeated
physical examination ... ... Finally, they were finalized.
Shu is a little old neighbor we home six years ago, admitted to a Beijing university, a
student of fashion design major, recently, not her father come to me for her job, and I
really do not know she had a "surrogate "the experience.
◎ 30 years ago, the United States, the popularity of a surrogate.
   ?◎ one of which is the surrogate mother, gave birth to a boy, and later with the
birth of girls,
"Death of girl, do not quickly call your uncle?"
Last week I was away on business, small Shu's father, stop giving it my
phone is not called, that is, send text messages, asking if I have time to visit his home?
At that time, I also want to go home, regardless of the way to see the old and sick,
they promised him, if there is time, as deployment and he saw a face (I do not know
what his hurry to find me).
"Quarter brother ... ... my worthless girl, you know she did what matter the
last few years? I just say your brother, or else ... ... I and her mother hit her several
times, only Jiehen!"
Would like to ask us on behalf of the pregnant woman, they want to have a good body,
painlessly, ticklish, fear of inflation, fear of annoying stop!
Little Shu in front of her father's face, her "surrogate"
of the details and did not put it so specifically, but she honestly, this years the
"secrets" to inform parents, at least she was a little honest girl.
Little sister, and later would like to continue reading, she asked if I could also choose
to study Communication University of China? She also asked me to Beida Jade Bird,
learning web design, not suitable for co? Otherwise, she would like to open a clothing
store that I know the city of Changshu Clothing friends, purchase some convenience.
As far as I know, the surrogate mother and surrogate companies, or with a request on
behalf of the pregnant family, conflict with what, by the surrogate to open to the news
that often arise in general is Compounding do surrogate mothers have to face Many
pain, the host more money breaking point, did not care! Uncle, now I'm
confused, there is no legal protection in this area do
  ?Grow up get married, but also for the world's "moral feelings
of drama," and pave the way ... ...
Uncle, do you and our family was an old neighbor, you are good friends with my dad,
I    grew       up,    you     see     me      grow    up,    and   you     know      that
"womanhood" of the truth. I am not a born school bad girl ... ...
except for those hot eyes of the money, the other female classmate on behalf of the
pregnant, the body did not change much, career terms, it touches on a lot of changes.
Money, looking for work, entrepreneurship, or further studies, it is much more
Like me, of course, once the surrogate for the others, gave birth to a little baby girl, I
know, he was having children, pregnant for ten months, the results then thrown to the
others, and himself also distressed the baby Yeah, who does not distressed that their
children who were born stomach?
I was that day at noon, take her to a McDonald's restaurant in Beijing,
slowly drinking, eating slowly, a serious breach of ethics surrogate Why? ? , Man
Manliao the -
Uncle, you ask me? They want the idea of surrogate lot.
Currently, like so many couples surrogacy, like the others on behalf of the pregnant
young woman in this way to maintain health economy, but also a way of making
money and fashion to play it.
That morning, my car, parked outside his supermarket, small Shu's father,
they quickly received the second floor of my small room, I see no more than a decade
of small-shu girl: Mianhuangjishou, look trance.
Looking for students like me, on behalf of pregnant women, one surrogate network
aimed at intermediaries, we have not set foot on the community, comparable to pure;
know that we can not find a suitable job, eager to spend money; say, we signed
agreements with the company, very few requests on behalf of the pregnant with the
couple met, fairly comparable to the "Privacy"; children were
born, on to the host, initially, only children born of their own, some reluctant, some
obsessive ... ... but , then think about it, anyway, the child, not their own ultimate,
heart of a ruthless, also did not care so much.
Little Shu's female students, then also urged small-shu, the work to find
what fart? Some garment factories, down the back, loss of loss, where also our turn to
when the costume design? Even if they are hiring into the plant, and also more than
2000 yuan monthly wage, surrogacy a business, earn tens of thousands a year, food,
clothing, flowers, live, into additional revenue, not too small ... ... to persuade Shu
also get involved.
All in all, also not afraid of uncle you laugh. Another one of my female students, to
people on behalf of a small boy pregnant, secretly taken away other
people's children, will have been received tens of thousands of dollars
remitted to the surrogate companies, went to Northwestern for a long time hidden.
Later, the owner and agency wrangling ... ... "insider" who has
finally found the woman of my fellow students and a small boy, "things
back to the original owners," she cried to go live to the death of the ... ...
Is other people's children, she would like to unauthorized occupation of
such surrogate mother does not meet the "potential rules."
"You are always bored at home, you still like the personal Well? Just like
the devil ... ... the future of self-destruction."
?Little Shu's father, and I was 10 years ago, an old friend, Xiao-shu is what
I grew up watching her, then we have for learning, work accident, flash is not met in
recent years. The meeting, small-Shu's father, and I also tell the truth, never
mincing words.
I said, you have to open a clothing store, and your years of professional study, but also
dip orgy.
For the first time surrogate, I was nervous: parents know, will not kill me?
I also know that the University the last two years did not go to school, into a
"surrogate" of the industry, was also "a mistake into
the wrong track," it! Uncle, you see I also like early twenties girl? Oh, and
I'm more like a blue-collar housewife!
Little Shu's father, not the first for her daughter to find work that matters,
nor that her son Shu things, starting with her female classmate opened shabu -
Little Shu's father, opened in the suburbs of a small supermarket, business
pretty well.

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