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					A story
   A story:
   The way people used to be lost in the mountains, how to help nobody.
   One day a monk came to her out of the Lost. Monk, call the owner can donate
points to charity cold Temple, lost people say, you take me out, I have to give you the
opportunity to do good, and how should contributions ah! TMD's Bushi
Xiang true owner of lost property, you might say.
   In fact, you may be the Bushi Xiang's rightful owners, while they have
no perception, most people see things that other people are generally accurate, but
vague own thing.
   Some people may say, I do not think so, you do not live where they would not
appreciate everyone's understanding of different things, a thousand
thousand eyes of Hamlet, everyone has his own understanding, perhaps you can not
understand Bale.
   Then, out of a person, said the monk asked her to go astray, and such people should
be allowed to continue her confused. But the Buddha all living beings, he will be
rescued by passersby puzzled, because he believed that fruit and cause, believed in
   Life is not reincarnation, it is only this short life, to pursue, do you think is worth
something, you will be happy, in fact, happiness is just a process, the final will
eventually annihilate. Enlighten you the more, the more confused she was.
   Well, do not do this monk worth mentioning, to want to walk out, but also on their
   Amitabha, Praise, Praise.
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