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This is what I have just finished writing an article, a reader to theory.

See Long Xiong, has been to subscribe to your article, but please alert sake of

I think that certainly is an essential investment, especially infrastructure above
The development of the western financial support, if not central, it is difficult to really
Particularly in infrastructure, I support high-speed rail, airport projects like
But the government building not much need, and this is the most corrupt place.

Analogy might be that, 80 years began to develop coastal areas, can be driven entirely
on foreign capital, is the engine, because at that time the central authorities have no
money, not to mention the place.

Now central to western investment, should be able to play a lead role in part, of
course, more importantly, to stimulate the private economy to western investment, but
also bring awareness of local business, this is the most efficient investment. . . But no
one to take the lead, it is difficult to scale and atmosphere.
Otherwise, the western financial weakness of local, not central government support,
how to start?

Physics, which also have this theorem: only exert external force to overcome static
friction, the object will begin movement.

As for corruption, should be a secondary issue, not unworthy.

Thank him for reminding me, I believe he is certainly justified. To raise objection is
undoubtedly the worst situation. Until early 2008, I have been taking a look at the
social mentality of birth, the color is extremely strong opposition. Later, forced their
entry into the WTO, I believe that colors have faded a lot. But may still have such a
Also yesterday, a visit to Ai Weiwei, he mentioned that the current domestic so-called
"Point of no Return" is over, perhaps some disaster is inevitable
sooner or later, although it may be delayed very late. I fully agree with him, I did
work, there is great knowing the outcome, but must strive to composition, this
understanding so that I would not give up, but still very pessimistic.
If this friend think I am against the opposition, then I after the time of writing, need to
be more careful to avoid their emotions too much into the article area.
In general, a careful analysis, I view this friend in common than differences, but to
emphasize different aspects. But I focus on the following differences.
The friend was right, west central role of the investment is. This is probably the article
I did not write clearly, but the basic agree with his criticism. I view different parts of
his role in the end is how much this could really stimulate the healthy development of
the west. More accurate to say that here is a healthy, sustainable development, not just
development, quick success of the approach may make the data look good temporarily,
but the endless troubles, sooner or later revealed the secret.

The friend said 80 coastal economic development driven entirely by foreign capital, I
do not think so. I think that the more economic development along the coast are
endogenous, that is, as the Cultural Revolution, the economic constraints caused by
too much, relax constraints, the economy will naturally be a great development, with
coastal economic open-door policy to foreign countries can integrate finally led to
endogenous economic development, foreign capital is only boost economic
development is not entirely dependent. If an economy to rely upon external
investments to maintain, there is no hope to develop.

I do not deny the need for the development of the road system, but it should be noted
that the maintenance cost of the system. For example, if an airport several times a
year can not drop the aircraft, while maintaining a very high fee for the airport, then
such facilities is a problem. Similarly, some of the road system is also the same
problem. Why do not we put some of the funds used to dry most urgent thing, but
there needs to be time to build the airport course?
In fact, some roads may never not compulsory, a large number of loans in the central
background, but openly put on the agenda. Such as Sichuan-Tibet Railway, visited the
Sichuan-Tibet know that it simply can not build a mountain near the railway, the same
time, it can not generate economic benefits, even military efficiency can not be
produced, and the annual maintenance costs simply can not afford, but in order to
money making, or has repeatedly been proposed.
In fact, a lot of investment in the west is a waste of engineering in this lavish, and
various government building on, and corruption is by no means a secondary issue.
According to my understanding, a project if the lack of supervision, more than half of
the funds may be private or transferred out through various channels, the more
backward areas, such as more serious.
Give a true example of a province to develop tourism, the provincial government
invested 100 million yuan, has gained 20 billion of bank credit, the
province's tourism resources integration, in order to create a tourism
companies. But the resolution also does not Chu provincial government, had its staff
发给 various friends and family, these Ren flew into action, began to consider how to
divide up the various projects the funds.

Invest heavily in waste and corruption, the result is not produced economic benefits,
has released a lot of money, but not all of these monetary benefit. Such damage is
very large, rather than secondary.

I think that an economy has its geographical constraints, the Mainland's
development slower than the coast, small scale may be unavoidable, then requires the
free movement of people, so that the population to pursue economic, rather than
binding them in place But now, all kinds of obstacles along the coast, so that they can
not achieve the transfer.
In addition, local economic development is mainly to relax the constraints on the
private economy, so that they can develop freely, the policy is detrimental for the
private economy, and if this done, light investment money is of no use.

I would like to talk about two issues in Xinjiang, is its resources. Xinjiang's
rich resources and does not bring much benefits to the local, as the central resource
fee is levied to go. I think if this part of the money released to leave the local, let them
decide based on resource development, rather than like this, Du Jiaoji the state-owned
enterprises and the Mainland, mine owners, and wanton destructive development and
may Dangdeyouli De more. It is said the central consideration in this area, I fully
agree with the central consideration in this respect, but fear it has been distorted in the
implementation level.

Also, my email is: gjl.lit @ gmail.com. If necessary, you can write to me to continue
the discussion.