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A moment


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									A moment
?Abnormal mood suddenly sparse, emotional moments down low. As if unwilling to
be drowned drowning, desperately grasping, desperate to grab something. But the
mood is still like the morning Margaret, slowly rising from the bottom of it down,
weak and powerless. So afar off with himself, saw the floor solitude, solitude like to
see this on the floor after the scraps of paper, red and white, with the wind, floating
the scattered far - but there are some in that the total piled up, hesitated, so you
occasionally remember last night downtown, and the late warm. . . . . . But it even
more tasteless.
Know yourself! Who said that? Now suddenly in the ears.
Always think back to their visible, all the advantages and shortcomings. But
unexpectedly, once again falling into the traps set by heart. This trap, or how many
times have Park. Xu is numb. By now, actually there is no pain. There is only
desolation and despair. Perhaps, not without pain. Desolation and despair, but this is
too strong, the pain does not seem so clear-cut instead. You desolate: Why is this trap
it is always there? You despair: Why out that it is always in the trap, but always
without walls? So, your greatest weakness, is not blind to their own, but clearly see
Barbara, joyous event can do nothing.
Ling said: if it does not know me, I want you to those who love doing?
- In this very agreeable to me.
Yes, if you wrong me, I want you to those who love doing?
Are good intentions on the need to receive it? May not. If so, then how much this life
I have received? How much will be received? How much can I pay? This debt, think
of enough horrible.
Ai-ling said: Because know. So mercy
- Just because one knows.
I have my own dignity. Maybe I can not give, but I at least be able to refuse. Refused
to goodwill and love. Reject grace and charity.
Besides, I needed. Missing is not missing.
Who invented the word can talk about anything? How can the availability of friends
talk about anything?
For urgent things not long past the age of adults has been made, talk about anything,
neither possible nor necessary.
The so-called talk about anything, it was no more than over others, more in-depth on
some Bale. But further speculation, there is always a place is only for themselves, not
to allow others to spy on - and even just a little bit. This is to preserve the dignity of
the lowest bottom line, the final barrier. Just like your underwear bras, even intimate
friends before then, it is necessary to firmly protection there. Unless lover. Once
developed to a lover but a friend, developed to meet glance naked lover, it can be
predicted is not far from the breaking up of the.
Of course, talk about anything, nor is it absolutely is not natural. For example, ignore
the Vals in childhood. For example, two children, the most pure type of mind happens
to encounter, it just has, predestined fate to stay together for life.
Reality like this, almost a virtual state of the world? We present all Mangrenmoxiang.
Who can see whom all? See the section is not easy, but also demanding perfection,
can not have an unlimited of the gap was.
Who will eventually be destined to come together, will miss those who still embrace
their own thing after. None of this is beyond human control. Therefore, it is Going.
?Dripping with river gurgle to life, laughter and occasional pain of the original, but
the most normal life phenomenon. That if a woman's menstruation, always
regularly visit. Another and to leave no trace. What is sometimes left behind. What if
indeed. In this process, in addition to endure the, exposure, and enjoy the resistance of
that? Situation one day it will never come again, until by the waist to make dry.
Xiufo person seeing to much up. But this can tell us? To prove that the increase of
good or bad growth? Day off from the street, street actually came Swirling Xianle. We
also have incense shop that actually had. This is a new thing when in the local. But it
is exactly the climate in miniature. Not be underestimated. I hope not to develop as a
trend. China and India Xiufo different. India is a tradition, China is a haven.
When you are difficult to obtain in addition to fled to the Buddhist peace of mind,
they show that you have been unable to extricate themselves caught in a quagmire. Or
a third brother was right: a Buddhist who own sake. Do not believe the best is a
lifetime - in the words of ordinary workers often contains the most simple truth.
Non-Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror. Nothing on, where dye dust? If this in the cool
world, a lotus heart, why should study hard by the book, deliberately Zen? State
without its basis, each own life Bale everyone. It was never Xiufo, every day is also a
stable sleep down; was always scrolls in hand, business as usual meaning ape horse
heart. More generally shallow and the generation, did not read through the book
several volumes, Buddhism and no time to fathom, yet to pay off their own, it is also
restricted to the FAQ, that's man preaching with one of sanctimonious, as if
the Buddha's voice is really deplorable ridiculous.
Moreover, needless to say, any practitioner, repair deeper, more desire to light.
However, what desires the destruction, what desires as deposit, and how many monks
and nuns are really accurate and sure?
How to get co-existence law and live as coming to live of State?
- VI Lama Lama is a sigh.
Lama identity from others, so the two can only choose one. So contradictory. Attitude
to birth, active entry into the WTO; to the realm of Buddhism, in the secular world to
search for happiness. Perhaps, for me and other mere mortals, this is the method it can
be reconciled.
However, the Buddha is still there to lure me. In particular, in weak moments. Perhaps
the reason in opposition to it, but also because it has a strong subconscious desire it.
People, but it always weak. . . . .
?So my life is an eternal game. On the one hand, we should resist the temptation of
evil; the other side, but also resist the temptation of the Buddha. This is the nature of
both is the same, just as dangerous. Are similar to moths to flame. Any carelessness,
will be caught beyond redemption.
Believe that they still have the determination to walk in the Naruto world, and, Bian
Chang SUBWAY life of courage. Who said that to save their own, only their own.
That God my moment, I had prepared for the next antidote. If, one day I buried the
scroll, I think there should be only two reasons: first, to the old; 2, got ill.
So, I love. Give me time to breathe, and, opportunities for self-filtering. A bit of rain
was nothing, why is sunlight, not at the winds to be dry, the earth itself will absorb it
Drinking false wine of pale bitter, blessing everyone -
Enlightenment, and immortality, and
Farming, the official's,
Blessings -
This turned over this page.

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