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					A brand a way of life
Supra note: This article will continue to add classic brand case
   And lifestyle brand is closely related to, a good brand can lead the trend of the
times, to change a way of life. They are:
   1, Tencent
   Tencent QQ and people's daily lives, QQ, like with mobile phones and
email, has become an important contact information; Tencent advocated in the
Internet "online life" model relies on instant messaging platform,
advocacy and the creation of a new life way, providing a whole new life experience,
can help people meet on the Internet one-stop learning, life, work, communication,
information access, entertainment and e-commerce needs. In addition, awareness and
innovative spirit of innovation, brand concept and brand culture of the community and
mainstream value products or services, high quality of consumers for brands such
evaluating such Kaohe 有 good criteria, Tencent has also been unanimously
Tencent want their products and services like water and electricity into
people's life stream, so that people's lives more convenient and
abundant. To this end, Tencent start of the "big response, big
impact" of the new brand strategy, expect to continue to help Tencent
brand more mature. Because Tencent brand the way to the great influence of daily life,
but also began to expect more and more traditional enterprises with
Tencent's platform and brand to co-promote. Not long ago, Tencent QQ
naive penguin signed on as a cherished image of the image specified voice,
"signing fee" even more than the popular king Jay Chou.
Second, Starbucks
   Starbucks coffee is a concept originated in the United States, is to coffee as a way
of life to business concepts. Starbucks coffee through quality, environmental design,
background music, brand books, people yearn even lunch goers, people repeatedly
patronize. In just ten years time, Gongsi strong expansion strategy to promote its
services to many of the world's Zhu Yao Di Fang neighborhoods and major
   Starbucks to Asian countries in the process of expansion, had to face the question:
in a country where the habit of drinking tea to promote and popularize coffee, will
inevitably face conflict on consumer sentiment. Starbucks efforts to promote this first
"Consumer education."
   Starbucks customers each week in stores open a coffee seminar. Main contents of
the coffee knowledge, how to cook their own, appliances and so on. Very flexible
form, the general election in more customers, the time is 30 minutes. Many customers
have questions, the guide to the construction, the atmosphere was very lively.
Starbucks in Shanghai is planning and implementation of a called "coffee
room" service, its content is: If the 34 individuals with the coffee,
Starbucks for their coffee with a dedicated service division. Barista course, you had
better be not, but the information revealed is: go hand in hand to the number of
Starbucks customers are showing an upward trend.
   Starbucks in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) for all Chinese
consumers last year, bringing massive "coffee moment"
experience activities: event, enter the Starbucks stores each customer can receive is to
enjoy a glass of 12 ounces cooking ground coffee. The campaign received enthusiastic
response of the Chinese consumers, especially white-collar city have become more
popular and welcome. Through the "coffee moment" activities,
they also hope to promote a kind of coffee brought by the more relaxed and
comfortable way of life - a cup of coffee, a little rest to the busy city life and enjoy the
moment of feeling at ease. "Starbucks and hope that more consumers to
enjoy the simple yet profound taste of coffee, while Starbucks and relaxed feeling
from the coffee experience.
   Third, GoogLe, Baidu
    GoogLe, Baidu became the speed of world-renowned brand is surprising,
according to previous theories and brand building 4P theoretical point of view, they
also need three to five years, or even eight to ten years before they can become
well-known brands. Why they will greatly compress the time to become well-known
brand? Because they created a way of life without exception, that the virtual network
in the world of lifestyle search - "Search" as the network world,
an important way of life, has become the most common everyday people, the most
accustomed way of life, so when we can not leave it, realize it has become
indispensable to our way of life.
Therefore, when we re-understand and define the brand, it means that a new
conclusion: build a great brand, know-how 在于 your product itself must represent a
way of life or you need to Product Zhunque local embeddedness Dao a way of life in!
   ?4, McDonald's fast food culture
In 1948, the American couple Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino,
California, opened the first McDonald's roadside restaurant. In order to
attract new highway between California who came to dinner, they put up the roof in a
restaurant, a high-profile McDonald's golden arch of neon signs.
Restaurant changed the way past the traditional meal, the sale of food such as
hamburgers, fried food and even milkshakes and soda water beverages, all sold by
Paper Packaging Industry, due to the sale of food easy to carry, those drivers who do
not pass away dining car will be able to solve the problem, so welcomed by customers.
In addition, the restaurant also features a simple, repetitive assembly-line method to
make food. Thus, in the light industrial and commercial kitchen line, based on a new
type of fast food was born. It is accompanied by the emergence of a new way of life
also will spread to all over the country, and even then affect the entire world.
The United States recently published "Fast Food Nation" author
of the book 埃里克施洛 Nasr said: "Today fast food is not only change
our eating habits play a significant role, but also our economic, cultural and traditional
values people exerts an enormous impact. "Currently, the United States
about 1 / 4 of adults eat every day fast food meal, eat a typical American three
hamburgers a week and four fried foods. According to statistics, 30 years ago,
Americans spent on fast food each year the cost of 60 billion, by 2000, this
consumption has reached 110 billion U.S. dollars higher, much higher than Americans
spent on university education, home computer or the cost of acquisition of new motor
The reason why the success of McDonald's, first sold food can have
uniform standards and quality, it is used licensing method, each branch of the
standardization management, and the system still in use; addition, labor costs low, and
always maintain lower price is another major factor in its success. Shiluosier said:
"McDonald's has opened up a new way to wage labor, then
part-time workers, low pay and do not provide insurance." Now, in the
United States engaged in the fast food industry employees are highly mobile, because
of them are temporary working group, therefore, resign or be fired very common, and
fast-food company was able to get a lot of subsidies from the federal government, this
is for the poverty they created many employment opportunities for staff incentives.
By Shiluosier words, this is "American taxpayers are giving this high
turnover industry grants."

   In early 1992 summer, there is a Beijing Wangfujing Nankou exotic architecture,
where people passing by saw that the past can be seen only in television, golden
double arch sign, since then, Chinese children on holidays and birthdays in addition of
a place, that is from this point on, the Chinese people really began to experience the
West as represented by McDonald's fast food culture.

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