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1, 985 definition:

985 Project "is the" world-class university construction projects.

May 4, 1998, when he was the General Secretary Jiang Zemin in the 100th
Anniversary of Beijing University pointed out: "To realize modernization,
China needs several first-class universities in the world advanced level."
He said: "This University, should be to strengthen and foster the creative
talents of high-quality cradle, should understand the unknown world, seek the
objective truth, for humanity to solve major issues facing the forefront of providing a
scientific basis, should be the knowledge innovation, and promote scientific and
technological achievements into practical productive forces an important force for
transformation should be national culture and the exchange of the world's
advanced civilization draw bridge. "

December 24, 1998, the Ministry of Education formulated the "21st
Century Action Plan for Invigorating Education", clearly proposes to
"create a number of the world's advanced level of first-class
universities and a number of first-class discipline", the "985
Project." "985 Project" The whole idea is: with
construction of a number of the world-class university and the high level group of
internationally acclaimed research university as the goal, the establishment of colleges
and universities new management system and operational mechanism, and firmly
grasp the first 20 of this century years of important strategic opportunities, pool
resources, focused, Reflect Characteristic, its advantages, the great leap, taking the
Chinese      characteristics,    world-class     university    path.    "985
Project" as the group leader by the Minister of Education Zhou Ji as the
"985 Project" of the working groups held by the Deputy
Minister of Education Wu Qidi. In the "211 Project" based on
the national defense, civil, eastern, central and western regions with the principle of
screening out the inclusion of the "985 Project" universities in
the country less than 40 in Shanghai, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University,
Tongji University, East China Normal University 4.

It is reported that the "985 Project" Phase II (2004-2007)
construction goal is to consolidate the outcome of a building, to create world-class
universities and a number of internationally renowned high-level research university
to further lay a solid foundation, so that a number of subjects at or near world-class
academic standards, through the efforts of more time to build a number of world-class
2, "985 Project" list

A list: (34)

Tsinghua University

Beijing University

Renmin University of China

China University of Technology

Nanjing University

Fudan University

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Xi'an Jiaotong University

Zhejiang University

Harbin Institute of Technology

Northwestern University

Dalian University of Technology

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Nankai University

Tianjin University

Southeast University

Huazhong University of Science

Wuhan University

Xiamen University

Shandong University
Hunan University

Ocean University of China

Central South University

Jilin University

Beijing Institute of Technology

Chongqing University

University of Electronic Science and Technology

Sichuan University

South China University of Technology

Zhongshan University

Lanzhou University

Northeastern University

Tongji University

Beijing Normal University

Two lists: (5)

China Agricultural University

University of Defense Technology

Central University for Nationalities

Northwest University

East China Normal University

"985",      "advantageous       subject    innovation
platform" College (20)

China University of Mining China University of Geosciences Beijing University of
Science and Technology of China University of Petroleum, Central University of

Southwest Jiaotong University, China University of Political Science Beijing
University of Chemical Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Forestry

Northeast Normal University, Shanghai University of Finance and East China
University of Technology Hefei University of Hohai University

Southern Yangtze University, Central China Normal University, Shaanxi Normal
University, Wuhan University of International Business and Economics

Some advantages of university academic innovation platform 985 List

The first

China University of Mining "safe mining and clean coal resources using
the" Innovation Platform

China University of Geosciences, "Earth System Processes and Mineral
Resources" innovation platform edge discipline

China University of Petroleum, "Oil and Gas Exploration and
Development and Transformation" innovation platform "

Shanghai University of Finance, "Economics" innovation

Central University of Finance, "Economics and Public Policy"
innovation platform edge discipline


East China University of "clean and efficient use of coal and petroleum
chemical key technology" subject innovation platform

Beijing Forestry University "to respond to global changes in forest
ecosystem restoration and sustainable management of academic innovation platform

Southwest Jiaotong University, "Rail         Transportation   engineering
disciplines innovative platform advantage"
Hohai University, "the global water cycle and the national water security
benefits subject innovation platform"

Beijing University of Chemical Technology "Green Chemical Engineering
and Materials" innovation platform edge discipline

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