The History of South Africa

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The History of South Africa

  Chapter 29 sec 2
  Chapter 36 sec 4

  EQ: Why did South Africa become one of
  the few European colonies in Africa? How
  did the development of apartheid impact
  South Africa: The Beginning
• As previously
  mentioned, the
  Dutch started a
  colony in South
  Africa in 1652
• When they
  stepped off the
  boat at Cape
  Town, they found
  open temperate
  farm land
  protected by
  high cliffs
South Africa: The Beginning
• When they stepped off the boat…THERE
• So, they claimed themselves to the “White
  Tribe” of Africa and started calling
  themselves Afrikaaners
• Yes, they eventually ran into scattered
  native populations
• Like our “Native Americans”, they
  befriended them, even married them and
  had children with them > a “colored” social
  class emerges (more later)
• The Cape Colony exists independent and
  peaceful for almost 200 years
• Along come the British (early 1800s)…with
  dreams of expanding their empire in Africa
  from “Cairo to the Cape”…and the Dutch
  stood in their way
• The British establish port colonies in South
• A race to claim territory (British vs. Dutch =
  Great Trek) in South Africa’s interior begins
  with British settlement > Dutch establish new
  colonies in the northeast
• As a part of this settlement race, the British
  import their “slave” labor from India and
The Natives Fight Back
• Awaiting the British and Dutch in the north
  eastern interior of South Africa are vast amounts
  of tribal Africans (Khoi Khois, Sans, Swazis and
• Added in the mix is the eventual discovery of
  VAST mineral resources (diamonds and gold) in
  the north central Veld of South Africa
• Britain hatches a plan to dominate Southern
  – 1) They align with the Dutch to fight and conquer
    these “barbaric” peoples [First Boer War (aka
    Zulu Wars) 1880s]. Both groups win.
  – 2) Then, the British, after aligning with some native
    groups in Lesotho and Swaziland, attack the
    Dutch in order to conquer them (Second Boer
    War, 1899-1902). The British win!
The British Deception
• The British lie…they convinced the natives
  that the Dutch would enslave them (not
  true given that the Dutch had already
  intermarried with them)
• The British rule South Africa under military
  control…until 1910…when they loosen
  the military control and grant the area
  “autonomy” to rule but still pay homage
  to the crown
• This is the root of the apartheid
  system…Anger that the natives attacked
  the Afrikaaners with the British
         Apartheid Explained
• The Afrikaaners/Boers
  move to
  segregate all blacks as
  punishment for their
  alliance w/the British
• They identify portions
  (undesirable land) of
  their territory to forced
  all blacks to live
• Then, they created a
  legal (by law) social
Apartheid’s Social Rankings

• Racial Classification

  – 1) White (Afrikaaners, Europeans, etc) =
  – 2) Asians (imported labor) = 4%
  – 3) Cape colored = 10%
  – 4) African Blacks = 72%

• Of course there was resistance to all of
For the remainder of time…

•Chapter 36 section 4

•Tomorrow: Biography –
 Nelson Mandela
 – This video will also highlight the reactions
   by Black South Africans to Apartheid