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                           The Nursing Expert
                                                         Experts: New nurses facing a
                          Anne Marie Barnett, RN
                          Former President,
                          Maryland NADONA/LTC            temporary slowdown in jobs
                                                         By James M. Berklan                                                     the most experienced nurses
        I am a new director of nursing in                Underlying problems with                                                is expected to retire, creating
        a facility and do not feel very wel-             the economy have put nurs-                                              openings that current long-term
                                                         ing careers on hold for many                                            care nurses may swarm to. Huge

                                                                                                                                Photo: iStockphoto
        comed by my licensed staff. Their
        previous DON recently retired. How               new graduates, but those prob-                                          shortages overall should occur,
        can I make the transition smoother?              lems should be only temporary,                                          said Kathleen Ann Long, dean
                                                         experts say. And, at least for                                          of the University of Florida Col-
        It is always hard to fill the shoes of a          now, the economy might actu-         Nurse education experts say        lege of Nursing.
        colleague who was admired by her                 ally be creating a bit of an extra   more younger nurses are taking        “I would describe this as a
                                                                                              jobs in nursing homes because
        team. Perhaps they are still grieving her        surge toward the long-term           better-paying hospital jobs aren’t
                                                                                                                                 temporary blip in a very long-
        absence. I would suggest that you meet           care field, as graduates often        available—for now.                 term trend that indicates a
        with all three shifts and speak openly           have to settle for jobs outside                                         severe shortage of nurses in
        about how difficult it must be having             hospitals, their most frequent       in a recent USA Today report. this country,” she said.
        lost a leader that they have worked with         first choice.                         Her group recently issued an          A 2009 Vanderbilt Univer-
        and admired for such a long time.                   Nursing homes, home health        advisory saying the market is sity study forecast that the U.S.
            Let them talk about some of the              and other non-acute care set-        “flooded” with veteran reg- will face a shortage of at least
        many reasons why they enjoyed work-              tings are more often the des-        istered nurses who have pro- 260,000 nurses in 15 years.
        ing with her. They probably really just          tinations of recent grads than       longed careers or come out of That prediction was made
        want you to know how difficult a time             before, said the president of        retirement.                        before this year’s health reform
        that this is for them.                           the National Student Nurses’            When the economy im- law passed, which is expected
            As an aside, you might learn quite           Association, Carylin Holsey,         proves, however, a wave of to increase nurse needs. ■
        a bit about their values and what they

                                                         ANA chief to focus on prevention, access
        hold as important. Information like this
        is always helpful to a manager, espe-
        cially one in a new setting.
            As you acknowledge their feelings,           By James M. Berklan                  reform legislation creates some                        while outlining plans.
        introduce to them the goals that you             The new president of the             of the opportuniti
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