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									Australian Capital Territory

Building and Construction Industry Training
Levy - Training Plan Approval 2002
Notifiable instrument NI2003—12

made under the

Building and Construction Training Levy Act 1999, s 25 (1) (Approval of training

I approve the Building and Construction Industry Training Plan 2003 set out in the

Simon Corbell
Minister for Education, Youth and Family Services
[20] December 2002

                     Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

                                          Training Plan 2003

CONTENTS                                                                                       PAGE

Preface                                                                                           2

Introduction                                                                                      3

Role of the Fund                                                                                  4

Entry Level Program                                                                               5

Up-skilling and Cross-skilling                                                                    6

Up-skilling and Cross-skilling Approved Training Courses                                          7

Promotion and Marketing                                                                           8

Research and Development                                                                          9

Access and Equity Program                                                                        10

Compliance Activity                                                                              11

Governance, Finance and Administration                                                           12

Eligible person criteria                                                                         13

     Eligible person definition                                                                  13

     Eligible employment examples                                                                13

Eligible Building and Construction Work (for the purpose of the Act)                             14

     Schedule                                                                                    14

     Explanatory definitions                                                                     14

     Exempt work                                                                                 14

Glossary of Terms                                                                                15

Courses and Contact Details                                                                      16

Attachment A Budget                                                                              17

                         Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

                                The Board is pleased to present the 2003 Annual
                                Training Plan for the Australian Capital Territory
                                Building and Construction Industry Training Fund
                                Board (ACT BCITFB). This is the third Training Plan
                                produced by the ACT BCITFB and builds on the
                                achievements of our other Plans.

                                The contribution in the development of this Training
                                Plan by the various employers, trades groups,
                                industry associations and unions must be
                                acknowledged.      These groups, along with many
                                individual workers and companies operating in the
                                industry, are vital to the continuing success of the
                                ACT BCITF.         Their enthusiastic and up-front
                                contributions to the Training Fund Board are greatly

                                The Training Plan has identified the following key
                                areas within a budget framework;

                                    Entry Level Training
                                    Up-skilling and Cross-skilling
                                    Promotion and Marketing
                                    Research and Development
                                    Access and Equity and
                                    Governance, Finance and Administration.

                                To ensure that our continuous improvement
                                processes are enhanced, we have established and
                                determined a number of objectives, strategies and
                                outcomes that the ACT BCITFB will progress through
                                the life of this Plan. These are clearly articulated in
                                each of these categories.

                                For the first time, the Plan has included the Courses,
                                Registered Training Organisations and telephone
                                numbers for training programs that have been
                                conducted during 2002. However, if the training
                                program that you wish to undertake is not listed in
                                this Plan, please contact the ACT BCITFB for further

                                Industry should find the Plan an excellent resource
                                and a help for current and future training

                                The board commends this Training Plan to all who
                                have an interest in the future development of the
                                Territory and all those who operate in the building and
                                construction industry.

                                JAMES G SERVICE

                                JUNE 2002

              Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

Welcome to the ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Board 2003
Training Plan.

This review involved widespread consultation              The Fund:
with industry, government and the
community. The 2003 Annual Training Plan                  Throughout the consultation process, a clear
has also benefited from the conduct of                    message was expressed by all sectors of the
extensive research undertaken by the                      industry regarding the following areas;
Building and Construction Training Council
(CITC).                                                         The role of the Fund

                                                                Eligibility criteria
It is our intention that the 2003 Training Plan
becomes a valuable resource for you and                         Examples of eligible employment
strongly recommends that you retain it for
future use.                                                     Schedule of the Act.

                                                        Compliance of stakeholders
The following information will provide you
with a quick guide to the Training Plan.
                                                          Several detailed sections have been included to
                                                          cover all of the above points. The following page
We have included an overview of                           sets out ‗The role of the Fund‘ but please refer to
Construction Training Australia‘s (CTA‘s)                 your index for other page numbers regarding
national strategy together with a number of               sections that may be of interest to you.
key local strategic areas including;

    Entry Level Training

    Up-skilling and Cross-skilling

    Promotion and Marketing

    Research and Development

    Access and Equity and

    Governance, Finance and

                        Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

The ACT Building and Construction Industry Fund Board makes training grants for skills identified by
cooperative ACT industry research as being in short supply to people in eligible occupations and eligible

Importantly, at the outset, the principles underlying the allocation of funds to programs are:
  Training subsidies are intended to achieve additional outcomes, and NOT substitution of
   existing workforce training levels.
  The Training Fund is NOT a ―labour market program‖.
  Allocation of funds will be needs based against determined priorities.
  The funds are allocated principally for training delivery and NOT for capital expenditure costs.
  The BCITFB has a compliance function under the Act to ensure that all parties who are
   respondable to the Act pay the training levy.

The BCITFB operates under the Building & Construction Industry Training Levy Act 1999, which
commenced on 22 November 1999.

The BCITFB is financed by a levy of 0.2% on the owners of eligible building and construction work.

Training is targeted on the up-skilling and            3. Training is provided by a Registered Training
cross-skilling of current and former                      Organisation.
workers, and to provide additional skills
for entry level workers for example:                    4. The course is accredited under the Australian
    Apprentices are eligible for business                 Qualifications  Framework     (AQF)   and/or
     skills training                                       approved by the BCITFB.
    Unemployed former workers are
     eligible for up-skilling to aid their              5. Participants, including the self-employed, who
     return to the industry                                are in one of the Eligible Occupations,
    Returning injured workers are eligible                identified within the schedule of the Act.
     for re-training suitable to their ability
    All workers in the industry are eligible           6. There is an identified training outcome for
     for training in new field(s) and                      each participant.
     management techniques.
                                                        7. Participants may be required to contribute a
                                                           minimum of 20% of the course costs.
This Training Plan will apply in 2003.                  The BCITFB has discretion to cancel the funding
                                                        grant, subject to overall availability of funds.

APPLICATIONS                                            The BCITFB does NOT guarantee any particular
Employees, employers or trainers (RTO‘s)                application, and may request that participants
may lodge an Application Form.                          and/or organisations contribute more than the
                                                        20% minimum.

The      applicant  is  responsible  for                REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATIONS
demonstrating      and   confirming  the                (RTO‘s) AND ACCREDITED COURSES
eligibility of any particular individual
before seeking a grant.                                 RTO‘s are recognised by State and Territory
                                                        Training Agencies as having the capacity to
                                                        deliver, assess and issue qualifications for
HOW ARE TRAINING GRANTS                                 nationally recognised training.
All grants are subject to the BCITFB                    The benefit of using RTO‘s and Accredited
having sufficient money in the Fund.                    courses is that competencies gained can combine
Applications are assessed against the                   to form recognised qualifications.
following criteria.
                                                        Accredited Courses are assessed under the
1. No retrospective applications will be                Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) as
   considered                                           satisfying industry needs and having appropriate
                                                        outcomes, competency standards, structure,
2. Training will provide skills from the                delivery,   articulation, credit  transfer  and
   Annual Training Plan. Non-Plan skills                monitoring and evaluation.
   may be assessed on their merits.

                         Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

The following information is targeted at those for which a contract of training exists relevant to the building
                                          and construction industry.

 - OBJECTIVES -                        - STRATEGIES -                                   - OUTCOMES -

 To increase the number           Provide support to eligible                   An increase in the number of
 of people entering the           organisations in accordance                   new entrants under contracts of
 industry           under         with BCITFB policy.                           training in accordance with
 contracts of training.                                                         sector targets.
                                  Support alternative entry
 To ensure that a pool of         level pathways into the                       Feasibility   of    alternative
 skilled         workers          industry.                                     pathways examined for possible
 continue to enter the                                                          implementation.
 ACT     Building    and          Provide support to schools
 Construction Industry.           and individuals regarding                     The establishment of contracts
                                  training pathways for the                     of training for new training
                                  industry.                                     package qualifications.

                                  Establish an information and                  Support for VET programs in
                                  promotion program targeted                    construction skills provided in
                                  to potential new entrants.                    schools and colleges.

                                  Provision     of    on-the-job                Produce       and      distribute
                                  training incentive(s) in trades               promotional     materials     and
                                  that are deemed as having a                   career information.
                                  skill shortage.

Definition:                                                Promotional Programs:

Entry    Level    Training    arrangements                 The BCITFB will continue to assist in the
supported under this program are those for                 promotion and implementation of new training
which a contract of training exists in a field             packages in line with national developments
or occupation considered relevant to the                   under the New Apprenticeship System, and in
building and construction industry.                        promoting the industry to attract quality new
                                                           entrants to targeted industry sectors.

The BCITFB will provide grants to                          The BCITFB will create and distribute
Organisations and RTO‘s, who provide                       promotional material to schools, through
apprentices, trainees, new apprentices and                 careers markets, careers advisors and
persons acknowledged by the BCITFB as                      presentations, aimed at encouraging school
suitable for funding under the Building and                leavers to consider a building and construction
Construction Industry Training Levy Act                    industry career at trade, technical or
1999 with additional knowledge and skills                  professional level.
through supplementary training programs.
                                                           The BCITFB will provide on-the-job training
                                                           incentive(s) in trades that are deemed as having
Additional grants may also be funded as an                 a skill shortage.
incentive to employers of apprentices,
trainees    and    new    apprentices   in
occupations nominated by the BCITFB.

                          Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

 The following information sets out some of the strategic initiatives to assist individuals and enterprises in
   undertaking short training courses and programs. The details of these training courses and contact
                               telephone numbers are outlined on pages 16.

  - OBJECTIVES -                          - STRATEGIES -                                  - OUTCOMES -

To      improve   training           Establish and maintain a                      Audit     Training      course
opportunities for existing           system for monitoring the                     outcomes to meet criteria
eligible workers.                    quality and effectiveness of                  established by the BCITFB.
                                     training funded by the
                                     BCITFB.                                       Increase numbers of skilled
Increase the awareness and                                                         workers appropriate for the
use of BCITFB funding                Establish a register of                       industry.
programs.                            Registered           Training
                                     Providers for the industry.                   Increase the profile of the
                                                                                   BCITFB‘s training activities.
Promote training and skill           Develop    and       promote
enhancement as a means               BCITFB criteria for the                       Increase numbers in the
of improving business and            requirements of the Fund.                     industry accessing training
individual performance.                                                            grants through the fund.
                                     Develop     Strategies   to
                                     enhance        the     cost
                                     effectiveness and value of
                                     the funding grants provided
                                     by BCITFB.

                           Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office
Provision of Training Grant:                              Provider funded programs:

The Fund may provide a grant to assist:                   The Fund will purchase training from a schedule
                                                          of RTO‘s who can demonstrate their ability to
   eligible persons to undertake training in             meet BCITFB criteria. The BCITFB RTO‘s would
    prescribed skill areas.                               be invited to apply to deliver the necessary
   individuals    and     organisations  to
    undertake     training    courses    and              Audit of Training Grant:
                                                          Audits will be undertaken in accordance with
   Registered Training Providers to deliver              BCITFB policy and guidelines.
    training in accordance with the priorities
    set by the Plan                                       Training Rebates:
The contribution will be determined by the                The Fund will provide rebates for eligible
Board and will be dependent on the nature of              individuals to undertake structured training in
the training.                                             specific skill areas.

Monitoring:                                               Rebates will normally be paid to the Registered
                                                          Training Provider upon successful completion of
The BCITFB will implement a monitoring and                the training program.
assessing system to ensure that the courses
funded meet industry expectations in terms                Promotional Program:
of content, quality, cost and effectiveness.
                                                          The Executive Director will develop strategies to
The BCITFB will continue to modify, refine                enhance the cost effectiveness and value of the
and trial new mechanisms to meet the                      funding grants provided by BCITFB.
training demanded by industry to ensure that
training     responses are    flexible  and               Additional promotional activities      will be
appropriate and that funds are applied                    undertaken in accordance with          BCITFB‘s
effectively.                                              objectives.

                         Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

   Civil Engineering Sector                                Plumbing Sector
    -   Civil Plant Operator training                        -    Backflow Prevention Awareness
    -   Light Rigid Truck course                             -    Backflow Prevention Device Servicing
    -   Medium Rigid Truck course                            -    Gas Appliance Servicing
    -   Heavy Rigid Truck course                             -    Hot Water Service Maintenance          &
    -   Vehicle Mounted Crane course                              Servicing
    -   Load Securing course                                 -    Operative Drainers
    -   Forklift course                                      -    Restricted Electrical Licence
    -   Dangerous Goods Driver‘s course                      -    Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing
    -   Trench and Ground Support System                     -    Trench & Ground Support System
    -   Civil Construction Cert II
    -   Civil Construction Cert III
                                                            Electrotechnology Sector
                                                             -    Electrical Power Tool Testing
   General Construction Sector                              -    Electrical self-test A Class
    -   Wet Area Water Proofing                              -    Teledata Basic Cable Licence
    -   Confined Space Training                              -    Teledata BCL endorsed Category 5
    -   Graffiti Removal                                     -    Teledata BCL endorsed Co-axial cabling
    -   Concreting                                           -    Teledata BCL endorsed Fibre Optics
    -   Steel fixing
    -   Lead Paint Management
    -   Elevated Work Platforms (EWP)                       Financial, Business & Management
    -   Explosive Power Tools                                -    Basic Financial Management
    -   Rigging                                              -    Basic Estimating & Tendering
    -   Dogging                                              -    Building Code of Australia (BCA) updates
    -   Scaffolding                                          -    Business Building Legislation updates
    -   Manual Handling                                      -    Business Administration & Management
    -   Demolition                                           -    Certificate IV for ACT Builder‘s Licence
    -   Traffic Control Management                           -    Certificate IV in OH & S
                                                             -    Computer Software (Basic)
                                                             -    Computer Software (Intermediate)
   Commercial and Housing Sector                            -    Computer Software (Advanced)
    -   Bricklaying/Blocklaying                              -    Computerised Accounting Software
    -   Carpentry                                            -    Contract Administration
    -   Cabinet Making                                       -    Conflict Resolution
    -   Painting and Decorating                              -    Environmental Awareness
    -   Solid Plastering                                     -    Negotiation & Mediation Skills
    -   Wall & Ceiling Lining                                -    Project Management
    -   Wall & Floor Tiling                                  -    Small Business Management (1)
    -   Structural Cladding                                  -    Small Business Management (2)
    -   Roof Tiling                                          -    Train the Trainer
    -   Kitchen Manufacturing & Installation                 -    Workplace Assessor Training
    -   Bathroom Design & Installation

   OH&S
    -   Drug & Alcohol Safety Awareness
    -   OH&S for Supervisors
    -   OH&S for Electrical Workers
    -   Introduction to OH&S in ACT
        (Blue Card)
    -   Introduction to OH&S in NSW
        (Green Card)
    -   Senior First Aid Level 2
    -   Senior First Aid Refresher
    -   Heat Stress Safety Awareness
    -   Laser Safety

                         Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

  - OBJECTIVES -                       - STRATEGIES -                                  - OUTCOMES -

 Increase the awareness           Develop      and  distribute                  Increased recognition of the
 and use of BCITFB funding        material using a range of                     Board‘s training activities.
 programs.                        media to inform industry of
                                  the benefits and availability                 Increased     compliance      by
 Promote training and skill       of training.                                  industry in levy obligations.
 enhancement as a means
 of improving business and        Support awards for ‗Best                      Increased numbers in industry
 personal performance.            Practice‘ in collaboration                    accessing training through the
                                  with industry associations                    Fund.
 Development of BCITFB            and governments.
 Annual Training Plan.
                                  Use computer enhancing
                                  communication networks to
                                  disseminate     information
                                  about the Fund, its roles,
                                  functions and programs.

                                  Consult with stakeholders
                                  on an ongoing basis.

 The   BCITFB      will implement   a                       - OVERVIEW -
 promotional plan covering the use of
 elements such as:                                          The Board will continue its ongoing
                                                            relationship with the Construction Industry
                                                            Training Council and its industry partners by
       Newsletters
                                                            collaborating on a regular basis and
       Direct mailing                                      undertaking strategic joint ventures that meet
       Posters                                             BCITFB objectives.
       News releases
       Trade    and   industry      association
        displays                                            The Board will continue its ongoing
       Functions                                           relationship with the ACT Government and its
       Web-site                                            Agencies by collaborating on a regular basis.

Web-site:                                                   Promotional/Marketing Program:

A comprehensive range of information is                     The aim of this program is to promote and
                                                            market the Civil Engineering and Building and
available on the TFB‘s Web-site including
                                                            Construction Industry to the general public in
Training Grant Application Forms. The                       a positive manner.      The BCITFB would
Web-site is www.trainingfund.com.au                         support organisations within these sectors
                                                            that would develop marketing strategies that
                                                            would increase awareness and achievements
                                                            of the industry and that would also promote
                                                            ―best practice‖.

                        Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

  - OBJECTIVES -                        - STRATEGIES -                                   - OUTCOMES -

 Identify emerging issues          Finance research activities in                  Improved       information     is
 affecting the training needs      accordance with the BCITFB                       available to interested parties
 of the industry.                  objectives.                                      regarding skill shortages,
                                                                                    training needs and other
 Ensure the involvement of         Fund course and assessment                       relevant issues.
 industry in the BCITFB            materials development where
 planning process.                 these do not exist.                             Increased     participation   in
                                                                                    training by eligible workers
 Provide the BCITFB and            Establish         consultative
 industry with information         mechanisms consistent with                      Greater range of structured
 of the effectiveness of           national developments.                          training programs.
 various training programs.
                                                                                   Consistency in      assessment


Proposals:                                                Application Guidelines:

The Board will assess proposals for research              Application guidelines for   research  and
projects and resource development on an                   development funding are available from the
individual basis.                                         BCITFB.

Research and Development Program:

The aim of this program is to assist
organisations that identify emerging issues
affecting the training needs of the industry and
address those needs by funding the
development of course and assessment
resources where these do not currently exist.

The BCITFB will ensure the involvement of the
local industry in the development of the
Training Plan and establish local consultative
mechanisms that have an understanding of and
are consistent with national developments.

                          Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

  - OBJECTIVES -                           - STRATEGIES -                                  - OUTCOMES -

Enhance skill development              Include access and equity                    Increased    participation of
opportunities for:                     requirements in contracts                    individuals and organisations
                                       with training providers.                     in language, literacy and
Women in the industry.                                                              numeracy programs.
                                       Provide       supplementary
Youth at risk with an                  funding for training of                      Increase      participation   in
emphasis on 15 to 18 year              identified groups.                           training by individuals       in
olds.                                                                               identified groups.
                                       Market the benefits of
Those     with       special           training directly to identified
language and literacy                  groups with special needs.
                                       Fund re-training programs
Aboriginal and Torres Strait           for injured workers.
Islander people.

People with disabilities.

 Grants:                                                       Additional Funds:

 BCITFB grants with RTO‘s will include                         Additional grant funds may be provided to
 conditions that address access and equity                     eligible candidates, depending on their
 issues in their training programs and                         individual circumstances.
 promotional materials.

 Similarly, course and material development                    Integration:
 activities funded by the BCITFB will be
 required to ensure language is inclusive and                  Access and Equity is integrated with other
 appropriate for the level and nature of the                   BCITFB funded activities and will be monitored
 work.                                                         by the BCITFB representative.

 Access and Equity Program:

 This program is targeted at identified groups
 and people who have special needs seeking
 work in the Civil Engineering and Building
 and Construction Industry including:

 - Persons needing literacy & numeracy
 -    Persons from NESB
 -    Women in the industry
 -    Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People
 -    Workers returning to the workforce
     following an injury
 -    People with disabilities

                            Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

   The following information is provided to assist stakeholders in understanding the compliance activities
                                         undertaken by the BCITFB.


All owners of building and construction work,                Due to the complexity of land use and works
as defined in the Schedule to the Act, are                   approval jurisdictions in the ACT, a variety of
required to pay a 0.2% Levy on the value of                  stakeholders are not obliged to obtain approval
work.                                                        for building work and construction work.
                                                             Consequently, it has been necessary to develop
The Building and Construction Industry                       a compliance strategy to target a wide variety of
Training Levy Act 1999 requires the Levy to                  agencies, organisations, businesses and
be paid by the project owner, who is defined                 industry bodies to achieve a high level of
as the owner (lease holder) of the land. From                voluntary compliance.
10 September 2002, an amendment to the Act
will require a person (business or                           This   involves     working    with    industry
organisation) who carries out the work (owns                 stakeholders, liaison with industry bodies and
the work) on land that they do not own                       working with Government and Agencies to
(lease), to pay the Levy.                                    market and promote the role of the Training

Collection of the Levy:                                      It also involves identifying work activity that is
                                                             not subject to the works approval process
The Levy is collected on building work, at the               through PALM/BEPCON; and then negotiating
time of lodging a building application with                  with those project owners to establish
PALM/BEPCON. The payment of the Levy on                      agreements for self-assessment and payment of
non-building work is arranged between the                    the Levy to achieve compliance with the Act.
Board and the project owner.

                           Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

  - OBJECTIVES -                        - STRATEGIES -                                    - OUTCOMES -

Monitor the performance             Prepare     and       publish                 Applications are considered on
of the Fund.                        application   criteria   and                  their    merits   within   the
                                    application    forms     and                  constraints of the Act, Board
Ensure the Board and the            processes.                                    policies and budgets.
Fund are administered in
accordance with the Act             Analyse      participants‘                    Annual reports are provided on
and       other  relevant           course evaluation forms                       the effectiveness of the various
legislation.                        and reports.                                  training programs.

Ensure compliance with              Continued refinement of                       Compliance by the industry is
the requirements to pay             internal    administrative                    maintained to the satisfaction
the levy.                           procedures.                                   of the Board.

Ensure    compliance      of        Conduct audits of BCITFB                      Unqualified audit opinion is
applications for funding.           funded training grants.                       obtained   by   the   Auditor
Ensure consistent and
transparent assessment of                                                         Increased levels of satisfaction
applications.                                                                     in training from participants
                                                                                  and organisations.
Maximise the effective use
of the Fund.

Maximise the efficiency of

Establish qualitative and
quantitative measures by
which to assess the
effectiveness of training.

 The Board is responsible for maximising                    OVERVIEW:
 compliance within the ACT and for effective
 use of the Fund.                                           The Board will ensure that its ongoing
                                                            responsibility for compliance within the Act will
                                                            be maintained at all times.
 A compliance program and a program to
 assess the effectiveness of the BCITFB
 funded training programs has been
 implemented and monitored.

 Internal procedures are regularly assessed
 for their efficiency to ensure the most
 effective use of BCITFB funds.

 Regular reports in relation to compliance,
 funded training outcomes and internal
 policies will be provided to the Board.

                         Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

This section sets out and explains the eligible person criteria together with some examples of eligible
employment and the eligible Building and Construction Work for the purposes of the Act.

An ‘Eligible Person’ is any person normally working in the Australian Capital Territory Building and
Construction Industry who is reasonably and substantially in Eligible Employment (See examples
below), or any other person approved on a special application to the Fund.

Examples of the application of the ‗Eligible Employment‘ criteria are:

             Example                           Eligibility                                   Rationale

A receptionist for a building                     YES             The company is substantially in the ACT Building and
company based in the ACT                                          Construction Industry and therefore all employees in
                                                                  the business unit are eligible.

A receptionist in an ACT regional                 YES             The business unit is substantially in the ACT building
office of a national building and                                 and construction industry and therefore all employees
construction company                                              in the business unit located in the ACT are eligible.

A receptionist in the Sydney office               NO              Individual not working in the ACT
of an ACT based building and
construction business

An unemployed person                         Conditional          Unless there is demonstrated evidence of employment
                                                                  within the industry in the three years preceding the date
                                                                  of the application or evidence of an Eligible
                                                                  Employment commitment from an ACT building and
                                                                  construction business unit.

An apprentice or trainee directly            Conditional          The apprentice or trainee is employed either with an
employed or with a Group Scheme                                   ACT Group Scheme for the industry, or their employer
                                                                  is a business unit within the ACT building and
                                                                  construction industry. Conditions may apply depending
                                                                  on the nature of the training.

A maintenance carpenter working                   YES             The company is not in the ACT Building and
for Westfield Shopping Town                                       Construction Industry, but the occupation is an eligible
                                                                  occupation under the Schedule of the BCITL Act 1999.

A person who installs domestic                    YES             The business is performing on-site work that is
kitchen cabinets for a company                                    consistent with the occupational eligibility as defined
that supplies and installs domestic                               within the Schedule of the BCITL Act 1999.
kitchen cabinets

A cabinetmaker employed as a                 Conditional          The firm is not performing building and construction
salesman with a firm supplying                                    work as defined in the Schedule of the BCITL Act 1999
goods only to the building and                                    and the nature of the work performed by the individuals
construction industry. The person                                 is not within the scope of work performed by the
is seeking training in sales                                      occupations listed in the Eligible Occupations table.

A trainer in a building and                       YES             The company complies with the 80% rule.
construction training company in
the ACT seeking training in
business management

                                Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office
 (for the purpose of the Act)

This schedule of the Act is used to identify projects that pay the Levy, and the ‘Eligible Work’ of business
units under the ‘80% rule’

 SCHEDULE                                                   12. The on-site construction, alteration, repair,
                                                                renovation, demolition or removal of –
 1.   The construction, erection, alteration,
      repair,    renovation,      demolition,                   a) A lift or escalator.
      maintenance or removal of a building or
      structure.                                                b) Air conditioning, ventilation or
                                                                   refrigeration system or equipment.
 2.   The construction, alteration or repair of
      a road, street parking area, footpath,                    c)   The construction, alteration, or removal
      thoroughfare   (for    pedestrians     or                      of a playing field, golf course, racecourse,
      vehicles),     kerbing,        guttering,                      stadium, swimming pool or other sporting
      roundabout, median strip, or the                               or recreational facilities.
      performance of other road works.
                                                            13. Landscaping or the construction, alteration
 3.   The construction, alteration, repair,                     or removal of a park or garden.
      demolition or removal of a railway or
      part of a railway, or of any platform,                14. Work to improve the drainage of land.
      signal or other structure connected with
      a railway.                                            15. The removal of material that is asbestos for
                                                                the purposes of the Building Act 1972 from
 4.   The construction, alteration, repairs,                    a building or any machinery, plant or
      demolition or removal of an aircraft                      equipment located in or on a building.
      runway or helicopter-landing pad.
                                                            16. Any site preparation work (including pile
 5.   The construction, alteration, repair,                     driving) preliminary to the performance of
      demolition or removal of a bridge,                        any construction work.
      viaduct, aqueduct or tunnel.
                                                            EXPLANATORY DEFINITIONS
 6.   The construction, alteration, repair,
      demolition or removal of a harbour,                   ‘Building’ includes a portion of a building, a
      breakwater, retaining wall or marina.                 temporary building and a moveable building.
                                                            ‗Structure‘ includes a tank or other apparatus for
 7.   The performance of excavation work.                   the catchment, collection, storage or supply of
                                                            water other ‗structures‘ may include
 8.   The construction, alteration, repair,                  a chimney stack or cooling tower
      demolition or removal of a dam,                        a radio, television, communications or
      reservoir, weir or other embankment or                    lighting mast
      structure for the catchment, collection,               a mast or tower associated with the
      storage, control or diversion of water.                   transmission of electricity
                                                             a silo
 9.   The laying of pipes and other                          a dock, jetty, pier, terminal, wharf or mooring
      prefabricated material in the ground.                  a pipeline (including a pipeline placed in the
 10. The construction, erection, installation,               any apparatus/structure, plant or facility
     alteration, repair, demolition or removal                  associated with the production, storage,
     of any system or plant associated with                     conveyance or distribution of oil, gas, coal or
     the conveyance, collection, storage,                       other minerals.
     treatment or distribution of water or gas,
     or the disposal of sewage or effluent.                 EXEMPT WORK

 11. On-site       electrical,       electronic,            Exempt work is that:
     communications or data networks or                     1) For which a Building Approval was issued
     mechanical services work, including on-                   before    22 November 1999 (the date of
     site work that is related to the                          commencement of the Act).
     construction, alteration, repair, servicing            2) For which a written tender or offer was made
     or dismantling of any plant, plant facility               before 22 November 1999
     or equipment.                                          3) The value of which does not exceed $10,000
                                                               which is carried out by a public authority,
                                                               not being work awarded to the public
                                                               authority as the result of a public tendering
                                                               process [i.e. own work carried out by the
                                                               authority’s own staff].

                          Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

ACRONYM                                               DESCRIPTION

ACT                  Australian Capital Territory

BCITFB               Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Board

CTA                  Construction Training Australia

CITC                 Construction Industry Training Council

AQF                  Australian Qualifications Framework

OH&S                 Occupational Health and Safety

ITAB                 Industry Training Advisory Body

VET                  Vocational Education and Training

RTO                  Registered Training Organisation

NESB                 Non English speaking background

FBT                  Fringe Benefits Tax

PALM                 Planning and Land Management

BEPCON               Building, Electrical and Plumbing Control

Total Budget         Funds available after operating costs

               Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office
- Courses and Contact Details -

                 Course                                          Provider                     Contact Number

Accounting/Bookkeeping                                  HIA                                          6249 6366
ACT House Energy Rating Scheme                          HIA                                          6249 6366
Estimating Software Programs                            Electro Skills                           (02) 9736 1777
                                                        HIA                                           6249 6366
                                                        MBA                                           6247 2099
Small Business Management                               HIA                                          6249 6366
                                                        MBA                                          6247 2099
Building Codes Update                                   MBA                                          6247 2099
                                                        HIA                                          6249 6366
Computer Software Training                              Electro Skills                           (02) 9736 1777
                                                        HIA                                           6249 6366
                                                        CITEA                                         6257 8344
Conflict Resolution                                     Electro Skills                           (02) 9736 1777
                                                        MBA                                           6247 2099
                                                        HIA                                           6249 6366
Contract Administration                                 MBA                                          6247 2099
                                                        HIA                                          6249 6366
Quickbook Accounting                                    HIA                                          6249 6366
MYOB Accounting                                         MBA                                          6247 2099
                                                        HIA                                          6249 6366
Explosive Power Tools                                   CITEA                                        6257 8344
                                                        MBA                                          6247 2099
Wet Area Waterproofing                                  MBA                                          6247 2099
                                                        CITEA                                        6257 8344
                                                        HIA                                          6249 6366
Confined Space Training                                 Actew/AGL                                    6270 7566
Confined Space Training (Refresher)                     Actew/AGL                                    6270 7566
Drug and Alcohol Awareness                              CITEA                                        6257 8344
Induction to OH&S (Blue Card)                           CITEA                                        6257 8344
Induction to OH&S (Green Card)                          MBA                                          6247 2099
OH&S for Electrical Workers                             CIT Solutions                                6207 4441
OH&S for Supervisors                                    Work Watch                                   6249 1099
                                                        Parasol EMT                                  6280 9880
Senior First Aid Level 2                                St Johns Ambulance                           6282 2399
Senior First Aid Level 2 (Refresher)                    St Johns Ambulance                           6282 2399
Trench and Ground Support                               MBA                                          6247 2099
Backflow Prevention Device Servicing                    CIT Solutions                                6207 4441
Gas Appliance Servicing                                 CIT Solutions                                6207 4441
Restricted Electrical Licence for Plumbers              Electro Skills                           (02) 9736 1777
                                                        CIT Solutions                                 6207 4441
Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing                     CIT Solutions                                6207 4441
Electrical Power Tool Testing                           Electro Skills                           (02) 9736 1777
                                                        CIT Solutions                                 6207 4441

                        Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office
- Budget -

     Funded Program                    2003 Budget                   2002 Budget              Variance 2002/03

Entry Level                                  $375,000.00                $230,000.00                $145,000.00

Up and Cross Skilling                        $480,000.00                $450.000.00                 $30,000.00

Promotion and Marketing                        $80,000.00                 $60,000.00                $20,000.00

Research and Development                       $60,000.00                 $40,000.00                $20,000.00

Access and equity                              $10,000.00                 $35,000.00               -$25,000.00

Governance, Finance and                      $295,000.00                $285,000.00                 $10,000.00

Reserve Fund                                 $100,000.00                $100,000.00

TOTAL FUNDING                          $1,400,000.00 $1,200,000.00

                        Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

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