New MB-40 Multi-Blade Vibratory Plow

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					New MB-40 Multi-Blade
   Vibratory Plow
    Two Powerful Names -
    One Powerful Product!

                       Landscape & Turf
Vermeer and Netafim announce an
alliance that will revolutionize how
 subsurface dripperline is installed
Vermeer…a world leader
 in trenching & plowing
Netafim...the world leader
in low volume irrigation...
Introduce the answer to productively
      install dripperline in turf
    The Vermeer LM42

Now available with a multi-blade
 vibratory plow and reel carrier
This attachment is specially designed
   to install Netafim Techline CV,
         Techline and Bioline
Dripperline Isn’t Just For Gardens Anymore...
Where Dripperline Can be Installed
• New lawns using Netafim Techline CV or
• Existing lawns as an upgrade to overhead
  sprinklers with Netafim Techline CV or Techline
• New on-site wastewater drip dispersal with
  Netafim Bioline
• To replace failed leach fields with higher quality
  Netafim Bioline drip dispersal dripperline
• Irrigation systems using reclaimed water
Vermeer equipment is already
 being used by thousands of
contractors across the country
 The LM42 has a proven track
record with contractors around
           the world
Netafim Techline CV, Techline and
Bioline Also Have a Proven Track
    ...and are among the only
dripperlines designed to work on-
       surface or subsurface
    Netafim Techline has
been a superior performer in
turfgrass since the 1980’s...
...Now Techline CV goes to the next
   level with a check valve in each
  dripper, making it the most water-
 saving dripperline in the landscape
Netafim Bioline is the premier product for
 use in high quality on-site wastewater
systems. Now there is a way to install a
  little, or a lot, quickly and effectively!
Now You Can Go From This...
...To This...

In as Little as a Day!
The Vermeer MB-40 Multi-Blade Plow is
designed to lay up to 3 rows of Netafim
   Landscape & Turf or Wastewater
      dripperline with each pass
That Translates Into Laying Thousands
    of Feet of Dripperline per Hour
   Dripperline is installed with
 little or no damage to the turf
thanks to a specially designed
          plowing action.

The result? Clean-up is a snap!
Look at the Possibilities
 • Residential Turf          • Highways & Medians
 • Commercial Turf           • Institutional Applications
 • Sports Turf               • High Traffic & High-
 • Wastewater                  Liability Areas Where
 • Areas using Reclaimed /     Quick Installation is
   Recycled Water              Required
 • Golf Courses              • Large or Small Areas
 • Parks & Rec
Other Attachments Include Backhoe, Single-
Blade Plows, Trenchers, Boring & Rockwheel
Tubing Rack Holds Three 1,000’
  Coils of Netafim Dripperline
                           Roller Wheels Compress the
                           Soil Around the Dripperline

Coulter Wheels Slice the
 Turf Before the Blades
  Insert the Dripperline
 Contact Your Vermeer Dealer, Netafim
Landscape & Turf Distributor, or Netafim
Wastewater Distributor to See it in Action
Two Powerful Names -
One Powerful Product!