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50, encircling the cities - everything from reality
Revolution failed, the Chinese revolution has been able to stick with it and move
towards recovery, the key is to find a correct revolutionary path. This road is the
standpoint from the city into rural areas, mobilize and rely on farmers, the
establishment of bases in rural areas, carry out agrarian revolution and the
construction carried out by farmers as the main long-term revolutionary war,
developing and strengthening the revolutionary forces, Last occupation of the city,
taking over the national road victory.
Mao summed up this experience, the "Oppose Book Worship"
The article clearly key to victory of China's revolutionary struggle,
"the Chinese comrades to understand the situation in China",
profoundly expounded uphold the ideological line of dialectical materialism, adhere
to the principle of combining theory and practice of extreme importance.
Ancient Greece had a famous saying: the real wise man is aware that he can do, and
down to earth people who do. This is "proceeding from reality."
However, the saying goes, "see the game better, bystander," to
do from reality is not easy. So, whether individual or corporate, should be realistic in
their work, careful analysis of the situation, thinking, pondering ways, hard in a. Also
cultivate a pragmatic character. Pragmatism is the life of the country, is also the
successes of this. Realistic to implement every detail. Without the ability to master
new situations, new problems without solving skills, work can not implement.
How fierce competition in modern society, the play out of their true ability to realize
their career dreams, the most important thing is to proceed from reality, and they have
a precise positioning. The so-called positioning, that is, to determine who you are,
what you do for work.
Su has developed "In China, into the Life" strategy. He first
opened the closed KFC franchise, joined by co-blossom everywhere in the mainland
market to Kentucky - the first time since 1987, China, KFC in China completed the
first of 100 stores, with a full nine years, but year 2003, it opened 231 stores.
The people of Taiwan to implement the localization strategy of supply sources. In the
past few years, he has led the original 17 imports of products from local procurement.
At the same time, Su strengthened taste of local Chinese consumers. In 2003 only one
year, KFC introduced 20 models on the "Chinese characteristics"
long short supply. Under his leadership, the KFC in China, the profits generated,
accounting for its third outside the United States. In 2003, KFC in China is to achieve
20% growth in turnover of more than one billion dollars.
Haier's overseas strategy is to "create three financial
one," that the local financial intelligence, local financing and local
financial and cultural, creating localized world famous. Financial intelligence is the
best use of local human resources. For example, in the United States,
Haier's U.S. design center, manufacturing center and marketing center is
used by the Americans. Haier people use U.S. resources to create the United States is
the Haier brand.
Zhang is an international trend that did not doubt it. However, the fundamental
international is still localized, a local company does not really sound localization,
internationalization is dangerous talk. No company has always been international
company, no one company can not rely on localization localization leading
international. There is a strength and practice.
Within the enterprise, any person, any work must be placed among the effective
supervision and management, ensure timely detection of problems and effective
redress, not to the fraud by means of the opportunity to display their left. The only
way to ensure that all staff from reality, and work to implement into practice.

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