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									4c theory
4C theory of marketing experts from the United States in 1990, Professor Lott friend
made it to consumer demand, re-set the marketing mix of four basic elements: namely,
consumers (Consumer), 成 本               (Cost), convenience (Convenience) and
communication (Communication). It stressed that enterprises should first consider the
pursuit of customer satisfaction come first, followed by yes 顾客 effort to reduce the
purchase cost, and then to fully note 顾客 the convenience of the buying process,
rather than from the business perspective Lai Jueding Xiaoshouqudao strategy, the
final should also be effective consumer-centric marketing communication. And
product-oriented theory of Xiangbi 4P, 4C theory made great progress and
development, it attaches to customer-oriented, the pursuit of customer satisfaction as
the goal, which is actually today's consumers in the marketing position in
the market, more and more home Zhudong on necessary requirement for business.

(A) Customer (Customer): Customer-oriented retail business directly, and therefore
should consider the customer's needs and desires, establish a
customer-centric retail concept of "customer-centered" as a red
line, throughout the marketing activities of the whole process. Retailers should be
standing on the customer's position, to help customers select merchandise
sourcing organization; according to customer needs and purchase behavior, we should
organize merchandise sales; of customer buying behavior, to better meet the needs of
customers; even more on customers quality services.

(B) Cost (Cost): customers buy a particular product, in addition to cost some money,
but also spent some time, effort and energy, which constitute the total cost of the
customer. Therefore, the total cost of customers, including the cost of money, time,
cost, cost and physical cost of the spirit. As customers buy merchandise, the total
relevant costs include the monetary hope, time, energy and physical Deng to a
minimum, to give themselves maximum satisfaction, therefore, retail Companies must
consider the customer to meet demand and are willing to pay " customer
total cost. " Efforts to reduce the total cost of buying customers, such as
reducing the purchase price of commodities costs and marketing costs to reduce prices
in order to reduce the cost of customer money; efforts to improve efficiency, minimize
the time expenditure of customers, saving customers the time of purchase; Tongguo
multiple channels to provide detailed information to customers, to provide customers
with good service and reduce customer mental and physical cost.

(C) To facilitate (Convenient): to maximize the convenience of consumers, is now in
the situation of excessive competition in the retail business should seriously consider.
As noted above, the retail business in the choice of location, should be considered
regional decision, the regional choice, location choice and other factors, in particular,
should consider "consumer accessibility" of the factors that
make consumers easier to store. Even the remote consumer, but also through the
facilitation of traffic close to the shops. Meanwhile, in store design and layout to
facilitate consumer access to be considered, from top to bottom, to facilitate the
consumers to visit, browse, select, convenient consumer payment clearing and so on.

(D) communication (Communication): Retail company in order to create competitive
advantage, we must continue to communicate with consumers. Communicate with
consumers, including the store location to consumers, goods, services, prices and
other information on; influence consumer attitudes and preferences, to convince
consumers to patronize stores, buying goods; in the eyes of consumers establish a
good business image. In today highly competitive retail marketplace, retailers
managers should be aware: to communicate with consumers than the alternative of
appropriate commodities, price, place, promotion is more important and more
conducive to long-term development company.

The marketing concept is also deeply reflected in the corporate marketing activities.
Under the guidance of the 4C concept, more and more enterprises and consumers pay
more attention to the market, with customers and establish a closer relationship
dynamics. May 1999, the famous Microsoft under the auspices of its Chief Executive
Officer Baermode also started a comprehensive strategy to adjust to Microsoft not
only technical experts to follow the company's baton, but more attention to
the market and customer needs. China Kelon, Albert Henderson, and Lenovo business
transformation through marketing, the implementation of strategies to 4C theory of
integrated marketing approach, became the forerunner of the Theory and Practice 4C
and beneficiaries. Appliance industry, "Price is king,"
"cost of teacher" is the consensus of the industry, manufacturers
are mastered before pricing, corporate pricing power is completely starting from the
profit margin, not really from the consumers " Cost View
"departure, which is why the popularity of high-end color TV unpleasant
reasons. Now the premise that consumers consider price their own "how
much money to buy only the value of this product." So as the sales end of
Suning Appliance, a study of consumer shopping specifically the
"cost"         in    order   to     require   manufacturers       to
"pricing", which according to the consumer "cost
concept" to the requirements of the pricing practices of firms is the pursuit
of customer satisfaction The Theory and Practice of 4C.

However, the practical application of business and market development trends, 4C
theory remains inadequate. First of all, 4C theory of consumer-oriented, focused on
looking for consumer demand, to meet consumer demand, competition-oriented
market economy there, companies demand not only that, but also more attention to
competitors. Cool-headed analysis of their strengths and weaknesses in competition
and take the appropriate strategies, to the fierce competition in the market stand in an
invincible position. Second, under the guidance of the theory in the 4C, companies
often lose the customer Xuqiu passive adaptation, often deprive its own direction with
the passive capture consumer demand to pay more Chengben, Ruhe Qiang Zhang Qi
consumer demand and business profit is a combination of theoretical problems to be
solved 4C.

Therefore, market development and its response to the 4P and 4C, the enterprise needs
to establish a higher level between the customer more effective and long-term
relationship. Incidentally, 4R marketing theory, not only to meet the market demand
and stay in the pursuit of customer satisfaction, but to build customer loyalty as the
highest goal, on the theory of 4P and 4C further developed and added.

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