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					                                       DEQ/Abandoned Mine Land Division
                                         Instructions For Preparation of
                           MAN-HOUR PROJECTION & COST PROPOSAL
Man-hour Projection and Cost Proposal shall be submitted only in response to a project specific Request for
Proposal from AML.

The detailed man-hour projection and cost proposal shall provide information on man-hour projection and estimated cost, by
task, for each phase of the proposed project. This data shall be presented in sufficient detail, such that AML may determine
how the proposer plans to accomplish each task. It should be clearly identified what classification of labor will be utilized, how
many man-hours (by classification) are anticipated, and the cost (by classification) to accomplish each task. This information
shall be used in negotiation of rates and contract costs for the successful proposer. The proposal shall include a current billing
rate sheet (by classification) for the prime and all sub-consultants. It should be noted that the level of detail included in the
man-hour projection and cost proposal is rated on the rating form. The proposal shall include the following as a minimum:

1.      Man-Hour Projection and Cost Proposal

        A.       A current labor rate sheet shall be attached to the proposal identifying specific labor classifications and the
                 hourly labor rate for each. Examples of labor classifications include: principal, project manager, CAD
                 operator, clerical, lands-person, appraiser, etc. A labor rate sheet shall be provided for the prime and all sub-
                 consultants. It is important to provide labor rates for all categories and levels of labor. Potential promotions of
                 key personnel should be considered when identifying classifications. Labor rates by classification may not
                 be changed during the term of the contract except by contract amendment. Employees may be moved
                 from one labor classifications to another, or new employees added, with prior approval of AML.

        B.       Provide proposed billing rates for non-labor costs. Non-labor items such as travel, per-diem, copies, printing,
                 surveying equipment, mileage, miscellaneous expenses, etc. must be included. These may be at a negotiated
                 rate, actual costs or flat rate.

        C.       Provide a man-hour projection (by specific labor classification) for each task identified. The man-hours
                 should be subtotaled for each task.

        D.       Provide a cost proposal, based on the man-hour projection, labor and non-labor rates identified above, for
                 each task.

        E.       On a separate page, under each employee classification title in item (a.) above, identify by name, the current
                 prime and subconsultant employees classification. If employees not listed by name perform work under
                 this contract, the names and pay rates of these employees must be provided to AML in writing
                 BEFORE work by these employees is billed to AML. Employees promoted to a higher level of
                 classification must also be identified to AML prior to performing work under this contract.

2.      Budget Monitoring information

        A.       During the contract period, the Consultant must provide AML with monthly payment requests. These
                 requests must include a report of work progress and budget information which allows AML to compare work
                 completed with the negotiated contract schedule and budget. Provide a good example of a work and budget
                 progress report to be used for this project.

                                                                                                                          (Fall, 2006)