Altar Guild by eqr16484


									                    Altar Guild

Contact Person: Pauline Gorsline & Nita Parmley

Meetings:       1-2 times per year at the church, as needed.
     The St. Mark Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the
sanctuary for worship. This generally means setting up for and
cleaning up after communion services, arranging flowers, filling
candles, and changing paraments and banners, or baking
communion bread.         The Altar Guild is also responsible for
maintaining the albs (robes) worn by the pastor and worship
     There are a variety of ways in which one may volunteer to serve
on the Altar Guild, most of which provide opportunity for small
group fellowship. The Saturday evening service provides a unique
opportunity to combine ushering service with altar guild service.
The “work” of the Altar Guild is seen and appreciated by many,
however the “workers” are seldom in view. There are no restrictions
of age or gender to participate in the Altar Guild. A wish to quietly
serve the Lord is all that is needed. This group is also responsible
for decorating the sanctuary at Christmas time.

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