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					                                  Madison Avenue Elementary School

                               M. A. S. NEWS
                                               April 2007
Dear Madison Avenue Parents and Students,

It’s hard to believe but…we have started our final nine-weeks for the 2006-2007 school year! I would like to
thank everyone for supporting the Malley’s MASCO Fundraiser. We have many exciting events in the final
weeks of the year including the Book Fair & Ice Cream Social, Donuts with Dads, Muffins with Moms, Field

Thank you to Walmart for donating 90 Crayola Twistable colored pencils for students to use on the Ohio
Achievement Tests. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students have been working hard preparing for the Ohio
Achievement Tests. The students will have a chance to show off their skills in just a couple of weeks.

       Monday April 30th 3rd and 5th Graders Reading Test
       Tuesday May 1st   3rd and 5th Graders Math Test
       Wednesday May 2nd 4th Grade Reading Test
                         5th Grade Science Test
       Thursday May 3rd  4th Grade Math Test
                         5th Grade Social Studies Test
       Friday May 4th    4th Grade Writing Test

Always Children First,

Michelle Walker

       Madison Avenue Elementary School ~ A Team and Honor Roll
The following students have been placed on the A Team or Honor Roll at Madison Avenue Elementary
School for the third nine-week period for the 2006-2007 school year ~ CONGRATULATIONS!

Third Grade A-Team:

Tori Babcock                 Brittany Berwald              Abigail Cambier              Gina Chandler
Brenna Darling               Haley Gromack                 Eric Koller                  Molly Lindrose
Zack Milosic                 Jaret Nagy                    Jenna Palek                  Jeremy Reese
Michael Stull                Morgan Taylor                 Joey Tromba                  Drew Valentine
Alyssa VanWinkle             Rachel Zurilla

Third Grade Honor Roll:

Justin Advey                 Jacob Banker                  Domenic Formick              Mallory Guy
Ethan Hattox                 Justin Jakopic                Kaitlyn Keller               Mitsuko Kosik
Nate Kuhar                   Allison Lorek                 Alexis Lubman                Sean McGuire
Todd Merkel                  David Mohr                    Brandon Monty                Nicole Napier
Olivia Pomfrey                 Rachael Poorman                Logan Rice                     Nick Scharf
Olivia Smith                   Michael Tomc                   Hanna Toth                     Sam Westman
Brandon Williams

Fourth Grade A-Team:

Stephen Dolan                  Jilliann Frey                  Jessica Habat          Madison Lubman
Jake McCullough                Makenna Mezget                 Sara Moore             Breanne Swiger

Fourth Grade Honor Roll:

Brooke Brown                   Austin Carmigiano              Alyssa Catalano                Casey Dickinson
Ryan Falls                     Caleigh Harding                Kailey Hiner                   Ty Jeffries
Nicole Johnson                 Olivia Lendvay                 Danielle Lorek                 Amber Maffit
Jimmy Marizek                  Jessica Marut                  Frankie McKeon                 Anthony Milicia
Jacob Militello                Kyle O’Connor                  Alex Pierman                   Julia Popely
Tara Rogers                    Adam Spiesman                  Tessa Strong                   Matt Thomas
Rachel Todd                    Alyssa Turoczy                 Alexis Vitanza                 Quinton Zirkle

Fifth Grade A-Team:

Allison Batt                   Nathan Berwald                 Brianna Breedlove              Erin Fahl
Jack Onderisin                 Kirsten Ponsart                Jacob Roberto                  Alexandra Scharf
Chris Slavin                   Olivia Specht                  Jordan Waterwash

Fifth Grade Honor Roll:

Trevor Becher                  Eric Bell                      Luke Chinchar                  Brandon Clarke
Cassidy DiFranco               Connor Funk                    Brittani Harpster              Brittany Jakopic
Timmy Keller                   Danny Moreland                 Michaela Pomfrey               Jeremy Radovanic
Kayla Rowe                     Tyler Ryman                    Brianna Scott                  Joshua Simmons
Sierra Tey                     Elissa Thomas                  Molly Wheeler                  Sarah Wycuff

Our teachers know the children in each of their rooms and work very hard, performing an excellent job working
collaboratively to create the classroom lists, choosing the best possible fit for each child. There are many factors
that contribute to building the classrooms at each grade level. We take in consideration: gender, achievement,
special services, organizational skills, family situations and behavior. I also review our parent requests but as
you can see, we have much to consider when setting up our student lists. Once the lists have been completed,
the children have to be scheduled into the district computer program for the appropriate classes and then placed
into another program for our new Math SuccessMaker Program. I will only accept requests for a valid
academic reason. If a parent submits a request for the 2007 –2008 school year, he or she will need to
have their request in writing to the school office and arrange a meeting with the principal to discuss the
reason(s) by Friday May 11th. I will try to accommodate as many requests as I can, but I cannot
GUARANTEE a specific teacher for your child. Once class lists have been posted on August 24, 2007, NO
             United Way Drive
              Madison Avenue’s Student Council has organized a coin collection for United Way. This year the drive will
              take place the week of May 7th. This year the Student Council has set a goal of $1,500. If our children
donate this amount of money, the students will enjoy popsicles as they watch the Student Council challenge the teachers to a
game of kickball. Thank you in advance for your support!

          Painesville Youth Football League will hold registration on June 16, 17, 23, & 24th from 1:00pm until
           3:00pm at Madison Avenue School. For further information please contact Tom Brainard
           (440)352-6516 or email

                                               MASCO MATTERS
                                                  Adam Kalb

Well spring has sprung I think. As I write this there is snow in the forecast. What a
start to spring we are off to. Despite this MASCO has had a lot going on with a lot
more still to go.

Thanks to all those that sold Malley’s Chocolates the fund raiser was a success. We
raised over $11,000. The top sellers were The Johnson Family, The Kerver Family,
The Westman Family, and The Pachinger Family. Way to go!

Thanks also to those that purchased MARCO’S Pizza. The class winner was Mrs.
Shipman’s Class. They will receive a pizza party courtesy of MARCO’S.

If you have not turned in your nominating form for an office or committee
chairperson for next year, don’t worry there is still time. We need them by
Wednesday May 9.

Upcoming events are:
MASCO General Meeting Thursday April 19.
Ice Cream Social Friday April 27.
Donuts with Dad May 10, 8:45-9:15
Muffins with Mom May 11, 8:45-9:15
MASCO General Meeting Thursday May 17. Elections will take place.