Interim Grantee Report

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Please fill out this interim report by the end of January and send a copy to the Hungarian-
American Fulbright Commission (H-1082 Budapest, Baross u. 62.). Your report will be used to
evaluate and improve the quality of the Fulbright Program and to assist future grantees.

1. Name:

                           Family name                First name               Middle name

2. Address in Hungary:


Telephone                                             E-mail

3. Home institution (in the U.S.):


Department                                            Phone                    E-mail

Street Address                                        City                     State

4. Host institution(s) in Hungary:


                 Name of insititution         Department             Advisor


                 Name of insititution         Department             Advisor

5. Your project title:
Professional Experience

1. Please comment on the progress of your project to date, as it relates to the goals and
   objectives of your grant proposal.

2. How is your relation to your advisor? Do you get satisfactory assistance from

3. How is the student community at the host institution/department?
4. How are resources at the departmental library? How are materials in your field at the
   central university library ?

5. How are the host institution's facilities in general ?

6. Are you engaged in any activities outside your host institution or institutions?

7. Do you study Hungarian? Where? Do you have any suggestions for future Fulbrighters
   with regard to language schools, teachers, learning methods and materials, etc.?

8. Please comment on your social and cultural adjustment.
Getting Started and Settled

1.   Did you receive adequate information and support from the IIE and the Fulbright
     Commission office before leaving for your grant? Are you receiving adequate
     support now?

2.   What would you have liked to know about living conditions, including the cost of
     living, before you went abroad?

3.   Please comment on your travel to and arrival in-country. Did you experience any
     particular difficulties?

4.   Did you attend the orientation course organized by the Fulbright Commission? In
     what ways do you think it was useful? What would you change to make the
     orientation more informative?

5.   How much money and in what form (travelers checks, cash, etc.) would you advise
     future Fulbrighters to bring?
6.   Have you set up a bank account in Hungary? If yes, how ? Do you recommend future
     grantees to open an account in Hungary?

7.   Have you had any visa problems? Have you had any difficulties in getting the
     residence permit? Did you get any assistance in these matters?

8.   How did you find accommodation?

Practical Experience

1.    For the purpose of improving program administration as well as the information for
      next year's grantees, please discuss your experience in the following areas:


Transportation in general:

Necessity of a car:

Accessibility of items required for daily living:

Outside activities of spouse:

Health services:

Social life; opportunities to become involved in community activities:

2.    What other kinds of information would be useful to someone considering a similar

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