Subject Climax Telephone Company; Total Service Long Run Incremental by plj11999


									A. Randall Vogelzang
General Counsel –
Great Lakes Region

                                                                         600 Hidden Ridge
                                                                         P.O. Box 152092
                                                                         Irving, TX 75038
February 16, 2010                                                        Phone 972 718-2170
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Ms. Mary Jo Kunkle
Executive Secretary
Michigan Public Service Commission
6545 Mercantile Way
P.O. Box 30221
Lansing, MI 48909

Subject:           Climax Telephone Company; Total Service Long Run Incremental Cost
                   (TSLRIC) Study;
                   Case No. U-16192

Dear Ms. Kunkle:

Enclosed for electronic filing, please find signed copies of Acknowledgements of Terms of
Protective Order in the above referenced proceeding. Also enclosed is the Proof of Service.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

                       Digitally signed by A. Randall

A. Randall             Vogelzang
                       DN: cn=A. Randall Vogelzang,
                       c=US, o=Verizon, email=randy.

                       Date: 2010.02.16 09:29:38

A. Randall Vogelzang


cc: Service List
                                    STATE OF MICHIGAN


In the matter of the Application of        )
CLIMAX TELEPHONE COMPANY                    )     Case No. U-16192
for approval of its total service long run )
incremental cost study.                    )

                                    PROOF OF SERVICE

STATE OF TEXAS               )
                             ) ss
COUNTY OF DALLAS             )

        Patty A. Nelson, being first duly sworn, deposes and says that on February 16, 2010 a
copy of the Acknowledgements of Terms of Protective was served upon those parties listed on
the attached service list via electronic mail.

                                                         Patty A.          Digitally signed by Patty A. Nelson
                                                                           DN: cn=Patty A. Nelson,
                                                                           o=Regulatory, ou=State Regulatory,

                                                                           Date: 2010.02.16 08:47:59 -06'00'
                                                               Patty A. Nelson
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 16th date of February 2010.
Digitally signed by Graci M. Scott
DN: cn=Graci M. Scott, c=US, o=Verizon,
Date: 2010.02.16 08:51:16 -06'00'
Graci M. Scott, Notary Public
Dallas County, Texas
My Commission Expires: April 20, 2010
                                     Service List
                                 MPSC Case No. U-16192

Administrative Law Judge:                   Counsel for Commission Staff:
Hon. Sharon L. Feldman                      Anne M. Uitvlugt
ALJ Division                                Assistant Attorney General
Michigan Public Service Commission          Michigan Public Service Commission
6545 Mercantile Way, Suite 14               6545 Mercantile Way, Suite 15
Lansing, MI 48911                           Lansing, MI 48911
e-mail:               e-mail:

Commission Staff:                           Climax Telephone Company:
Robin Ancona                                Harvey J. Messing
Tom Saghy                                   Michael C. Rampe
Michigan Public Service Commission          Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
6545 Mercantile Way                         One Michigan Avenue, Suite 900
Lansing, MI 48911                           Lansing, MI 48933                       e-mail:                         e-mail:

AT&T:                                       Sprint Communications
Mark R. Ortlieb                             Kenneth Schifman
General Attorney                            Sprint Communications
AT&T Michigan                               Mailstop: KSOPHN0314-3A753
221 N. Washington Square, 1st Floor         6450 Sprint Parkway
Lansing, MI 48933                           Overland Park, KS 66251
e-mail:                      e-mail:

Sprint Communications, Sprint Spectrum,     TelNet Worldwide, ACD Telecom, Clear
Nextel West Corporation & T-Mobile          Rate Communications, TC3 Telecom:
Central:                                    Gary L. Field
Haran C. Rashes                             Hai Jiang
Roderick S. Coy                             Field Law Group, PLLC
Clark Hill PLC                              915 N. Washington Avenue
212 East Grand River Avenue                 Lansing, MI 48906
Lansing, MI 48906                           e-mail:
e-mail:               e-mail:

T-Mobile Central:                           TDS Metrocom:
Garnet Hanly                                Michael S. Ashton
Senior Corporate Counsel                    Fraser, Trebilcock, Davis & Dunlap, P.C.
T-Mobile USA, Inc.                          124 West Allegan Street, Suite 1000
401 9th Street, NW, Suite 550               Lansing, MI 48933
Washington, DC 20004                        e-mail:

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