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2010_ British higher education diploma _HND_ brochures by fdjerue7eeu


									2010, British higher education diploma (HND) brochures

【Introduction】 institutions
Capital Normal University was founded in 1954, is included in arts, science,
engineering, management, law, education, foreign language, art and other professional
comprehensive university, is to enter the "211 Project" is a key
university in Beijing. 47 existing schools, undergraduate, doctoral-level subjects 3, 41
doctoral, postdoctoral 8, master degree level in 13 disciplines, Master 109. The school
has a group of influential experts at home and abroad, scholars, and outstanding
young backbone teachers, the current 1225 full-time teachers, including professors,
associate professors, doctors and masters accounting for 77% of the total number of
full-time teachers. Chinese Academy of Sciences work in school, Academy of
Engineering, 5, 1 Russian Academy of Engineering, the Ministry of Education
Scholars Program Chair Professor of the Yangtze River 2, Distinguished Professor, 23,
191 doctoral tutors, Ministry of Education, the backbone of the national outstanding
teachers in colleges and universities 2, Star 24 Beijing Science and Technology,
Beijing Century 41 professionals, municipal leaders and 26 young subjects, 91
municipal young teachers, university century 44 young academic leaders. Tsang Hin
Chi, 53 teachers received the Award of Teachers, Fok Ying Tung Young Teacher
Award and Research Award.
International Culture Institute is directly under the Department of Capital Normal
University, primarily responsible for international cultural exchange and foreign
affairs schools work. Over the years, the scientific concept of development under the
command, through the introduction of foreign experts, recruit training foreign
students, Chinese and Foreign cooperative education, Jiaoshixuesheng Jiao Liu,
development cooperation in R & D and, stimulating Xuexiao the
international exchange, with 24 currently Yi 134 countries and regions, set up
inter-university exchange and cooperation relations with Russia, St. Petersburg
University, University of Minnesota, University of Venice, Italy and Peru Lupiwula
universities, four foreign institutions to offer a Confucius Institute, with Australia
Flinders University of joint training of a fourth 284 Master of Education. From 2006
to 2008, a total of 14 countries friendly to the school to send 460 people to conduct
in-school courses or transfer credits paid internship. School receives each year about
2,500 students short and long term. Health has been formed from the short-term to
long-term students, from undergraduates to graduate students and doctoral students of
the personnel training system.
【Project Description】
To meet the desire of many candidates for further studies, Capital Normal University
to actively explore international cultural and research personnel training of the new
model, the introduction of international quality educational resources to carry out UK
Edexcel International Higher Education diploma program. Edexcel-UK national
vocational qualifications and academic Aide Si test bodies set up by the British
Ministry of Education, the UK's largest academic and professional
qualification certification bodies, whose main duty is to complete the UK's
academic education, vocational education, accreditation, award certificate and
qualification and so on. A total of more than 110 countries around the world, more
than 7000 centers to implement Edexcel UK Higher Education Diploma (BTEC-HND)
project. Edexcel Chinese students a career international thoroughfare.
Project to the professional courses in full accordance with United Kingdom, United
States, Australia and many other Communist identified curriculum and teaching
model for teaching. Students studying in the country 3 years, will be of international
standard, widely recognized British higher education diploma (BTEC-HND)
certificate. After the diploma students may enter the United Kingdom, the United
States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Singapore and
Malaysia and other countries continue this study in many universities, and can
continue to pursue a master's degree.
Students studying in the Capital Normal University, Normal campus life can integrate
into the full enjoyment of teaching resources and unique campus atmosphere, but also
at home to high quality resources, and become the most competitive talent market of
international talents.
【Five-Year Academic Planning】
The first year (domestic): full-time intensive English language training and IELTS
Second, three years (domestic): Specialized learning, original foreign textbooks,
bilingual instruction, passed it was "the British Higher National
Fourth year (foreign): choice English, United States, Australia and other countries
over the last year of undergraduate institutions, availability of satisfactory degree
awarded by foreign universities;
The first five years (foreign): can apply for British, American and Australia, more
than Postgraduate courses and the results available to qualified master's
degree awarded by foreign universities.
【Features】 project
The best English-speaking environment
International Culture Institute is mainly responsible for the school's
international cultural exchange, foreign affairs and the work of training foreign
students, foreign students each year more than 2,000 people. Here, the project
students will be more than two thousand foreign students as a classmate, to improve
their English level and multi-cultural feeling to provide a good opportunity.
Optimal learning conditions
Students will not only feel good the first Normal school life and learning environment,
but also experience the Capital Normal University, disciplines and fields related to
outstanding teachers resources, and even in advanced studies, professional
development, and so share in the Capital Normal University, the advantage of
resources in the industry platform.
Teaching Materials
Project students use foreign language materials, strict implementation of the process
in the teaching of foreign curricula, modes of teaching to bilingual teaching in English
to complete tasks, to ensure that students receive authentic foreign education.
Strong teacher
College has a team of professors, teachers, doctors and masters of overseas-based
team of teachers. They are familiar with cultural and international educational system,
to implement the most appropriate for the student teaching model, the most effective
way to Normal in the first three years through the cultivation of students into good
Scientific Management
Class teacher is responsible for the implementation of student management system,
establish a regular communication mechanism with parents, students with a scientific
management system, unified system for accommodation. Formed the Youth League
Committee, students, psychological counseling and other student organizations,
students in the civilization of the healthy growth of talent.
The first year of intensive English and IELTS courses; the second, three-year
specialized course of study, access to the British Higher National Diploma, the
Diploma valid for life, in the international arena has received widespread recognition;
the same time enhance the students ability to set up job skills (workskills) course.
Multi-country study
Xiangmu 学生 complete its internal studies, up to foreign university requirements,
you can enter the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New
Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Singapore and Malaysia and other countries of
the university students.
Career Guidance
     Employ well-known enterprises at home and abroad, general manager, human
resources and industry veterans responsible for career guidance as a student tutor,
providing students with career guidance and internship employment opportunities.
Employment Advantages
To help students in college was the necessary professional competence, so that
students quick access to enterprise role, smooth play to their talent, potential, the
introduction of the world's most advanced work skills (workskills) Ke
Education consultant
For students studying abroad to provide full guidance. Upon completion of the
premise of teaching, providing students services, students will be qualified directly
into the desired foreign universities.
Student Activities
Student Union students to participate in English Corner, English speech contests,
sports competitions, games, Christmas and New Year party and other colorful
extracurricular activities, organizing students to participate in the first division clubs
and all kinds of academic lectures students.
Foreign exchange
Those with outstanding academic achievement, outstanding student leaders studying
in China can be invited to visit or study abroad University Study Tour to participate in
varied activities.
Professional】 【Admission
1. International Business Management of Business (Management)
2. International Financial Business (Finance)
3. Digital Media Art and Design Interactive Media
4.3D Art and Design 3D Design
【Part of the cooperative institutions】
1. The University of Hull Hull University
2. Brunel University Brunel University
3. Oxford Brookes University Oxford Brookes University
4. Queen Mary, University of London Queen's University Lundunmali
5. University of Ulster University of Ulster
6. The University of Greenwich University of Greenwich
7. Keele University Keele University
8. The Robert Gordon University 罗伯特格尔 Gordon University
9. Nottingham Trent University Nottingham Trent University
10. University of Plymouth University of Plymouth
11. University of Brighton University of Brighton
12. University of Glamorgan University of Glen Morgan
13. Birmingham City University Birmingham City University
14. The University of Central Lancashire University of Lancashire
15. University of Essex University of Essex
16. Northumbria University Northumbria University
17. University of Westminster University of Westminster
18. University of Hertfordshire University of Hertfordshire County
19. Coventry University Coventry University
20. University of Wales Institute, Cardiff University of Wales, Cardiff
21. University of Portsmouth University of Portsmouth
22. University of Nottingham University of Nottingham
United States
     ?The following is to receive an undergraduate degree last 36 to 60 credits
(approximately one and a half years study time) and the list of American universities.
Many other U.S. universities to receive the project participants, and to provide
scholarships, please consult with my teacher or the American University hospital
directly to confirm.
01, Devry University University of USA and Germany Rui
02, Gannon University University of the United States Jianu En
03, Daemen College Gate University, USA and Germany
04, Northwestern Polytechnic University Northwestern Polytechnic University
05, Northeastern University Northeastern University
06, Tiffin University Tiffin University
07, Albertson College of Idaho 爱达荷艾伯 Patterson Institute
08, Mississippi College Mississippi College
09, North Carolina State University North Carolina State University
10, Iowa State University Iowa State University
11, Eastern Michigan University Eastern Michigan University
12, Clarkson University Clarkson University
13, Michigan Technological University Michigan Technological University
14, Saginaw Valley State University Saginaw Valley State University
15, Troy University Troy University
1. University of Canberra University of Canberra
2. Deakin University Deakin University
3. University of South Australia University of South Australia
4. Macquarie University, Macquarie University
5. The University of Newcastle Newcastle University
6. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Queensland University of
Technology World Orchid
7. University of Technology, Sydney University of Technology, Sydney
8. Bond University Bond University
9. La Trobe University La Trobe University
Object】 【Admission
The whole country should be recruiting high school graduates of previous
【Condition】 admission
* College Entrance Examination Grade 3 scores 90 points or above in English,
exam-free admission
* Fine Arts examination results to the province eligibility criteria, entrance
examinations (only candidates for the Arts)
* Has the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT scores of students such as giving priority to
* Other required to attend school common entrance test
【Standard】 domestic costs
International Business Management, International Finance: 23,000 yuan / year
Digital Media Art and Design, 3D Art Design: 42000 yuan / year (domestic)
International student record collecting registration fees and certificate fees: 3,000
yuan (one-time, Duotuishaobu)
【Materials】 required
* Registration Form
* 2 inch photo of two
* Copy of high school graduation certificate
* Admission Form, Examination transcripts
* Copy of ID card
【Contact Us】
Address: West Third Ring North Road, Haidian District, Beijing Capital Normal
University, No. 83, International Culture Building, Room 112
Zip Code: 100089
Tel :010-68980117 010-68981330 010-68905147 010-68901054
Fax :010-68980117

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