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                         VERSION1– 10/7/04
            About These                              The Visual Identity
            Visual Identity Standards                The development of the Visual
            To safeguard and support the             Identity Standards and communication
            long-term success of the MWR brand,      templates will:
            it is important for MWR
            communications to be unified and          • Facilitate more accurate perceptions
            centrally managed.                        of the full breadth, depth and value
                                                      of MWR programs and services
            A positive, unified MWR brand image       worldwide
            can only be instilled and maintained
            with a consistent, coordinated            • Drive overall awareness among key
            approach.The brand identity is the        audiences
            cornerstone of this effort.
                                                      • Convey imagery that supports MWR

Why         The objective is to develop an MWR        brand positioning

                                                                                                   MWR Logo Standards
            brand identity that conveys one family
            of services, one voice, one look and      • Provide clear, practical standards
The Law
            one level of service and serves as a      for use by any person or department
            powerful foundation to engage             responsible for the development of
Which One                                             communications and marketing
            employees and customers.
                                                      materials, as well as advertising
Protect     To this end, this document contains       agencies, design firms, and other
            guidelines on how to represent the        outside vendors who work for MWR
Contact     MWR brand and templates for use           (including printers, developers of elec-
            when applying the guidelines.             tronic inter-faces, signage suppliers,

                                                      • Increase efficiency in the
                                                      development and production of
                                                      marketing materials

                                                      • Allow all MWR marketing
                                                      professionals to create
                                                      communications materials quickly,
                                                      effectively, and with a consistent level
                                                      of high quality

                                                      • Reduce costs by diminishing the
                                                      need for outside vendors
            The MWR Trademark                              This stance is vitally important while the
            Variations, alterations, or modifications of   new MWR logo is in the process of
            the MWR logo are not permitted; the            becoming established. In order to
            prescriptions of the MWR Logo Stan-            achieve the point that the MWR logo
            dards must be strictly followed.               receives the degree of recognition
                                                           necessary to be considered distinctive
            A “trademark” is synonymous with a             under trademark law, continuity and
            “brand.” It is a name or symbol that           consistency of use are essential. Any
            serves the function of visually associating    variation of the logo -- no matter how
            the source of goods or services with a         slight --- dilutes the original intent as
            certain standard or quality. It identifies,    filed with the US Patent and Trademark
            in symbolic form, a reputation. Consis-        Office. Any logo variation can be cited
                                                           by competitors as evidence that Army

                                                                                                        The Law
            tency of use maximizes the ability of a
            brand or trademark to achieve that goal.       MWR has no intent to acquire distinc-
            Consistency of use is all about attaining      tiveness, creating an environment that

                                                                                                              MWR Logo Standards
            that reputation as quickly and as univer-      would allow outside organizations to use
            sally as possible. Once that reputation is     the MWR logo as they see fit. Thus,
The Law     achieved, a mark acquires the kind of          MWR would lose the ability to protect
            secondary meaning, or distinctiveness.         the logo from unauthorized use by
Which One   But most importantly for MWR, Army             competitors, in effect, turning over an
            personnel and other patrons MWR                important legal and financial asset; our
Protect     serves, identify with the MWR logo and         logo would become meaningless.
            accord a degree of loyalty to the goods
Contact     and services it represents.                    All of these reasons support our insis-
                                                           tence that a strong continuity and
            The distinguishing feature of trademark        consistency of use and appearance of the
            law is the concept of “use.” Continuity        MWR logo be maintained. We need
            and consistency of use are critically          your help to achieve this. Please ensure
            important. The ultimate penalty for            that every time the MWR logo is used, it
            misuse or nonuse of a trademark is             appears precisely as indicated in the
            “abandonment”, that is, surrendering or        MWR Logo Standards. Also, whenever a
            relinquishing a legal right. Altering the      third party is permitted to use the MWR
            appearance of a logo in any way while it       logo – for example, whenever items are
            is trademarked dilutes the legal position      purchased that are imprinted with the
            held by the owner of the trademark – in        MWR logo – a “non-exclusive limited
            this case, Army MWR – against infringe-        license” clause describing the parameters
            ment. That is why Army trademark               of the use should be included in the
            attorneys have strongly and consistently       contract. Any circumstances of
            warned against any variant use of the          improper use of the logo or unauthor-
            MWR logo.                                      ized use by others must be reported to
                                                           brand@cfsc.army.mil immediately.
            Preferred and
            Alternate Signatures
            The signatures shown to the right
            are for general MWR use.

                                                                                  Which One
            The preferred use of all signatures
            includes the words “U.S. Army.”
            There are, however, applications of the

                                                                                          MWR Logo Standards
            signatures that require the use of an
            alternate treatment and exclude the
The Law     words “U.S. Army.” When the signature
            will appear less than one inch, such as    Preferred Signature
Which One   on a premium, like a pen, the alternate
            signature should be used.
            Reproduction-quality digital art
Contact     can also be downloaded from our
            Web site at http://brand.armymwr.org .

            These signature files should never be
            opened or altered in any way. In
            addition, you should not add onto nor
            delete any part of these signatures.
            Altering these files can dilute the
            visibility and therefore cause confusion   Alternate Signature
            as to the understanding and                Only used for signatures
                                                           smaller than 1"
            importance of the MWR brand.

Why         Protecting Our Most

                                                                    MWR Logo Standards
            Valuable Communications Assets
The Law     The MWR signatures are the most
            important single component of the
            new visual identity. If we treat this new
Which One   visual identity with care and respect,
            others will view it similarly. Please leave
Protect     space surrounding the signature equal
            to or greater than the width of the
Contact     the “W” in the logotype. This includes
            not placing the logo over an image or
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                                                    MWR Logo Standards
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