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									2007 Inventory
?International Entertainment Events in 2007
China Daily Global Online news: the entertainment is never a lack of topics, the
entertainment never a lack of audience. Turn of the year, look back on the
entertainment of the mounting, or thought-provoking, or startling, or his best sensual
good, or the exhaustion of the eyes and ears of the entertainment, music or just
entertain the people have, or how the "entertainment" 2 Zile ... ...
Those glory and dreams, joy and sadness, longing and nostalgia in passing the
2007 ... ...
"Lust, Caution" gets her Golden Lion, a Chinese film three
consecutive Watertown
September 8, 2007, the famous director Ang Lee in Venice, Italy, holding the
"Golden Lion Award" trophy. Day, he directed the film
"Lust, Caution" was the 64th Venice Film Festival
"Golden Lion Award." This is the 2005 Ang Lee's
"Brokeback Mountain" and 2006 Jia Zhangke's
"Still Life", the Chinese-language film award the third
consecutive year.
"Save the Earth" concert set off the global upsurge of global
environmental protection
July 7, 2007, the American singer Madonna in London the "Save the
Earth" at the portrait of the global music sing. Day, "Save the
Earth" concert in Britain, Australia, Japan, China, South Africa, Brazil,
Germany and the United States, with the music calls attention to global warming.
Concert attracted about 1 million spectators, and another 2 billion global audience
through radio, television and the Internet to listen to or watch.
   Final book released, settled the fate of Harry Potter
October 15, 2007, Los Angeles, a little girl holding the British writer J · K · Rowling
signed "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." July 21 this
year, "Harry Potter" series of novels task force's
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in the global
synchronization issue, settled the fate of the hero Harry Potter. Decade,
"Harry Potter" series of books were published and distributed
270 million, has been translated into 62 words, the film is also adapted into a popular
worldwide, with many Harry Potter fans.
"Spice Girl" return, high-profile comeback
November 15, 2007, the British "Spice Girls" singing group in
the United States, a Hollywood fashion show on the show. "Spice
Girl" singing group founded in 1994, in the last century peak of 90 in the
Performing Arts, is considered pop music in the history of one of the most successful
singing groups, but with five out of a person leaving the team, "Spice
Girl" in 2001 formally announced the dissolution. This year in June, five
people gather and organize announced world tour.
Hollywood writers strike affect future U.S. entertainment ecosystem
November 20, 2007, in Hollywood, the U.S. writer's strike, the Society
organized massive parade. To determine the writer through the Internet, cell phones
and other new media, entertainment sales proceeds in the United States Writers
Association in early November this year to launch a full strike. Currently, this strike is
evolving for the U.S. entertainment industry the most serious labor disputes, not only
affect the production and television broadcast entertainment programs, and to the
United States a long-term ecological impact of the entertainment industry.
2007 inventory of the most cattle events
Early March, the major online forums began to spread a message, entitled
"History of the cattle in the Nails", post the contents of a picture:
a 10-meter deep pit was dug into the middle of the real estate foundation, alone stood
a two-story small building, like a leaf boat and the sea. Chongqing users will be
named "History of the cattle of the nail households." With
curiosity, this reporter conducted a visit to this investigation.
?[The cattle salesman]
South City Hospital, wearing clothes of a disease of middle-aged man hand holding
fluid metal frame, left hand holding a mobile phone, strode away victory in the
Southern City and the Great Long street. In an interview with his right hand man,
infusion, hold the metal frame of about two meters high, was bandaged after a brain.
[The cow fake reporter]
Since 2006, Feng to "the rule of law on the newspaper," said
journalist, worked in coal mine in Hejin City, Hing, Chow Wan, Qingjian three
villages, four villages and other places Qingjian, demanding money and a total of
75,100 yuan. FENG fraud targets both private enterprise owners, ordinary village, but
also government agencies; fraud amount from ranging from 300 yuan to 30,000 yuan;
fraudulent means to find the problem than a small amount of type, is made more
positive reports, grant certificates of honor, and Open letter of introduction news
gathering, news reporting license plate grant
[The cow plate]
One day, a bustling section of downtown Luoyang, Henan Province, a Mercedes Benz
and BMW cars meet. Interestingly, they are exactly the same license plate.
[The cow retail]
"Fang" is the most common name, however, called the name of
the whole of China is estimated that at least tens of thousands. However, in the stock
market, as long as a reference to Liu Fang, people will only think of one person, he
was known as China's most cattle are small, as long as what he bought
stocks, which stocks to stock up on Dazhao Gun.
[Of the cattle park]
Early morning of November 30, who lives in the town of Beihai City, Mr. Lin
Fu-Cheng feeling housing a while shaking, he ran out of the house view, the results
stunned him: a car miraculously inverted roof in front of his home side, while the
driver was actually scratching Non-destructive drilling from the inside out. Some
Internet users to post photos to the Internet on the accident and its dubbed
"the        North      Sea       in   the     history     of    most    cows
[Seal of the cattle]
Jinping County, Guizhou Province, Gui Ping autumn leaves town, village, recently
invented by a villager from the village, engraved "seal" and
known throughout the country. They will be engraved with "Ye Gui Ping
Qiu Town, Village democratic financial group review" on the seal is
divided into five, four village representatives and by a branch member of custody, the
cost of the village subject to the consent of at least three of them , can be combined
seal, the stamped invoice can be accounted for reimbursement. S stamp to be friends
as "the best beef in the history of the official seal."
[The cattle Security]
August 30, a porter in Chongqing Jiangbei Guanyinqiao window Liaoyi rest relying
on Walking Street, because of suspicion that he affected the city without a security
come to stop the two men after an altercation, porters beaten by security. Finally, the
injured porter had to get it on your own bottles of water and leave the pole.
?[The cattle love]
A group billed as "the best cattle in the history of the University of
Jingxian love!" The group photo on the website spread, Qingdao
University, a male student in the crowd of hundreds of students under the love to the
girls, but the alternative of courtship has been dispersed by the security , and in
exchange for a paper punishment in schools, the school's practice of
immediately triggered users shelling, saying that lack style, strangle the students
creativity, deprived of the right to freedom of expression.
[Most cattle wedding]
A Bentley, a Ferrari, 2, Porsche, Hummer 2, 20 Lincoln, 4 Cadillac, four
Mercedes-Benz, BMW 4, 4 Audi Q7
?[The cattle cleaner]
The morning of October 11, Qinhuangdao, a tractor and broom modified by the
"mechanical" cleaning machine and the line and sweep.
Cleaning function that sets the road to the road sweep of dust and garbage outside, but
it is always dusty place after.
  [The cattle beggars]
A man suffering from rheumatism, neck hung a sign in a letter
"begging", and claimed to have written blog their experiences
for the people here. 27 Square in Zhengzhou, who was friends known as the
"History of the cattle beggars" visible green city streets, mixed
crowd for their actions.

Inventory of 2007 Top Ten most sensational entertainment events
   2007, soon leave us. Over the past year, there have been all kinds of entertainment
who also had a lot or exciting, or angry, or amazing entertainment events.
   1, Yang Lijuan Starchaser
   I believe many people are awful place in March of this year's farce
remember, because until now, sadly Yang Lijuan also appear in people's
line of sight, still in her dreams for the harassment. An ordinary family Lanzhou, even
as her fascination with Andy Lau and Gaode ruin and death, can not help but sigh, in
the end the father Yang, a people, teachers, Starchaser unwise indulgence daughter,
out of what kind of mental? In order to marry Andy Lau, a family of three
Zaguomaitie came to Hong Kong, the father of this money back to commit suicide,
die abroad. In his suicide note in full to all written statements complaining about
Andy Lau, daughter of bounds for the behavior does not agree. This is a family
tragedy, but also was a social tragedy. Derived by this, it is a series of farce: sued
Andy Lau, singer Yang Chen Gang sponsorship million, to call upon TV series and so
on. Many people are to take this speculation, the most innocent, comes as superstars
Andy Lau.
   Second, the "Dream of Red Mansions" Casting
   The television series "Dream of Red Mansions" is absolutely
a television event. Because the 87 version of "Dream" of
success, and because the film really need to take a lot of manpower and resources, so
a lot of directors are "over the idea, but discouraged." This, to a
really serious, not only determine the remake, also across the country staged a
"Dream Man" and select activities in the new selection of
"Story of the Stone" and other important role, which is
undoubtedly a risky move, but also a very good publicity. So, this event not only
attracted tens of thousands of "grassroots" eager, even the actors
have been a minor celebrity, but also cast aside to participate in
"draft." Finally, the election is elected, but we Quedui new
version of "Daiyu" and so are quite dissatisfied with the role, all
that Chen Xiaoxu has no substitute. Greater farce is yet to come, originally decided by
the director Hu Mei "resignation", admitted for the
"Red Man" disappointing, and will live on their own film,
"Dream of Red Mansions", I do not know the last two versions
of who More applause.
  ?Third, Zhang Jie energized
   2004, "My Show" winner, has been red not up all these years
to do pop music, "poor households", riding a bike to work, do
not be concerned about the record, the only attractive but he and Xie Na sex scandal, a
time when we all feel Jie has not saved, and slowly forgetting the beauty of the
moment, "draft champion." But in 2007, the stage at the Happy
Boys, we saw him, heard his high-pitched voice Qingliang. More incredibly, he had
no buyers, but overnight became the hottest singer, we have been conquered by his
voice, could not help adding to the "stars" in the ranks. Stand
fast men in the field, Hangzhou tour, chinchillas witnessed the stars of the sturdy,
large number of organized, disciplined, is simply astonishing. Hard to imagine, just
for the stage, and has been completely different results. And stars for their support, I
believe will be more red Jie.
   4, Li Bingbing Chinese table to win the title
   August 26, a well-built Chinese film industry is the biggest annual awards
ceremony, the 12th film Huabiao ceremony staged in the North Fair grand theater. 17
awards, 50 evening Huabiao Cup was awarded out of 11. Film
"Knot" as the biggest winner that night, not only won the Best
Feature Film, Best Director Award, the film starred Chen Kun, Li Bingbing also will
form the new Chinese movie actor title after all in the bag. In the entertainment
complex, Li Bingbing is not the most beautiful, nor the most intelligent, but it is one
of the most effort. Seen by their own sweat trophy this heavy, strong, she can not help
but shed tears. <Knot>, achievement of this beautiful girl, her shadow,
the essence of its name.
?5, SARFT draft restrictions
   Since <first heart> of the ridiculous farce is live out, leading to the
talent show has not completely under SARFT in favor of "an
order" so as to avoid vulgar, low morality, a negative picture of the
audience effects. Mainly include: television talent show every year can not be more
than one, each of no more than two months, the broadcast must be delayed, also not in
the 19:30 to 10:30 this hour broadcast, to cancel text messaging charges the way they
vote. These provisions, though not completely stop the talent show's
broadcast, but the other was sentenced to these programs, under the death penalty,
whether ratings or profit, will be a very big impact.
   6, Venice Film Festival Chinese film three consecutive
   When it was announced <Lust> Venice's Golden Lion,
all the Chinese people are cheering the film, because the Chinese film has won three
consecutive championships in Venice, which for the Chinese film is a great
encouragement and recognition. Ang Lee is indeed a respected director, to shoot
<Lust>, he withstood great pressure and sleepless nights of work, now,
<Lust> not only won awards, released a short time at the box office
has been so impressive that he can finally sigh up. The film also contribute to the
female lead Tang Wei, the "safety girl" has become the hottest
actress now, her performance has received all of the positive.
   7, Cecilia Cheung Son
   August 2, 2007, in the mother's womb already destined to be star of the
LUCAS was born. After many ups and downs, Tse and Cecilia Cheung group
eventually see next month, Cecilia Cheung's infatuation, the ultimate
happiness in exchange for his life. From pregnancy and childbirth, and even to
postnatal weight loss, Cecilia failed to escape the paparazzi's pursuit of the
Almighty, the child has been watching. His birth, has been a major event not just two
families, is the major event entertainment, colorful decoration of the baby, with her
golden spoon born small LUCAS, I believe his life, certainly not ordinary. From some
time ago a small LUCAS photo shoot, we see this child in the very beautiful and
looks very healthy and cute oh.
   8, "struggle", "soldiers surprise"
   Many people feel that more and more bad television filming, we are not interested
in re-turn on the TV soap opera against those excessively bureaucratic waste of time.
Watching TV two years ago, only to attract the eye of Yan Hai. But in 2007, there
have been a number of very good, to watch the drama is very strong, representative
works including "hard", "soldiers assault",
"golden wedding> and so on. These TV shows, wonderful story,
about the true circumstances of ups and downs. Many of these dramas in order to
re-open the dusty, long time TV. Their success, the insipid TV market is a great
encouragement, and this indicates that China's TV series is to do a better
direction? We will see.
  ?9, TVB40 Anniversary
   Hong Kong TVB television boss this year celebrating its 40th anniversary
celebration of Taiwan, due to return of Hong Kong TVB television and the
cooperation of the Mainland is also gradually began to rise, such as the return of joint
investment film drama <years FY>, such as cooperation with Hunan
Satellite TV Entertainment <Strictly Come Dancing> so. TVB The
artists are also to be able to meet this special moment "to win the title
champion" and for a final effort, and we are also waiting for more exciting
television into people's eyes. This time, "as after the
battle", in the end is not a "big sister struggle", is
about to revealed.
   10, Ze-Shan's resignation
   This is a pointless war of words. Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai, this bewildering past
couple, but because the sales record from the shelf to pinch each other. What the
reason is because Jay Chou Jolin Tsai see their sales volume is less than, that face the
embarrassing, so the exposure of their company, "reported false
sales" and other crimes. In fact, is an open secret that the singer, Jolin Tsai
to be outdone was talk back. It's not over, not only this friend verge of
breaking, EMI boss Ze-Shan crying even unbearable pressure to resign. I do not know
who is who, by speculation, and perhaps this is a cooperation project, anyway, the
hustle of a 20 years in the entertainment industry, has experienced numerous waves of
music, actually resigned because of this thing is really a bit ridiculous.

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