After installation, this icon will appear on the desktop

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					                    Connect the USB key to your                Auto program is in
                    computer. We recommend the USB port        Korean. For non-Korean
                    on the back of your computer. If your      Windows users, some
                    computer cannot search for the new         characters may be
                    hardware, try connecting the USB key       corrupted, but it works
                    to other USB ports.                        well anyhow.

[Program Installation]
  Then, install the software (SwingAuto_S.msi).

   ● Program Update Message
     When the update program menu                              The Program has
     appears click the Left button to update.                  been updated

                                                            Start        End

         After installation, this icon
         will appear on the desktop.
         Double click this icon to
                                                      USB key is now connected to
         run the software.
                                                      your computer. Press [OK].

       Macro Ver 1.1.2
        Execution Mode                       Record File                          Record           button
       Record/Replay Macros           File Name                                   Start : [\]
                                      Keyboard only Mouse only              Change Key
       Auto Click
                                      Gameplay record
                                                                             Start : [Home]
 Normal Replay (Start:Home / Stop:End)           Standby         sec
                                                    time                    Change Key
File Name                    Speed     ①     Replays         Infinitely
                                                                              Shortcut Keys
  Scenario Replay (Start:Home / Stop:End)                   Replays       Start : Registered Key
No.1                              No.11
No.2                              No.12
                                                                              Stop : [End]
No.3                              No.13                                     Change Key
No.4                              No.14
No.5                              No.15
No.6                              No.16
No.7                              No.17
                                                                          Delete Record File
No.8                              No.18
No.9                              No.19
No.10                             No.20
                                                                            Alert (Start/Stop)
  Register Shortcut Keys (Start:Registered Key /Stop:End)                   PC Auto Quit
Shortcut Keys       Macro             Shortcut Keys Macro
                                                                              H        M -> Quit

                                                                            View condition

                                        Start Record[ \ ]                    ① Replay
                                        Start Replay[ Home ]                      X1
                                        Stop (Record/Replay)[ End ]                :
                                                                                  X 15

                                Swingauto (MACRO)
                       • It records the motions and actions users take, stores the
                          (keyboard/mouse signal) into the memory,
                          and replays the exact actions over and over again.
                       • It does not record the game screen.
                          What it does record is the mechanical signals of (keyboard/mouse).
                       • Compatible with all kinds of online games.
        OS             Windows XP / Vista

                                     Macro (Record/Replay)
                      • Enter the file name where you'd like to store records in.
                      • If you want to record both keyboard/mouse motions,
                         check on the both of the checkbox.
   Record File
                         (Keyboard only / Mouse only / Keyboard and Mouse)
                      • Gameplay Record : When you are recording in the game
                                                it is recommended to check this.
                      • Replays the recorded commands.
                      • Speed : 'X 1' means that the software replays the commands in
                         the same speed as the recorded command. (Recommended: X 1)
 Normal Replay        • Infinitely : Replays endlessly before it is manually stopped.
                      • Replays : Replays the specified number of times.
                      • Standby time : When play has finished and awaiting replay,
                                           that time is standby time.
                      • Records up until 20 commands and
                        replays those sequences in order.
 Scenario Replay
                      • Selected macros are never played simulaneously,
                        they are played in order starting from No.1
                      • Stores commands into an arbitrary key of your keyboard
                        and uses it as a shortcut.
Register Shortcut
                      • For example, if you store a key combination that acts as a combos,
                        one single touch will activate the whole key combination during
                        the actual game play.
                      • For some games, the [Home] is initially set to use as other things.
     Replay             In this case, you can change the replay start key
                        into something else.
Delete Record File    • Used when you'd like to delete stored data

  PC Auto Quit        • Turn the PC off in the given time.

 View condition       • If checked, a condition window comes up in the top left corner.
                      • Record: [\]→Records keyboard/mouse commands→[End]
    How to ?
                      • Replay : [Home]→Replays stored commands→[End]

       Execution Mode                                                      Auto Click
    Record/Replay Macros                                                Start : [Home]
                                                                      Change Key
    Auto Click
               Auto Click                                                Stop : [End]
    Special Force Auto Ready                                          Change Key
    Sudden Attack Auto Ready
                                                                       Alert (Start/Stop)
    Left Click
                                                                       PC Auto Quit
    Right Click
    (Left/Right) click one after another
                                                                          H      M -> Quit
          second            clicks
    Fix Cursor

                                        Auto Click
                     • Select the mouse buttons(L/R/L+R) you'd like to click automatically.
                       You can also continuously click these two buttons one after another.
    Auto Click       • Click Speed : You can set the speed up to 30 clicks/s.
                     • Fix Cursor : You can prevent the cursor from moving
                                      while clicking. (Fix character)

● How to Record/Replay?
  01. Run the software.

  02. Enter the file name on [Record File], select which one to record (keyboard/mouse).
  03. Press the [minimize] button to minimize the program.
  04. Press (\) to start recording.
  05. Enter the commands you'd like to record.
  06. Press (End) to stop recording.

  07. Select the file name from [Normal Replay] and specify the replay speed
      and the number of repetition.
  08. Press the [minimize] button to minimize the program.
  09. Press (Home) to start replaying.
  10. Previously stored commands will be played during execution.
  11. Press (End) to stop replaying.

● Tips
  01. Try not to move your mouse while execution. This may cause some errors.
      When only keyboard commands are replayed, you can move your mouse.
  02. If your computer is not fast enough, lower the record speed.
  03. If the program doesn't start even when you press [Home], try slightly moving the cursor.
  04. If you need any modifications, press ([Alt]+[Tab]).

  Q) Auto program doesn't work.
  A) When you install auto program, there will be 2 icons on your desktop
     which are (매크로 SwingAuto) and (스윙오토 홈페이지).
     To play that program, double click the (매크로 SwingAuto).
     Do not delete the (스윙오토 홈페이지) icon.
     Do not delete or move these 2 icons.