12 kinds of advantages and disadvantages of Internet marketing tools by fdjerue7eeu


									12 kinds of advantages and disadvantages of Internet marketing tools
Abstract: This paper analyzes the 12 kinds of commonly used network marketing,
network marketing all have their own strengths and weaknesses of the
SME's need according to their specific circumstances, such as the
company's main business, how many are willing to invest in network
marketing, to what is the result, it is time to Network Marketing for SMEs need to
know things. This network marketing for SMEs can be well prepared.
Tsinghua Science Park, the two companies look at the information service center for
survey data:
1, only 30% of the establishments have their own websites or network services
95% of the agency managers hope to use the Internet for the agency to cut
95% and 30% of large gaps show? Shows Internet tools for institutions, or too little
too little.
2, which 30% of the OCS of the institutions, 85% found that their network investment
did not play any role, only 15% of the establishments had received over the network
to bring their business opportunities.
Look 2 in 2008, Tsinghua Science Park Enterprise Information Service survey data:
their own Web site or Web services platform bodies, 85% found that their network
investment did not play any role, only 15% of the establishments had received over
the network to bring their business opportunities.
The current network marketing industry is a phenomenon all to see: Long Tail of
demand, marketing precision, management control and user experience personalized
features of network marketing. That is our websites that market products there,
everything changed in 2.0 relaxed easy, media fragmentation, the product \ brand
homogenization of serious, rapidly changing information, consumer marketing
activities of enterprises began to fatigue; Enterprise "around"
the consumer more and more difficult, the original lead to more and more word of
mouth marketing approach is not working.
Therefore, long-term sustainable business organizations need to do interactive \
experience marketing campaign. Emphasis on electronic word of mouth marketing
function, especially taobao \ baidumall \ paipai so universal, the site has or temporary
agencies do not need a strong web marketing. then we in the interactive marketing era
has those sharp weapons? Read about our common analysis of 12 kinds of commonly
used tools and defects.

First, search engines (mainly mainland baidu, etc.) Marketing
Search engine marketing is an essential part of integrated marketing., The information
explosion in recent years, 2.0 years, the way audiences receive information in addition
to an increase of passive acceptance of things, take the initiative to check the trend.
Search engine marketing strategies include search engine promotion free search
engine advertising methods and charges, free method such as log category based on
natural search results of search engine optimization ranking, web link light and other
regulations, including paid search engine keyword advertising and advertising is the
optimization and results management, order of precedence ranks the search results
page, etc. There are two ways to achieve the relevant result in: SEO, bidding.
Defect: The current search engine marketing in the tort of fraud and unfairness,
particularly in the competitive service, including: scientific definition of search engine
types of violations; timely evidence of click fraud is illegal; business casual change or
delete individual or intermediary results of the studies, Typical events: Sanlu shield
event, taobaobaidu mutual boo events.
Second, the network marketing community
Online community (BBS, SNS, BLOG) is one of the user used the service, because of
the participation of many users and thus have not only the function only with the
exchange, in fact, has become a marketing place.
Network is a network marketing community with interactive features of the most
marketing tools. Online community marketing, network marketing is an important
performance is different from traditional marketing. Online Community Marketing
There are two main forms: the use of other sites use their own communities and
community websites.
Defects: Online Community Marketing's success probability is very low,
especially as product promotion tool. In addition, with the rapid development of
Internet, there were many professional or comprehensive B2B website, its main
function is to help match buyers and sellers trading.
Therefore, the general function and role of online community, great changes have
taken place in the network marketing tools and more professional and deepening of
the marketing functions of the online community has been slowly fading, but towards
increasing the attractiveness and the customer service website direction, so when we
use online communities for marketing, it is necessary to address the shortcomings of
this means, do not expect too much this report.
Community content is also currently the main stay in the text \ image level,
community-oriented development will be more integration of technology, text \ image
\ audio \ video will allow entry to the community. Such a great community in the role
of site still not be underestimated.
Third, implantation of marketing online games
IGA (ingameadvertisement, that placement in the game) is a subtle means of
communication and dissemination, embedding the brand in the online gaming
information, product information, can reach a large number of Internet users. The best
way is experiential, interactive, information dissemination, such as product
information will be implanted according to the game plot, so that consumers
understand the products in the game during the performance and special interests.
In addition, information can be fused with the game story, with a story in the minds of
consumers impressed. Used several models: props implantation \ tailored
customization, game advertising evolved into the ad game \ RV (RealityVirtuality)
virtual real staggered \ e fusion Network \ reverse implantation \ Web2.0 interactive.
Case: Coca-Cola in the online game "World of Warcraft" into
the water appears as a mysterious magic, the game can resume immediately after
drinking the role of physical strength, improve combat capability, but also give
players a kind of implied "drink Coca-Cola, to cool by
themselves," brand philosophy.
Defects: one day when the players on the IGA commonplace, with the freshness of the
passing, IGA advertising effectiveness because of the "marginal
effect" reduced, or even degenerate into a kind of interference. As a decade
ago, CCTV advertising can make the brand popular in a river north and south of the
days gone. Similarly, such a move for the IGA Fresh, will be difficult to have
"Chibian days."
4, online video marketing
Video Marketing System is an integrated multimedia information system that can do
more for the business perspective, the promotion of diversity. Video marketing system
for the contents of corporate culture and brand performance in a span of more, but
also more sophisticated. At present, the rapid investment to create the most effective
video web video marketing model are: business video card \ Video Shopping guide \
Video Investment Manual \ video training course.
Case study: Procter & Gamble and the cooperation of P2P video plug-in
Defects: network bandwidth and related technology are not developed enough.
5, IM Marketing
By IM (QQ, UC, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Want Want, etc.) mass, head, skin,
and signature, group rings, online customer service for corporate image products such
as information related to information dissemination and interaction behavior, no
matter how IM fear blockade, which is prohibited or monitored, regardless of MSN,
QQ and harassment on how the virus spread, but still could not withstand 2.0 times
the wave of people use IM.
In fact, most think no turn, everyone so happy to use. Why not let employees in the
company uniform during the on-line use of IM software, marketing promotional URL,
slogan or product profile and so on.
Case: 2008 Torch Relay Coca-Cola and the QQ online. The effect on the rest is
Defects: IM is acquainted with or interested in more similar circle of friends. There is
a degree a good grasp. Apt to make people disgusted..
6, E-zine Marketing
Electronic magazine (Ezine or Zine) is a general term, refers to all kinds of powerful
e-mail communication on a regular basis to provide information content to subscribers
of online new media, the general free subscription. Have a clear periodicity,
orientation, service strong. It is like a base, especially for contact customer (and
potential clients), to expand the brand's impact. Low cost. For the
multimedia interactive exhibition features than the current online advertising to
enhance a level of visual effects.
Defect: The current business is not more willing to try e-magazine marketing.
Domestic related bodies still in the bud state. Virtually no advertising agency
specializing in online magazine advertising companies appear, quite a mixed bag
filled with a variety of online magazine online magazine market.
7, wireless marketing
Handheld wireless marketing wireless terminal using a marketing approach to spread.
It allows you to access and publish information anytime, anywhere. Emarkting
research data, according to the foreign new media advertising is ranked the top two
video .3 G wireless and mobile communications technology industry the development
of mobile communication technology and the fourth R & D strategy with
the establishment of wireless marketing applications will be moving in wireless video
and wireless video direction.
In addition to WAP platform enterprise applications such as mobile commerce and
wireless search tools to carry out wireless marketing activities, will focus on film and
video through mobile phones to conduct wireless marketing campaigns. The
traditional marketing model will be innovative mobile phone applications successfully,
and innovation in marketing applications.
Case: QQ Wireless and China Mobile's cooperation; wireless marketing
services company, thanks to US-Morocco Di ads to images, screensavers, ringtones
and games and other forms of implanted annually produced more than 3,000 domestic
million color screen phone, usually to buy way, in a brand mobile phones running on
each 3 to 4 ads, and 1 / 3 of the advertising revenue to the mobile phone
Defects: the current understanding of all of the wireless market is not deep enough,
the general view is that it Short Message. Industry term rain dragon hybrid is not
8, e-mail marketing
E-mail marketing is the premise of the user's prior permission, through
e-mail users to deliver valuable information to target a network marketing tool. There
are two main ways: e-mail signature and permission to send mail.
Carried out using an internal list of Email Marketing Email marketing is the main way
to carry out E-mail marketing on the premise that potential users have E-mail address,
these addresses could be enterprises from users, potential users of the information
collected on their own, you can also use the first three potential users of resources.
Email marketing affect the success of several considerations: the e-mail pictures to be
blocked, attention to the message preview window, the theme focused on message
content, message content linked directly to the target page, e-mail before sending
Email to yourself first, and so on.
Such as domestic 51mymail, Rio Peng database marketing, internet marketing forum
in China belong to this kind of research institutions, can pay more attention.
Defect: The current bulk spam e-mail marketing has become synonymous with.
Market confusion, quite a mixed bag bad judgments.
9, database marketing
Database marketing, that is by creating the best time to make us the best way to send
information to the information needs of the optimal group to please our customers,
increase marketing costs per unit of response rates and reduce access for each order
cost, market and increase our profits to establish the predictability of the model,
re-use this model to the store with customers, customer inquiries, customers want and
the customers detailed questions about the latest information about the computer
database system for real-time management, so that we can distinguish the high
response rate of customers to achieve the establishment of a stable, long-term
customer relationship goals.
Database marketing companies in the developed countries in the West has become
quite common. In the United States, 85% of the retailers and manufacturers think they
need a powerful marketing database to support their competitiveness. Database
marketing, commercial enterprises and customers to shorten the distance between the
train and help identify customer loyalty, long-term relationship with customers, but
also for the development of relationship marketing and "one to
one" marketing to create the conditions.
Case Study: Oracle database marketing with access to Chinese market
Defect: In order to establish and manage databases, enterprises need to purchase a
large number of computer equipment, hiring trained personnel; to keep records of
consumers and potential consumers constantly updated, the workload, the difficulty is
high and very time-consuming. Despite such problems the use of databases in general,
the use of database marketing, the benefits are greater than expenses or related issues.
10, Picture Marketing
Network marketing does have an image become one of the ways commonly used in
network marketing, we often receive in the QQ friends sent me on the creative images
in various forums to see the main thread of the post with pictures, these pictures in the
number of participants also had a number of advertising messages, such as: image
bottom right corner with a URL so. This is actually a way of marketing, image, now
the picture of domestic marketing, spend a hundred thousand like, if you do very
creative, you can also very good grasp of image marketing, not by business sector to
focus on the present.
Case sns.kdd.cc Guo Jijun of gjj.cc
Defects: a large limitations, the current lack of real creative artists.
11, information marketing task
For the B2B Alibaba; B2C Taobao, EBAY, Tencent pat, Baidu mall; know, sina Love
asked, End of the World quiz on corporate culture, corporate information, product
performance, product launch information to help the task marketing behavior.
Currently domestic enterprise sector has not been enough attention.
Case: KFC has recently collaborated with Baidu to know.
Defects: a large labor force, high maintenance cost. But the results are obvious.
12, software (website) tied sales
Software (website) Marketing and Link bundle type may, by a certain share of the
market share has been a common tool such as marketing, publicity and other utility
software, the general performance are: tied for sale, bundled Experience gift, software,
interface information or connections.
Case: Microsoft's IE bundling windos
Defects: easy to wear were the first non-fair competition.
In short, network marketing requirements: to the audience as the center, do a quick
two criteria. So that your network marketing strategy has already won.

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