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									The Energy Exchange GB Ltd
To Whom it may concern                          From:


I/we have appointed The Energy Exchange & Eco Elite to act as our energy procurement
advisors and authorise them to obtain from you any data they deem necessary for that
purpose. This will include, though not exclusively, billing history and half-hourly data.

The Energy Exchange & Eco Elite is also exclusively appointed to analyse all contract
offers and to arrange acceptance and implementation of our energy contracts. Please ensure
that your offers and, where appropriate, renewal offers are delivered to them in accordance
with their terms of tender.

This appointment shall be for a minimum period of three (3) years and after expiration of the
minimum period shall continue annually thereafter, subject only to three (3) months written
notice of termination.

The Energy Exchange & Eco Elite shall also monitor the Clients billing and consumption
throughout the contract term and shall have access to copy billing data either on-line or,
where necessary, hard copy.

Does the Client employ more than 10 People                                    Yes   /   no
Does the Clients turnover exceed 2m euros?                                    Yes   /   no
Is annual consumption of Gas less than 200,000 kwh                            Yes   /   no
Is annual consumption of Electricity less than 55,000 kwh                     Yes   /   no


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