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									11 Chinese companies affected foreigners
?11 Chinese companies affected foreigners
Bill Gates: the myth of entrepreneurship and wealth
In 2000, Microsoft Windows2000 introduced in the last version before the
cancellation of the handwriting recognition, finally made a lifetime study of Chinese
handwriting recognition technology, President Liu Yingjian Hanwang sigh of relief:
Chinese handwriting recognition market for the time being there is no survival worry.
According to the World http://data.icxo.com information manager data, Liu said,
holding local Chinese entrepreneurs and Gatsby, what we lack is the strategist. Vast
majority of computers in China have a "window" (Windows),
whether genuine or pirated. Microsoft's manager of several departments in
China's defection was also as if the Chinese IT industry buzz. The face of
rampant piracy in China, Gates said: "Let the Chinese people to steal it, I
will sooner or later the money to them." He was also summoned in
Shenzhen, Chinese entrepreneurs, flattered of them to sell "Venus
"program. Now he began to promote the Chinese market ".
NET" strategy.
"How many people really know Bill Gates? How many people really
understand what he preached to those ideas?" A company in the United
States for 10 years, "returnees" commented Bill Gates, China,
Chinese people visit a few times response.
Whether you know anything about the Chinese IT industry, Microsoft means that the
direction of a technology and industry, and Bill Gates, business and wealth means a
Jack Welch: the highest level of professional managers

In China, Welch and the GE of extraordinary influence. Many companies GE as a
goal, a growing number of professional managers will be Jack Welch as their example.
For some time, at his desk reading "Jack Welch's
autobiography," almost compulsory for many managers.
In 1981, the 45-year-old Welch became GE's youngest chairman and CEO.
His bold reform and the management of silent lubricant to make GE the body bloated,
unresponsive super company back ranks of the world's top companies,
Welch has thus been the "world's first CEO" in the
world. Under his leadership, GE became the famous "cradle of
managers" and the "business of West Point", the
world's leading business CEO about 1 / 3 from GE.
Perhaps we learned from Jack Welch, who is difficult to immediate good ideas, for
professional managers in China, Welch is more like a benchmark, a model, an
inspiration. Novels like those "no-move win a trick," the martial
arts master, Jack Welch is more like a state, shows us what level of management can
be done.
Road Gerstner: Who Says Elephants Can not Dance
Gerstner, IBM's former chairman and CEO. He not only IBM, 80 million
dollars out of financial difficulties, but also hierarchical, rigid IBM into all aspects of
e-commerce have a strong "voice" of the company. Since
Gerstner took over the company, the company's shares rose 1,200 percent.
In Gerstner took office, global business with two very different popular business
management - or to expand through mergers and acquisitions, or go it alone, and
Gerstner is taking the "third way" - collaboration, cooperation,
then cooperation. In the world do not know, "E" of the mass, he
proposed the "e" concept, and as IBM's long-term
strategic vision. Now, Gerstner is introducing profit-sharing alliance and cooperation
pattern has been deep into the IT services and the various competition areas.
Gerstner 9 years in office, to China 22 times. Chinese entrepreneurs are more
interested yes, this was a biscuit, CEO who is how to shift IBM 成功 De IT services,
how       to       make      this     first     "elephant"          learn
"Dance" of?
Andy Grove: Only the Paranoid Survive
Andy Grove's desk glass in a note on Re: "Only the paranoid
survive", this phrase is the motto of Grove, Intel's daily work
and be followed by the letter a motto, that is: to move forward in meeting the
challenges in dealing with the extreme when reasonable questions.
?Intel Corporation in the helm for 11 years, the Grove to the company's
revenue from 1.9 billion in 1987 soared to 25.1 billion U.S. dollars in 1997, an
increase of 13 times; in the field of global microprocessor, Intel's market
share of 85%, annual rate of return to investors returned an average of more than
In China, Intel to "Moore's Law" leads IT industry,
which Grove uses the "only the paranoid survive" personal
charm affected the business community.
Sam Walton: every dollar savings for customers
"That's more than good, we had to learn anytime,
anywhere." President of Shenzhen, a supermarket chain to open this view
in his Wal-Mart supermarket opposite. China's retail chain business owners
With the mentality of both awe and fear the face of Wal-Mart's entry, the
fear is that this international chain giant in the logistics and information technology is
almost done extreme, fear of the self could get a number of strengths to compete with
Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton was born in 1918 in a small town in Oklahoma. In
1985, he was "Forbes" rich as the United States the first time,
some journalists had been ridiculed for selling groceries in the
"rustic." From 1962, Walton opened the first Wal-Mart stores
beginning, before his death in 1992, Wal-Mart already has 1,735 outlets, and his
family, the net asset value has reached 25 billion U.S. dollars.
Sam thrifty to the mean level, driving a dilapidated second-hand car, often a few coins
to buy soft drinks passers by or call. He will use this spirit to the thrifty management
of every detail. He said: "If Wal-Mart foolishly wasted a dollar, it all comes
from the pockets of our customers. Whenever one dollar savings for customers, we
will step ahead of the competition."
George Soros: the devil or a defender of an open society
1997 Asian financial crisis, Chinese companies are in the process of globalization
waves of the chill, the subsequent attacks on the Hong Kong Monetary more people
experienced the war the international hot money for the financial system attack.
Planning and control of this series of events that has "international
financial predators," said George Soros.
Soros native of Hungary, 1956 to the United States, through the creation and
management of international investment funds have accumulated large amounts of
wealth. Soros foundations network, operating in 31 countries, and his Quantum Fund,
is considered the world's best-performing investment funds in one.
"In some parts of the world, I have to force the bankruptcy of the Bank of
England and Malaysia, known yield, that is known as a speculator and the devil. But
in other areas, I was regarded as 'open society' of the
defenders." Soros consider themselves is a complex figure, he is not for
himself in trouble in the world financial system caused by the loss of myself. He said
the financial market has its own laws, it is not a moral category.
Soros told us what "rules." It is filled with the financial sector in
many Asian countries, "rules" and the "hidden
rules" led to the crisis, with Soros as saying, "I do not hype, it
still will happen."
Alan Greenspan: the influence of the President after
As long as Alan Greenspan to speak and all the investors had to open their ears.
In the U.S., about the impact on economic life, Greenspan is the number two man
behind the president, even his word, can lead directly to the fluctuation of the New
York stock index, which spread to the world's stock markets Yan Liang. In
1987, when he was under President Ronald Reagan nominated Greenspan as Fed
chairman, since then, both the Republican Party or Democratic administration the
White House, he would sit in the seat for 16 years, the longest term of the
Fed's history, President of the highest prestige.
For Chinese enterprises, wearing a black-rimmed glasses, wearing a black suit
Greenspan seems to be a coordinated and effective symbol of the financial system.
This is the case, since Alan Greenspan took office, the U.S. inflation rate has been
high degree of vigilance, as long as the various economic indicators overheating, he
will suggest to raise interest rates, sometimes even six-year rate hike seven, to cool
the stock market; and in recessions, he would come forward and made a speech,
suggesting that a rate cut, thrown assurance to investors.
Carly Fiorina: always take the opportunity
"Business Week" commented Carly: She is like a lion, with
spring-like tongue, iron will, there is a good appetite, like a lion.
Capable of short hair, elegant dress fit, tough, energetic, insists that it is as
Hewlett-Packard chairman and CEO from now, Carly left the impression to the world.
Only 47-year-old Carly, planned and completed in the primary assets of giant
Hewlett-Packard and Compaq merger, became the first businesswoman. HP and
Compaq merger of two giant companies, so that Chinese enterprises to truly
understand the meaning of "hold together for warmth in the
winter," Understanding Depression in an industry faced with the need
transition time, the energy of entrepreneurs can play What kind of degree.
Merge Hou Kali drastic reforms of the new Hewlett-Packard, once again convey to
the world that does not reach her until the goal is determined. And in the past
emphasized the respect and trust "Huipuzhidao" different,
aggressive intent on giving the new HP's Carly faster, more flexible or
even offensive, to the maximum energy release HP's imagination.
"I never predict our own way, but I always seize any opportunity to show
up." How many Chinese entrepreneurs on Carly's words share
Jeff Bezos: the network in the end
Wang Chun-tao do not know how to treat Jeff Bezos, also operate online shopping,
king of the Internet experiment halfway, but Jeff Bezos is "a bar"
to go now.
In 1994, Jeff Bezos gave up the work of a New York investment company, with
300,000 U.S. dollars initial capital, in the Seattle suburb rented the garage to create
the first nationwide network of retail companies - Amazon. In 1997, the Amazon
listing, 1998, the company market value of up to 17 billion U.S. dollars, far exceeding
the 113-year history of the old retail company Sears 158 billion. In 2000, the Internet
bubble burst, people began to suspect that Bezos is really the retail network of
hundreds of years to defeat the traditional retail model.
But Bezos is not planning to change its business model. For him, to open a traditional
retail store is "the other a complex business." If the measure is
correct, the gap between the Amazon and its competitors will expand, not shrink.
Bezos convinced that one day, e-commerce will become part of everyday life. In fact,
now it is recognized that this is really just a matter of time.
Perhaps more noteworthy than the Amazon myth is that Jeff Bezos that
"the network in the end" of the spirit and will.
Lay: America's "Money Changers"
Scandal of the early 21st century as a symbol of Wall Street figures, led by Lay and
his Enron to the whole world a lesson.
Lay a Ph.D. in economics. In 1985, the Houston natural gas company as CEO, he
acquired another company Enron after the creation. Lay familiar with the rules of
trade power for money, full of the up and down in the political effort. On the current
U.S. President George W. Bush since, down to 258 members of Congress, have all
received donations from him, just in the Bush presidential campaign, Lay's
personal donations reached more than 50 million. A few short years, Enron became
the world's largest energy suppliers, with annual revenues of more than
1,000 billion. October 2001, debt-laden financial scandal, Enron broke, the company
collapsed overnight.
Lay broke many Chinese enterprises and CEO of U.S. good imagination, they are also
greedy, the same collusion, the same false accounts, is also facing a serious credibility
Nicholas Negroponte: Digital decisions of life
In 1997, with the "Digital" released in translation, almost
overnight, whatever and computer dip orgy of the Chinese people remember the
tongue-twisting name: Nicholas Negroponte.
Negroponte is the U.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor,
"Connection" magazine columnist is the founder of Media Lab,
as has long advocated using digital technology for transformation of social life, the
Western media praised Wei computer and communications technology in the field one
of the most influential masters.
"Being Digital" is an entry-level book, which describes the
digital technology for our work, life, education and entertainment brought about by
the impact on the network also muddle of people, this book is entered
World's best guide to digital. In the foreword, Negroponte explicitly wrote:
"not only with computer-related computing, which determine our
Negroponte's name is not with the Internet bubble burst and disappear, he
predicted that the network society's judgments and are slowly become a

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