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Agreement between Motion Picture Producer and Supplier of Special effects

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									                            SPECIAL EFFECTS (F/X) AGREEMENT

      This Special Effects (F/X) Agreement is entered into as of __________
__________,          by and between ____________________ (the "Producer") and
____________________ (the "F/X Supplier").

The parties agree as follows:


       (a) The Producer hereby engages the F/X Supplier and the F/X Supplier hereby agrees to
provide the services necessary or required to design, originate, create, develop, , maintain and
otherwise produce for the Producer the special F/X (collectively, the "F/X") required by the
Producer for its "____________________" character in the motion picture entitled
"____________________" (the "Picture"). The F/X Supplier shall maintain the F/X after
completion of photography thereof in the condition then existing, subject to reasonable wear and
tear for a period of at least five (5) years and shall not destroy the F/X without first providing the
Producer with the opportunity to determine whether it desires to continue storing and/or
maintaining such F/X at a facility other than that of the F/X Supplier.

       (b) The F/X Supplier shall also furnish the services of trained personnel (the "Crew") in
order to complete second unit photography of the F/X for the Picture. Thereafter, if the Producer
requires the F/X Supplier’s services, such services shall be subject to professional availability
(provided that the F/X Supplier shall use reasonable efforts to be available as and when
requested by the Producer).

        (c) The F/X Supplier and its artists shall originate, design, create, develop, and, if
necessary, repair the F/X in accordance with the screenplay submitted to the F/X Supplier, the
activity description provided by the F/X Supplier and approved by the Producer, and all
drawings submitted by the Producer, as the foregoing may by mutual approval be revised
(collectively, the "F/X Plans"). The F/X Supplier and the Artist shall consult with the Producer
concerning matters relative to the design and specifications of the F/X and will comply with
requests and suggestions of the Producer to insure that the F/X will achieve the creative and
dramatic F/X desired. The Producer shall have the right to view from time to time the progress of
the F/X prior to delivery.

2. TIME. The services of the F/X Supplier and Crew shall commence on ___________________
and shall continue until completion, delivery and photography of the F/X.
3. DELIVERY: The F/X Supplier shall deliver each item of the F/X to the Producer (or, at
Producer's discretion, ready the F/X for pickup by the Producer) in accordance with Section 1
above, subject to delays due to force majeure events. All delivery charges will be directly billed
to the Producer.


       (a) The F/X Supplier shall furnish and be solely responsible for the cost of:

               (i) All pre-production labor incurred by the F/X Supplier for his administrative
and production employees, including, but not limited to, hourly wages and employer
contributions required by law or applicable collective bargaining agreements;

               (ii) All materials and supplies used by the F/X Supplier hereunder;

               (iii) Except as otherwise specifically provided in this Agreement, any and all
other incurred expenses including, but not limited to, local transportation costs (rental or leasing
of vehicles and repair and maintenance of same), shop rental, utilities, insurance, rental, repair,
and maintenance of tools and equipment and any and all other costs, fixed or otherwise, required
by the F/X Supplier to perform the services required hereunder;

               (iv) The salaries of the Crew for all services required hereunder during
photography of the Picture, including retakes and added scenes, except as otherwise provided

        (b) All personnel necessary for the design, creation, production and delivery of the F/X
shall be the F/X Supplier's employees or independent contractors and the F/X Supplier shall have
all duties and responsibilities of an employer, including but not limited to payment of
compensation to its employees, payroll deduction and withholdings, employer's taxes and
worker's compensation insurance.

5. COMPENSATION: Provided the F/X Supp
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