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									WGBH Open Vault

Working with MERLOT to Build a
Multi-Discipline Browsing Hierarchy
- Karen Colbron and Helen Brady -
                  Project overview
   3 different sites developed from 3 different
       New Television Workshop
          Experimental video art

       Say Brother
          Local series on African American Community in Boston

       Ten O’clock News
          Nightly local news series - select stories on African American
           community in Boston and busing
Issues with the 3 previous sites

   No cross reference

   No cross searching

   Each site evolved with more sophistication
                Overall goal

   Bring 3 sites together with cross searchable
    metadata and general subject heading browsing

   Add approximately 50 new assets from the
    WGBH archive
       What are the new assets?

   44 interviews from War and Peace in the Nuclear Age

   1 interview from Vietnam: A Television History

   1 interview from Press and the People

   5 public domain assets to contextualize the interview
           Open Vault

   http://openvault.wgbh.org
                Project Goals

   Catalogue Items

   Create a browsing hierarchy

   Provide subject-based access to resources

   New Television Workshop

   Say Brother

   Ten O’Clock News

   War and Peace in the Nuclear Age
          Choosing MERLOT
Strengths:           Less Developed Areas
 Higher Ed. Focus    History of Education
 Science             Educational Structure/
 Pedagogy             Institutions
 Business            Social Science

 History             Arts
          Hierarchy Parameters

   At Least 3 levels of detail for each item

   The top 2 levels from MERLOT

   The final level would be a Library of Congress
      Supplementary Vocabularies used

   Library of Congress


                         Tools Used
   MERLOT Subject Categories

   Classification Web http://classificationweb.net/

   UNESCO Thesaurus http://www2.ulcc.ac.uk/unesco/thesaurus.htm

   INTUTE Social Science Thesaurus http://www.intute.ac.uk/

   Library of Congress Authority Headings http://authorities.loc.gov/

   Filemaker Pro Database
           Browsing Hierarchy
            versus Searching

   Ability to find items using complex, compound
    categories (e.g. African Americans - Relations
    with law enforcement)

   Precision

   1366 of items catalogued

   Browsing hierarchy created

   Precision finding tool

   Collocation of resources

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