What are the types of Allergies

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					                               What are the types of Allergies?

An allergic reaction occurs if your body reacts to a substance, which is generally harmless.
Sneezing, coughing, wheezing and runny nose are the symptoms of any kind of allergy, which
affect your body. This article focuses on different kinds of allergies. There are many kinds of
allergies, which are common. Allergies generate reactions in several different ways.

Here is a brief description of few of the common allergies:

       Food allergies: Food allergies are caused by an over-reaction of the immune system to
        a particular food. This substance is named as a food allergen. Food allergies are also
        known as allergic reactions to food are a common reaction of immune system. The
        immune system is made of special cells, which circulate throughout your body to protect
        body against substance like viruses and bacteria. The immune system of people with
        food allergies is overzealous as well as reacts when they eat harmless substances like
        peanuts. This can result in the release of chemical histamine, which also causes
        inflammation, swelling and itching of tissues, which is feature of food allergies. Common
        food allergies include those to nuts, legumes including fish, cow’s milk, egg whites, wheat
        and soybeans.

       Latex allergies: Abnormal hypersensitive response of body to contact with latex is a
        natural rubber product, which is found in things like balloons and rubber gloves. Allergic
        response of a person to latex is mild and ranges from anaphylactic shock to sneezing.
        Gloves used by medical professionals are made of latex however, because of increasing
        incidence of latex allergy; other kinds of gloves are used

       Drug Allergies: Drug allergies result in several symptoms. A drug allergy is where the
        immune system of body responds to presence of a drug unsuitably. The response can be
        mild like a skin rash and harsh like anaphylaxis. The drugs that can cause allergy are
        penicillin and sulfa drugs

       Dust mite allergies: It is an allergy to a microscopic organism, which lives in dust found
        in all dwellings as well as workplaces. Up to 10% people have this kind of allergy. Dust
        mites live on bedding, carpets, curtains and mattresses. Dust mites increase in summer
        and die in winter. Waste products provoke allergic reaction.

       House Dust Allergy: House dust allergy is generally caused by several common
        particles, which are found in home. It is not only dirt but a combination of different
        materials, which cause allergies like pollen, dust mites and spores. Some methods are
        there to help you in reducing house dust allergy like dusting rooms weekly, reducing dried
        flowers, wicker baskets around your home and wearing a mask when cleaning your

       Mold allergy: Yeasts are single cells, which divide to form clusters. Molds are made of
        several cells, which grow as branching thread named hyphae. Even if, both cause allergic
        reactions, a small number of molds are identified as causes of a mold allergy. Seeds of
        reproductive pieces of fungi are known as spores. Spores vary in shape, color and size
        among kinds of mold. Every spore, which germinates gives rise to new mold growth.

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