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					                                                                  Pula Futa Tech Vocab*
                                                                      August 2008
                                                           Compiled by: Steve Wood, Kédougou

Pulaar to English

Pulaar                         English                            French                   Notes
Aawugol                        To seed                            Semer
Angrais                        Fertilizer                         Engrais
Anngal                         A lack of                          Un manque                Anngal kaalisi no satti
Anngal heббude                 Not having enough                  Ne pas avoir assez
Asugol                         To dig                             Creuser
Baape                          Branches/Bushes                    Branches                 Ado mi aawude mi woopitii baape fow
                                                                                           ka ngese
Baarugol                       To plow                            Labourer
Balansi                        Scale                              Balance
Ballal                         Help                               Aide
Bangaal                        Development                        Developpement
Banko                          Clay                               L’argile
Bantara                        Cassava                            Manioc
Bargo                          Barrel                             Fût
Basalle                        Onion                              Oignon
Bataŋse                        Eggplant                           Aubergine
Bendugol                       To be ripe                         Mûrir                    Mango benday jooni
Betiraabe                      Beets                              Betterave
Biδoŋ                          Bottle                             Bouteille
Borugol tiga                   To remove peanut                   Cultiver des arachides
                               plants from the ground

    The vocabulary listed is specifically the Pula Futa dialect, as spoken in Kédougou.
Budi         Squash                    Courge
Budi bagaa   Papaya                    Papaye
Bullal       Thorn                     Epine
Bulle        Thorns                    Epines
Buruure      Rural area                Brousse
Caaδeele     Problems                  Difficultés
Ceedu        Dry season                Saison sèche            Mi wawataa reemude ka ceedu
Condi        Powder                    Poudre                  Si a hebbi kaaba condi, a waawi defude
Cuko         Bush berry tree
Curki        Smoke                     Fumée
Cuбal        The breadth of one’s                              Can be used to measure distances
             hand (~20cm)                                      between plants
Dabbunde     Harvest                   La récolte
Dawugol      To do something early
             in the morning
Demal        Agriculture               Agriculture
Dimbugol     To shake (as in a tree    Secouer
             for fruit)
Dole         Strength                  La force
Dukume       Soursop                   Corossolier
Dungeere     Bee hive basket           Ruche
Duulagol     To weed                   Enlever les mauvaises
                                       herbes, désherber
Duulal       Cloud                     Nuage
Duule        Clouds                    Nuages
Eltugol      To train/To teach a cow   Dresser
             to plow
Enδaŋ        Sap                       Sève
Fakkeere     Fallow land               Jachère
Fawtugol           To stack up          Entasser, faire des

Feccitugol         To chop into small   Hacher
Fempugol           To nail              Clouer
Feññingol          To announce          Enrichir
Fewnugol           To prepare           Préparer
Fiinugol           To flower            Fleurir
Firtugol           To untie a knot      Dénouer
Follere            Bissap               Oseille
Follere mboδeere   Red bissap           Oseille rouge
Fonie              Fonio                Fonio
Foofugol           To breathe           Respirer
Foronji (Foro)     Shells               Coquillages
Fulour             Flower               Fleur
Futindirgol        To alternate         Alterner
Fuusugol           To crack/shell       Ecraser
Fuδδagol           To begin             Commencer
Gaarawol           String               Fil, ficelle
Gawγal             Sorghum stalk        Tige de Sorgho
Genal              Weeds                Les mauvaises herbes
Gerte              Peanuts              Arachides/Cacahuettes
Gilngii            Caterpillar          Chenille
Golle              Work                 Travail
Goγγi              Peanut vine          Fanes d’arachide
Grefage            Grafting             Greffage
Guyaбe             Guava                Goyave
Haaju              Need/business        Besoin/L’affaire (fem.) Himo jogii haaju Kedougou
Haako              Leaf                 La feuille
Haayre           Rocks                   Les pierres
Halfingol        To entrust (with)       Confier                 Mi halfinii maa awdi maaro
Hawkugol         To throw away/discard   Jeter
Hawtugol         To share                Partager
Haббugol         To tie up               Attacher, lier, nouer
Heewugol         To be full              Etre rassasié
Hettugol         To slice/harvest
Hettugol fonie   To harvest fonio
Hettugol huδo    To cut weeds/straw
Hettugol mango   To crack mango seed
                 shell for seed
Hiifugol         To hoe                  Biner
Hoccugol         To gather               Cueillir
Hoggo wuurungo   Live fence              Haie vive
Hokkere          Lack of water/Drought   Sécheresse
Humirgol         To whip                 Fouetter
Hurbugol         To weed/To hoe around   Désherber
                 a plant
Huδo             Weeds/Grass used for    Paille
Huufugol         To collect together     Amasser
Ilugol           To flow                 Couler
Ittugol ñebbe    To pick beans           Récolter
Jaabe            Zizyphus                Jujubier
Jaabere          Tarot root              Tarot
Jaañe            Manure                  Fimé
Jaasi            Machete                 Coupe-coupe,
Jakatu           Jakatu                  Tomate amère,
Jaббe          Tamarind               Tamarinier
Jeyagol        To belong to           Appartenir          Ko miŋ jey njuuri
Jippagol       To finish/leave work   Descendre
Jokkugol       To continue            Continuer
Kaaba          Corn                   Maïs
Kaafa          Machete                Coupe-coupe,
Kaaki          Leaves                 Feuilles
Kaal           Watermelon             Pasteque
Kaare          Shea butter            Karité
Kaaγe          Stones                 Pierres
Kaccu          Lime                   Citron vert/Limon
Kahii          African mahogany       Caïlcédrat
Kallawal       Corn husk              Rafle
Keri           Hoe                    Houe
Kewal          Bamboo                 Bambou
Kewe           Bamboo (pl)            Bambou
Kidi           Jatropha               Pourghere
Kidi laana     Nebediah
Kile           Work party
Ko’oбolle      Bark                   Ecorce
Koowall        Beetle
Kote butelle   Eucalyptus             Eucalyptus
Kulloy         Insects                Les insects
Laare          Madd (wolof word)
Laatagol       To happen              Se passer           Reño maa laataaki
Ladde          Rural area             Zone rurale
Laggagol       To sharpen (knife)     Aiguiser
Lakkere        To sweat               Suer
Lannugol       To be finished         Finir
Laral          Layer                     Couche
Lare           Layers                    Couches
Laбi           Knife                     Le couteau
Leggal         Tree/stick                L’arbre/La branche
Lekki          Tree                      L’arbre
Lemune         Orange                    L’orange
Lesugol        To peel, whittle, carve   Eplucher
Leyδi          Soil                      Le sol, La terre
Leδδe          Trees                     Les arbres
Liбugol        To make fall/To knock     Faire tomber, terrasser
               down/To drop
Lowugol        To fill up                Remplir
Luggeendi      Depth                     Profondeur
Luggugol       To be deep                Etre profond
Luбugol        To lend                   Prêter
Maaro          Rice                      Le riz
Mango          Mango                     La mangue
Martoo         Hammer                    Marteau
Marugol        To hold onto              Tenir
Mawnugol       To grow                   Croitre, pousser (?)      Kaaba oŋ mawnii
Mbuus          Bag/tree sack             Sachet
Mettugol       To be difficult/To be     Etre difficile/Etre
               complicated               compliqué
Misal          Example                   L’example
Mottindirgol   To mobilize, assemble,    Assembler, réunir
               meet together
Moγγingol      To improve                Ameliorer                 Jaañe moγγinay leyδi ndiŋ
Mutugol        To set (sun)/To           Se coucher/
ñaaki          Bee                       L’abeille (fem.)
Naana            Mint                      La menthe
Naange           Sun/Sunlight              Le soleil
Nafoore          Usefulness                Utilité

Ñagara           Little sticks for dead
ñamoko           Hot pepper                Piment
Ñamoko haako     Green pepper              Poivron
Nawrugol yeeso   To develop/To             Développer
Ndargase         Cashew                    Anacardier
Ndiyaŋ           Water                     L’eau
Ndoondi          Ash                       Cendre
Nduungu          Rainy season              L’hivernage
Ñebbe            Beans                     Les haricots
Ñebbe tubaako    Pigeon Pea                Petit pois
Nebediah         Nebediah
ñentatal         Worm                      Ver
Nette            That yellow powder        Néré
                 stuff people eat
Njareendi        Sand                      Le sable
Ngari            Male cow                  Le taureau
Ngawri           Sorghum                   Sorgho
Ngayka           Hole                      Le trou
Ngese            Field                     Le champ
Njumugol         To extract honey          Extraire le miel
Njuuri           Honey                     Le meil
Nokkugol         To pick up                Prélever
ñollugol         To rot                    Pourrir
Nulugol          To send on a mission or   Commissionner
Palan       Garden plot                Planche de jardin
Palanji     Garden plots
Parawol     Wet land; valley with a    Marais; Marécage
Peel        Shovel                     Pelle
Pesugol     To weigh                   Peser
Pik         Pick                       Pioche
Piya        Avocado                    L’avocat
Ponnti      Nail                       Clou
Pooδugol    To pull                    Tirer
Rato        Rake                       Rateau
Ratugol     To rake                    Ratisser
Remugol     To farm                    Cultiver
Reño        Meeting                    Réunion
Rimugol     To bear fruit              Produire
Roosirgal   Watering can               Arrosoir
Roosugol    To water                   Arroser
Saaño       Grain leftover after       Son                   Good to toss where you want to
            pounding corn, bran                              improve soils
Sac         Rick sack                  Le sac
Salat       Lettuce                    La laitue, salade
Saltagol    To trim back a tree that
            is making shade
Sañiwal     Corn stalk                 Tige de maïs
Sankugol    To broadcast seeds         Semer à la volée,
            (fonio, rice)              disperser
Sariyaare   A kilo and half            Un kilogramme et
Sattugol    To be difficult/To be      Etre difficile/Etre
            complicated              compliqué
Seekugol    To tear/To shuck corn
Sendugol    To divide                Diviser, séparer
Setto       Beginning of rainy       Début de la saison des
            season/Planting season   pluies
Siyo        Bucket
Soble       Onion                   Oignion
Soggugol    To herd cows            Conduire les vaches
Sohlugol    To need                 Avoir besoin
Soppugol    To chop                 Hacher, couper
Souna       Millet                  Le mille
Sunnugol    To burn                 Bruler
Supome      Cabbage                 Le chou
Takku       Okra                    Le gombo
Taγugol     To cut                  Couper
Teddugol    To be heavy             Etre lourd
Teetugol    To pick/harvest peanuts Soulever (récolter
Tefugol     To inquire/To ask       Demander
Tekkeendi   Thickness               Epaisseur
Tennde      Axe                     Hache
Tiddugol    To be sturdy            Être solide
Tiga        Peanuts                 Les
Tio         Hose                    Le tuyau
Tomate      Tomato                  La tomate
Towragol    To bend over
Towrugol    To be wet with rain
Toббe       Points                  Les points
Toббere           Point                      Le point
Toббo             Rain                       La pluie
Toббugol          To rain                    Pleuvoir
Tufugol           To pierce/stab             Percer
Tutugol           To plant                   Planter
Ukkindirgol       To mix together            Mélanger
Waande            Termites
Waasugol          To be poor                 Etre pauvre
Waawatta yahude   Cannot work                Ne peut pas marcher
Wakkilagol        To make an effort, exert   Faire des efforts
                  one’s self
Wallugol          To help                    Aider
Wanaa gootuŋ      Not the same size          Ce n’est pas de la
yaaji                                        meme taille
Wattugol          To repair                  Reparer
Waylitugol        To turn over
Weeбugol          To be easy                 Etre facile
Wojjindirgol      To tassle (as in corn)
Woncitugol        To clean up/To remove
Wooδondirugol     To be far from each        S’éloigner l’un de
                  other                      l’autre
Wuttugol          To broadcast seeds
                  (generally garden
Wuula             Rural area                 La brousse
Wuurugol          To be alive                Etre vivant
Yaajeendi         Width                      Largeur
Yaajugol          To be wide, vast, large    Être large, vaste
Yalageere         Cashew                   Cajou
Yalagehi          Cashew tree              Cajou
Yanugol           To fall                  Tomber
Yawnugol          To be quick/To do in a   Etre rapide/Etre
                  hurry                    presser
Yiite             Fire                     Le feu
Yorδugol          To be dry                Etre sec
γawugol           To climb                 Monter
δaδδi             Roots; cuttings          Racines; bouture       δaδδi banane
δiδugol           To trim a tree’s         Tailler les branches
                  branches                 d’un arbre
δowdi             Shade/Shadow             L’ombrage, l’ombre
δowugol           To lead, as a cow        Conduire (vache)
δuytugol          To diminish              Diminuer
бattondirgol      To be near each other    Etre cote a cote
бaббati           Cricket                  Criquet
бeydugol          To increase/raise        Augmenter
Бeydugol gandal   To improve knowledge     Ameliorer la
бoggol            Dead rope                Corde
Бoggol            ¼ hectare, 2,500         La corde
                  square meters
Бohe              Baobab                   Baobab
бokkol            Rope from bark
бuббugol          To be damp               Etre mouillé