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									  Turnaround Ohio
Early Care & Education

          "Just For You:
 Supporting Inclusion in Preschool
         September 6, 2007
          Columbus, Ohio
   Historical Perspective

   Turnaround Ohio/Budget

   Early Childhood Cabinet

   What May the Future Hold?
Ohio’s Children
   884,593 children under the age of 6

   62% of these children live in families with
    all parents working

   22% of children under 5 live in poverty

   1 in 6 children is hungry or at risk of
Ohio’s Children
   Nearly 1/3 of the 130,000 children
    entering kindergarten are NOT prepared

   36% of fourth graders read below grade

   34% of fourth graders perform below
    grade level in math
Ohio’s ECE System
   Infant care in 7 urban counties= $170.00 per

   Average current wage for ODJFS licensed center
    is $9.81 compared to $18.90 per hour in ODE

   44% of teachers in ODJFS licensed programs
    have an AA or higher

   No licensing regulations for family child care
    home businesses

   376 NAEYC accredited programs; 292 rated
    programs under SUTQ
Governor Ted Strickland
   Identified ECE as a priority

   Economic development strategy

   Supports all developmental domains
A Fair Start for Every Ohio Child
   Work to make high quality early care and
    learning for all children a reality in Ohio

   Recognize the critical importance of a child’s
    social, emotional and physical development to
    school readiness and lifelong learning

   Realign state government to promote healthy
    early childhood development
After the Election…
   Development of a Resource Group on ECE

   Release of the State of the State

   Executive Order-March 19, 2007
Turnaround Budget Priorities
   All children

   All settings

   All developmental domains

   Elimination of barriers for families

   Streamline policies for providers

   Maximize federal and other resources
Turnaround Budget Priorities
   Increased statewide investments in HMG, Public
    School Preschool/ECE, SUTQ, Child Care, system
    supports, mental health treatment

   Harmonizing eligibility

   ELI Policy Changes
       Work requirement
       12-month determination
       Payment structure
       6-6 rule for families
       Teacher qualifications
Turnaround Budget Priorities
   Public School Preschool/ECE
       Accessible to new districts
       December 1 start date

   System Supports
       Training System
       Additional Infant and Toddler Specialists
       T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Ohio scholarships
       Increased CCR&R Core Services
Early Childhood Cabinet
   Six state agencies

   Convened in May

   Vision and Mission

   Stakeholder Input
Early Childhood Cabinet
                   System Elements

   Quality Early Care & Education Settings

   Professional & Workforce Development

   Governance & Accountability

   Financing

   Involved Families, Informed Public
What the Future Holds…
   Firming Up Our Foundation

   Financing Strategies

   Consistency with professional
    development, technical assistance and
    program standards

   Accountability of state agencies
What the Future Holds…
   Common data sets

   Higher minimum qualifications for
    programs and professionals

   Revised teacher prep programs
   Vision matched with implementation

   Universal vs. targeted

   Sustainability

   Resiliency
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   leatha@odjfs.state.oh.us

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