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									March 23, 2010                      1. They're At It Again...Another Lawyer
                                    With a Frivolous Lawsuit
                                     They're At It Again...
1. They're At It Again...Another
Lawyer With a Frivolous Lawsuit      You may recall an ISMIE-news story last year about a
                                     judge suing his dry cleaner for misplacing a pair of
2. April 1 is Deadline to Sign Up    pants. Unfortunately the frivolity has not stopped. A
for Your Practice Assessment!        Houston trial lawyer is now threatening to sue the city
                                     of Houston, Continental Airlines and Westfield
3. ISMIE Helps You With              Concession Management. Why? Because he left his
Suspended Coverage                   expensive leather coat behind in the airport food court
                                     and it wasn’t there when he came back to get it.
4. Consider Physicians’ Benefits
                                     He claims the prospective defendants “were
Trust for Your Insurance Needs       responsible for securing it and keeping it in a safe
                                     place.” He also argues that they “breached their duty”
                                     in how they “manage lost and found items for which
                                     they are responsible.” Wait, they’re responsible for
                                     keeping track of his coat?

                                     Trial lawyers may argue that frivolous lawsuits are not
                                     being filed or clogging our court, but with examples
                                     like this, it’s hard to believe.

                                    2. April 1 is Deadline to Sign Up for Your
                                    Practice Assessment!

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Please note, if your absence is due to illness, a letter
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