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Anniston Army Depot Legacy Item IUID Project by psq21886


									Anniston Army Depot Legacy
      Item IUID Project


         Paul Krumhaus – PM J-AIT

                October 2006
                           IUID of Legacy Items

• Purpose:
 –Share experience in rapid fielding of low-cost system to uniquely
  identify and register legacy items
  • Background
  • Principles
  • Key Decisions
  • Limitations
  • The Team
  • How the system works

                   IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

• Background:
 –PM J-AIT supporting some Recapitalized systems with Contact
  Memory Buttons (CMBs)
  • CMBs on Apache and Abrams used to store item ID
    and historical information
  • CMBs on six other systems used solely for item ID
 –PM J-AIT decision to encourage PMs using CMBs for identity only
  to migrate from use of CMBs to use of IUID
 –PM Assured Mobility Systems first PM to agree to migration

       =                                                       =    3
       IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

      We fielded an application
that would please Albert Einstein - - -

                   IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

• Principles behind Anniston IUID Implementation for ACE
 –Begin IUID marking and registration of the M9 ACE and
  designated components as rapidly as possible
 –Minimize the cost of the effort
 –Take the first step in spiral development - an interim stovepipe
  solution, to be used pending an integrated solution.
 –Meet all of the requirements of MIL-STD-130M and OSD
  guidance relative to marking and registration

            Everything should be made
      as simple as possible, but not simpler.
                                                ~Albert Einstein
                   IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

• Key Decisions:
 –System to be an interim system only
  • Pending depot fielding of integrated System
  • Will not support re-marking IUID-marked item returning to depot
 –Indirect marking
 –Construct #1
  • Re-serialize (ANAD CAGE and serial) OEM serialized items
  • Serialize unserialized items
  • Any tag/label can be used for any item

                            IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

        IUID Basic Requirements                IUID Objective Requirements
• Identify items for IUID                  • IUID Basic Requirements +
• Determine and document where and         • Enable remarking of items
  how to mark each                           previously marked with IUID
• Mark items                               • Integrate marking solution into
                                             depot business processes
• Assemble legacy pedigree data
                                           • Integrate registration solution into
• Submit pedigree data to IUID Registry
                                             depot business processes

                          IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

The Team and Responsibilities of Each
•   PM Force Projection/Product Manager Assured Mobility Systems
    – Designate components to be marked
    – Determine and document how and where to mark each item
      • NOTE: TACOM has designated TESA as the default solution
    – Provide funding for continuing effort
•   PM J-AIT
    – Provide original concept
    – Provide seed money for initial labels
    – Select software solution and work with vendor to customize their COTS
      software for use with ACE
    – Provide software user guides and training
    – Provide central coordination for the project
                      IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

The Team and Responsibilities of Each
•   Anniston Army Depot
    – Determine how to integrate marking and registration into the depot’s business
    – Fund the license for use of the COTS software
    – Design the process to move flat file from PC to Registry
    – Execute the marking and registration processes
• Freedom Technologies
    – Offer a module of their comprehensive COTS IUID solution at a price
      commensurate to the size of the marking endeavor
    – Customize their COTS module to meet Army requirements
                     IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

• How it Works:
 • Marking:
  • PM (with TARDEC engineering support) designates components to be
    marked, marking method and location
  • TESA 6973 PV6 labels acquired
  • Depot personnel clean item surface
    and apply label
    • No overcoating of label
    • Most surfaces CARC-painted

                  IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

                                    Eddy Grier, ANAD
                                    Miscellaneous Systems
                                    Branch Supervisor,
                                    affixes the IUID label to
                                    the first ACE end item

Jack Bajwa, of PM
Assured Mobility
Systems, affixes the first
IUID label to an ACE

                    IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

• How it Works:
  • Registry legacy data requirement:
    – Item without OEM SN – 15 data fields (A100 record)
    – Item with OEM SN – 26 data fields (A100 and A300 records)
  • Data entered into Symbol Model 8146 Handheld running Legacy Data
    Registrar software
             Type Item      Hard Coded Drop-Down   Imaged Data    Key-Entered
                            Data       Menu Data   Elements       Data
                            Elements   Elements                   Elements
             W/ OEM SN        16 (19)      7 (4)        2              1
             W/O OEM SN       8 (11)       5 (2)        2              0

                      IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

• How it Works:
  • Handheld entry each time a label is installed
    – Done by lead man
  • When end item and all 19 components entered:
    – Records transferred to PC
    – Records as transferred are in flat file format
  • Records sent to Registry when ACE is shipped to DLA
    – Ensures that records contain “as-shipped” configuration

                  IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

Coley Payne, ANAD Lead Man
on the ACE uses the handheld
to image the UII on an ACE
ejector, one step in the
process of capturing the
ejector’s pedigree data

                IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

           Sample Flat File Generated by the Handheld
          (2 ACE components with OEM serial numbers)

H^000^EDDY.GRIER@US.ARMY.MIL^EDDY GRIER^75117^256 741 5101^3.0^
  assy ejector^^^^^^^^^^^^D^19207^D75117C33334^^
A^300^D75117D44445^ADD^N^OEM SN^2006-09-01^D^97403^HUMAN
A^300^D75117A1112^ADD^N^OEM SN^2006-09-01^D^64575^HUMAN

                   IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

• Attractive features:
 –Rapid Implementation
• Limitations
 –Specific items to be supported must be programmed into application
 –Supports only Construct #1
 –Supports only indirect marking
 –Is an INTERIM solution without inherent capability of handling items
  that must be marked with a specific UII
IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)


                         IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)

ACE Project Participants (L to R) - Paul Krumhaus (PM J-AIT/CALIBRE), Eddy Grier (ANAD), Dewitt
Whistenant (ANAD), Jack Bajwa (PM AMS), David Pearce (ANAD), Doyce (DJ) White (ANAD), Coley
Payne (ANAD), and John Ashley (ANAD).
IUID of Legacy Items (Cont’d.)


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