WS_FTP LE Freeware Software by tek31120


									                            WS_FTP LE Freeware Software

Download from:

-Click on “Download WS_FTP LE Freeware”
-Select the radio button next to English under the “Download the WS_FTP LE”
-Enter your e-mail address
-It’s up to you whether or not you select or deselect the following check boxes:

    I'm a new user, please take me to the installation tutorial

    Please sign me up for the FTPplanet newsletter.

-Click the “Download Now!” button
-The download will start automatically, but may take a few seconds.

-At the File Download prompt box, select “Run this program from its current
location,” OK button
-At the Security Warning prompt box, click on the Yes button
-From the WS_FTP Installation prompt box, click Continue
-Choose “Student/Faculty/Staff of an educational institution,” click Next
-Check “At Work” for “Academic Work,” Next button
-Accept button
-Click the OK button through the next series of prompt boxes
-Installation Complete
To open and use WS_FTP, go to:
-Start menu, Programs, WS_FTP, WS_FTP95 LE

First time users will need to create a new Profile:
-Click the New button
-Profile Name: wrc
-Host Name/Address:
-Host Type: Auto detect
-User ID: employee ID number
-Password: FTP password assigned by the WRC
-Click OK

Web Resource Center
Local System:                               Remote Site:
g: or h: (network drive)                    Server
c: (hard drive)
(user’s choice, wherever file are stored)

Note: Double click on the yellow folder (directory) under the Remote Site before FTPing
to the server.

Web Resource Center

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